4 Steps to Treating Acne

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4 Steps to Treating Acne

With the success of Proactiv, it seems like every skincare company is trying to duplicate the few easy steps to healthy skin routine. I’ve tried and tested many of them – Murad, Juice Beauty, Clean & Clear, to name a few – and some work, most don’t. Then I came across Pevonia. I’d never heard of the brand but I liked the ingredients – a focus on organics, when possible – and paraben and fragrance-free. So, instead of smelling medicinal, these products smell citrusy!

The Spa Teen Blemished Skin line is a little misdirecting. Yes, it is for teens with problem skin, but it works just as well for adults, too.

Here’s what you get:
Exfoliant Cleanser

The cleanser has tiny exfolliants from walnut shell extract Instead of using harsh ingredients like alcohol, Pevonia’s toner has witch hazel. The blemished moisturizer contains Organic Benzoyl Peroxide and Organic Salicylic Acid – both are acne-fighting ingredients although some people are weary of benzoyl – but also has citrus and flower oils to soothe the skin. The Blemish-B-Gone stick is a quick zit zapper – you only need to apply to infected areas. It contains Organic Benzoyl Peroxide and Organic Salicylic Acid to counteract bacteria, preventing future breakouts and hyperpigmentation.

My 2 criticisms are as follows: The exfoliant cleanser smells very harsh – but it’s really gentle and easy on the skin so I’m not quite sure what ingredients are giving it that soapy aroma. Second, the packaging is quite obtrusive and juvenile. I don’t need the entire world (a.k.a. the people who venture into my bathroom) knowing that I am fighting acne loud and proud (with eye-blinding neon green container tops).

Other than that, I’m really liking these products! They’re quick, easy and effective without over-drying or irritating my skin. In fact, when I’m done with my daily routine, my face feels smooth and rehydrated.

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