10 Korean Skincare Products That You Need Now

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10 Korean Skincare Products That You Need Now

We have a slight – make that major – obsession with all things Korean skincare. After all, some of our favorite product inventions, like BB creams and sheet masks, come to us thanks to the innovativeness of the Korean skincare industry.

While this beauty genre continues to grow, and more Korean brands are introduced stateside, it can be a daunting feat to navigate through the masses and find those few, prized products. So, we enlisted friend of the blog, Korean skincare expert, and co-owner of Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee, to give us the lowdown on what Korean beauty products are worth the hype.

Take note, ladies: These 10 must-haves are about to become your favorite spring skincare solutions, and all for under $50 each. See, a gorgeous complexion can be achievable and affordable!

Straight from Sarah’s lips:

Blithe Anti-Polluaging Cleansing Water ($36) – A gorgeous, anti-aging and detoxifying cleansing water that removes daily residue and pollutants from the skin with over 44% mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt- it leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed without dryness. I love using it as a first step of my double cleanse at night, and as a one-step morning cleanser applied with a cotton pad.

2. Whamisa Organic Flowers Creamy Foam Cleanser ($35) – A natural, fermented, botanical-enriched cleansing foam with rich, SLS-free lather that deeply cleanses without stripping skin; love that this contains aloe vera extract, chrysanthemum extract, and green tea extract to soften and soothe skin. The cloud-like texture creates a soft foam, and I love massaging my skin with this foam cleanser to remove my makeup completely, while enjoying a self-pampering moment.

3. Whamisa Deep Rich Essence Toner ($40) – A bouncy, cushiony, hydrating toner that’s 97.5% organic and filled with skin-loving extracts like fermented dandelion, aloe vera, and a a high percentage of hydrating hyaluronic acid. I love layering the Deep Rich toner onto cleansed skin 3 times, for an abbreviated Korean ‘7 Skin Method’, to leave skin ultra hydrated and supple. Check out my 7 Skin Method blog post : This is truly a game-changing method that hydrates my skin to a whole new level. This toner sold out five times in just two months. A must try!

4. LJH Propolis Ampoule ($30) – A multitasking boosting ampoule that adds instant glowiness and dewiness to the skin, while nourishing and protecting with Propolis Extracts and skin-essential multivitamins. I love adding a drop to foundation or BB cream for lighter, dewier coverage, or adding this liquid gold to a moisturizer or serum as a quick boost of antioxidants. We have a nickname for this golden liquid : the Korean Glow creator!

5. Yuripibu Artichoke Power Essence ($38) – This is my all-time favorite treatment: A hydrating, pore-banishing essence that naturally diminishes the look of pores with a high concentration of 60% artichoke extract. I love how this essence whips saggy pores back into shape with continued use, all while caring for the skin and banishing patchiness with ceramides and brightening galactomyces. The texture is also one-of-a kind: it looks like a milky emulsion but blends and absorbs quickly like water. It’s an incredibly popular essence in Korea, raved by many Korean beauty influencers and editors!

6. Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum ($49) – Our number one product that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and sold out in just a few minutes on QVC, this is a wonderfully nourishing serum and moisturizer hybrid with chaga mushroom – a potent anti-aging and water-binding ingredient that works to firm and lift the skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and providing lasting hydration. This pressed serum melts from balm to oil and sinks instantly into skin with gentle patting, wrapping the complexion in comforting, antioxidant-rich moisture. I love that this helps condense the skincare routine without the compromise of results.

7. Olivarrier Squalane Fluid Oil ($45) – Comprised of 100% skin-repairing, ultra nourishing olive squalane, a NMF, or natural moisturizing factor that mimics skin’s natural moisturizers for the ultimate in skin-soothing hydration. I love the way this ‘oil’ sinks right into parched skin with no greasiness or heaviness, leaving only softer, smoother skin behind by restoring skin’s natural moisture barrier. It’s also a perfect “dry oil”that even the oiliest skin types can enjoy without worrying about the shine, greasiness, or heaviness.

8. Make P:rem Radiance Peeling Cream ($44) – This is a truly innovative, unexpected hybrid that combines the benefits and textures of a moisturizer and an exfoliator, working overnight to give you radiant skin by morning. This sleeping cream gently resurfaces skin with lactobionic acid and deeply hydrates with ceramide and hyaluronic acid. Lactobionic acid works on the surface of the skin to ‘unglue’ dead skin cells without the irritation typically associated with exfoliators like BHAs and AHAs, making this radiance boosting treatment ideal for sensitive skin types. I consider this as an effortless overnight facial!

9. MD’s Pick Aqua Rubber Mask ($9) – This DIY rubber mask kit contains everything you need to whip up a deeply hydrating, soothing mask on-the-go. It contains a nutrient-dense alginate essence base that’s mixed with an active powder full of moisturizing extracts that combine to form a radiance-boosting peel off mask that leaves skin glowy and bright.

10. J.One Jelly Pack ($42) – The Jelly Pack redefines the traditional makeup primer – it acts as an all-in-one hydrating and oxygenating morning mask and ‘foundation glue’ that grips makeup for longer, creaseless wear. It’s formulated with Nobel Prize-winning ingredient fullerene to brighten and soften skin while keeping makeup in place and super luminous. It’s also a favorite among Sephora’s cast members and makeup artists, as it creates the perfect natural finish by gripping the makeup in the most effective and flawless way.”

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