5 Other Ways to Use Makeup Removing Towelettes

5 Other Ways to Use Makeup Removing Towelettes

Makeup removing towelettes are the lazy girl’s best friend, and a great way to quickly remove the day’s face. We should be using makeup removing towelettes in conjunction with our daily skincare products, as we want to make sure we’re not leaving anything behind (like residue). Good thing is, with so many varieties there’s a makeup removing towelette for every skin type. And a lot of towelettes are made with gentle ingredients, keeping sensitive skin in mind so you don’t have to worry about irritation, like Yes To Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes ($6), made for allergy-prone skin.

Read on for other ways to use those towelettes, think of them as your all-purpose wipes…

1. To refresh after the gym, from head-to-toe

Use one of your handy wipes to wipe down after the gym if you’ve got zero time for a shower. Since makeup removing towelettes are formulated with your face in mind, they’re gentle enough to use all-over and the easiest way to get clean on-the-go.

2. To clean your actual makeup 

Makeup products can get pretty nasty chilling in your makeup bag or clutch–dried mascara all over the end of the tube, some foundation smudged on the bottle, and a makeup bag doused in eyeshadow and blush. Give your products, and makeup bag, a quick wipe with those towelettes to keep things clean and avoid bacteria build-up in those fancy tubes and bottles…gross.

3. To clean makeup brushes in between washes

You know how you vowed to clean your makeup brushes weekly? Use makeup removing towelettes to quickly wipe brushes and keep them germ-free between washes. Try doing so after every use, it only takes a minute, but you’ll be glad you did.

4. To freshen up an oily scalp

No time for a shampoo but your roots are looking a bit greasy? Use a makeup removing towelette to dab away some of the oil without a wash. You may still want to use a dry shampoo, but wiping your roots beforehand can prevent even more product build-up.

5. To make your own sheet mask

Sheet masks are all the rage, and while most are inexpensive, if you’ve got makeup removing towelettes and some skin-happy products in your pantry, you can make your own. Pinterest and YouTube can take us through a rabbit hole of DIY sheet masks, but since makeup removing towelettes are already made with skin-soothing ingredients, you can skip most steps, add an ingredient, or two, simply cut some holes in your towelette and “sheet mask” yourself to more beautiful skin.

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