Weekly Must-Have:
The Lob

This week’s must-have comes in the form of a hairstyle. Aptly dubbed the lob (because it’s basically a long bob), this cut is taking over the tresses of Hollywood’s leading ladies. While Jennifer Aniston just chopped her locks into a bob, other celebrities such as Natalie Portman (who did the cut recently), Jessica Alba, January Jones and Rose Byrne have been rocking the lob season after season.

But this winter, the lob is the style to sport. It basically looks good on every face shape and you can adjust the lob according to your taste. For example, pair it with bangs like Rose Byrne, wear it blunt like Natalie Portman, or add layers like January Jones. While the lob is considered a shorter ‘do, you can still pull it into a pony, bun or updo.

The originator of the lob (and the woman who coined the name… and its place in hairstyle history) was trendsetter Gwyneth Paltrow who chopped her mane into this longer version of the classic bob back in 2009. Hitting at her shoulder blades, the lob became an instant hit, with celebrities, fashionistas and regular folk duplicating the ‘do. One of my favorite lobs hails from fashion it girl Olivia Palermo, who has been rocking the cut since 2011, with gorgeous honey ombre tips.


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  1. Emily
    November 21, 2013

    I cut my hair into a lob in September. It took a bit to to get used to my much shorter hair, but I now love it. It is so easy to maintain and I think it looks much healthier. I can’t recommend the hair cut enough!

  2. Jerrell // Style & Sucré
    November 25, 2013

    I’m currently growing my hair out into a lob. Right now it’s just barely at shoulder length and there are lots of unwanted layers. Olivia Palermo’s lob is a daily source of hairspiration for me :)

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