Favorites: 5 Beauty Shortcuts

Favorites: 5 Beauty Shortcuts

I like to think of myself as someone who is quite efficient when it comes to time management. So, I’m really, really into shortcuts (when shortcuts are acceptable – not in work, or reading – Cliffs Notes never! -, or watching films). Driving the backroads during rush hour (I can get from Beachwood Canyon to Benedict Canyon without ever hitting a major street), using emoji’s in place of sentences (they convey same thing in half the time, right?), or combining three skin care steps into one (I often pump serum, moisturizer and treatment into my palm and apply together – it’s all going to the same place, isn’t it?).

Here are 5 favorite beauty shortcuts that will have you saving time — and saving face:

1. Bring on the BB cream. Okay, CC cream will work too. And so will a tinted moisturizer with SPF. I know it seems redundant to continually stress the importance of sunscreen (wear it, wear it, wear it – no excuses), but a morning BB, CC or tinted moisturizer loaded with at least SPF 30 will do 3 things in a matter of 1 minute: Even the skin tone, keep the complexion hydrated, and protect against the sun. Instead of using 3 products to get the same effect (moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation), opt for one multitasker with multiple benefits.
TRY: I can’t speak highly enough of Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying with SPF 50. It’s the jam… and if you choose one shade darker than your skin tone, it also gives you a nice bronzed glow.

2. Just the bangs. Washing your hair can prove a timely process. And an everyday wash is actually quite damaging to your natural oils. But hair that looks like a grease slick isn’t work – or play – appropriate. Sure, there are dry shampoos — and I use these in bulk as well – my favorite being Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo. But the front of my hair – my bangs – always seem to show signs of oil (because I constantly touch and move the hairs in this area). So… I’ve devised an easy way to wash just the front part of your hair, without washing all of it. Click here for more info on my favorite mane timesaver.

3. Use your lipgloss/ stick as blush too. This is one of my favorite shortcuts. It’s efficient, effective, and gorgeous. I learned this trick from a Dior makeup artist and I continually put it to practice – especially when I’m on-the-go doing a quick touch-up. Your lipstick/ gloss DOES look awesome as a blush – trust me. You get a creamy, cheeky sheen without purchasing an additional product. Apply the product with a finger to your lips, then use the extra on your cheeks. As if saving time and money isn’t enough, using the same shade on lips and cheeks actually pulls your entire look together.
TRY: Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Lucky, a universal, sheen pink inspired by Kate Moss!

4. Skip the mascara. For some reason, mascara is the one part of my makeup routine that takes the longest. I am almost always forced to clean my mascara mishaps 9wet lashes to brow bone, ugh), use an eyelash separator to get rid of the clumps, and apply additional under eye makeup to lighten the dark shadow that mascara leaves. Sure, there are times when long, volumized lashes are crucial, but on a daily basis, I’ve found that a bit of shadow sans the mascara saves time and gives a more youthful appearance! Mascara can age you, google it! Now that you have some additional time, feel free to add a bold day lip to your look.

5. The one minute smokey eye is your new best friend. This is my absolute favorite way to do a quick and brilliant eye. And it takes one product (not a quad), no brushes (your finger will do) and about 30 seconds. How is this possible? Cream shadow – sticks are the easiest – applied to the crease and then blended down and out. Gives dimension, color, a bit of drama and is virtually impossible to mess up.
TRY: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in your chosen shade. I always go for Smoke or Cocoa, a black or metallic brown, respectively.

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