3 Hair Color Trends To Try For Spring

3 Hair Color Trends To Try For Spring

It’s practically an unspoken rule of hair maintenance that the minute the weather warms up, so too should your color. But this season is all about breaking the rules. We turned to Sally Hershberger celebrity colorist Jessica Gonzalez, who has worked on Kate Hudson, Lea Michelle, and Rooney Mara, for a roundup of three hair color trends to try this spring, forgoing the usual lighter locks.

“Sombre is a more subtle ombre [hence, the name s-ombre!]. I don’t think ombre is going away anytime soon because brunettes love being lighter, and keeping it rooty can be very low maintenance. I’d describe sombre being a perfect mix of beachy hair color and ombre. A great example would be Lily Aldridge. She still has a root but the highlighting starts high and it blends down really nice.”

Ashy Colors/ Grey
“Ashy are very cool tones, almost greyish. A lot of people love a very ashy brunette color that almost looks dull and dusty. I’ve been getting asked to do a lot of grey hair lately, grey is a process to achieve because the hair must be white before we do the grey for it to look like a true grey.. If they can’t get grey they definitely want the ash. Lady Gaga had almost white/silver hair at the Grammys.”

Pastel Shades
“During this time of the year with festival season, people tend to ask for fantasy colors. Katy Perry’s purple hair that she debuted at the Grammys is one of my favorites. If you’re a brunette and want to try fun colors but don’t want to lighten your hair too much, brighter colors are the way to go, because you do not have to be lifted as light as you would for a pastel. If you’re already pretty light, pastels are very flattering. I’m a fan of flat, dusty colors: Blushy pink, coral, peachy, lavender – all of these can be both pastel and bright. I add silver and/or clear into bright colors when formulating if I want them to look more pastel or flat. I prefer going for a low maintenance look by working with the color a client already has, rather than bleaching their whole head and dying it one color. It’s a much classier, chic look as opposed to punky, and much less damaging. Color also fades and changes after every wash so it’s very high maintenance to have a solid color.”

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