5 Favorite Drugstore Finds of the Week

5 Favorite Drugstore Finds of the Week

The economy is in the toilet (metaphorically speaking) and we’ve all got to cut down on costs… but how do you spend less and still maintain your sexxxy looks?

Here are 5 drugstore finds for the frugal shopper:

– Like my fave Boots No 7 wipes, but these are part of the highly-coveted Skin Genesis line. Great for removing make-up AND cleaning make-up brushes. Non-irritating (although I would still recommend washing your face after using these towelettes – there’s nothing like a little soap and water!). $7.59

OPI Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream – With the tiniest hint of citrus orange, this liquidy hand lotion moisturizes dry, cracked and brittle hands and nails. Fits perfectly into your Balenciaga bag. $14.95

Johnson’s Soft Oil Melt Away Stress Massaging Moisturizer
– Who needs boyfriend when you have extra hydrating, super moisturizing, deliciously smelling baby oil (light oil and AROMASOOTHE plus some chamomile do the trick)! Great for applying to a wet body (stay out of the gutter, you dirty minds), post shower, pre-towel dry off. $5.99

24.7 Skincare Instant Plump Volumizing Lip ShineLip Fusion ($38.00) what?! This stuff is almost half the price and plumps the pucker like a queen bee sting. It’s not super glossy but it’s literally Restalyn in a bottle, sans the injection. Fave drugstore plumper by far! $19.99

– It lathers AND exfoliates with a flip top (perfect for the shower). Fine grains and microbeads really work to remove dull skin. The smell is a tad soapy, but this stuff is so packed with moisture that the aftermath of soft skin is worth it! BONUS – This wash is great for shaving – extra exfoliation! 2-in-1! $6.79

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