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The Fall 2016 Lob

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Every year there’s an It hairstyle. The one that all the cool girls are wearing. This season, much like last, it’s all about the lob (a.k.a. the long bob, hair that hits just above the collar bone). We’ve seen this style on an array of textures, from sleek and stick straight to messy, I-woke-up-like-this hair that actually takes a good 20-minutes to reproduce, but there isn’t an exact science to choosing “the look” for fall. Instead, it’s all about embracing what works best for you — trial and error, and a little bit of product should do the trick.

We tracked down Juan Carlos Maciques, celebrity hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, who works with Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, and Michelle Williams, to explain how to rock the 2016 lob (and, can your face even pull it off?).

Check out our interview below for product picks and expert tips:

Beauty Banter: What is the fall lob and how is it different from season’s past? 
Juan Carlos Maciques: The lob now is about personalizing it. Having it be flattering to your face and making it your own. It’s not necessarily about minimal layers and a strict set of rules – unless of course, that is what suits you best.

BB: Which hair textures can pull off this lob? 
JCM: Having a wave to your hair is always best because it gives it more dimension or depth, plus movement. It’s more interesting to the eye to see differing directions in the hair. Very curly hair would just be a solid block, and very straight and fine hair would work better but would appear flimsy and flyaway unless it’s completely geometric and blunt.

BB: What face shape does the lob look best on? What face shapes shouldn’t try the lob?
JCM:It works best with rounder or oval faces as it’s more slimming. Narrow, long faces would just look more drawn.

BB: How can we make a lob fall-ready?
JCM: It’s best to place a product such as a mousse, like Alterna Bamboo Volume Weightless Whipped Mousse ($22), or salt spray, like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($27) or R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray ($25), on damp hair as it adds grip and holds texture. Gently scrunch and let the hair air dry. If hair is more straight, you can always use a 1 to 1 1/2″ curling iron (I recommend Hot Tools ($40)) and gently and quickly wrap around the wand. You don’t want it to look set or done in any way. It needs to look effortless.

BB: What celebrities rock the best lobs and why? 
JCM: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jessica Alba have done it so well. It’s always perfectly disheveled and effortless looking, and they make it look somehow glam and sexy at the same time.

In need of inspiration? Peruse our photo gallery of fabulous lobs above.


NYFW Spring Summer 2017: The Eyeliner Trends To Try Today

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There have been a ton of titillating beauty trends coming off from the NYFW SS 2017 runways this past week. But the looks we’re currently lusting over are those created with eyeliner. Yes, the windows to the soul. From the Amy Winehouse cat eye to the I-woke-up-like-this kohl-rimmed lines, spring’s heavier eyeliner looks will make a great addition to your fall beauty routine today.

Here are our favorite eyeliner trends straight from the runways:

Slept-In Kohl-Rimmed Eyes: As seen at 3.1 Phillip Lim. “Modernizing the way we wear eyeliner, this season we played with the shape and left negative space on the eyes. Makeup is meant to look as though the girls danced the night away and their eyeliner stayed perfectly intact,” says Francelle Daly for NARS Cosmetics.
All you need is a steady hand and a great black kohl liner. After applying to upper and lower rim, smudge out gently with finger for that slept-in look.
TRY: Nars Kohliner in Minorque ($25), as seen on the models at Phillip Lim; Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Jet Black ($4).

The Thick Cat Eye: As seen at Libertine. “The makeup look created for the show by lead artist, Katie Jane Hughes for Too Cool For School, channeled a 1970’s punk rock London girl. The Libertine girl is naturally beautiful, but loves the boldness of a black graphic eye.”
For this look, layering is key. Use liquid and gel, or pencil and cream to create the dimension. A thick flick a la Amy Winehouse, with a bit more sharpness. Remember to use a thin, malleable brush. Nix the lower, graphic line as that makes the look more real life-unwearable.
TRY: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black ($26), Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush ($28), Make Up For Ever Ink Liner ($23), Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push-Up Liner ($24), CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner ($9), e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner ($3).

White Lines: As seen at Noon by Noor. “Noon by Noor wanted a romantic but minimal beauty look with the eyes as the focus. The eyes feature clean, precise and graphic white eyeliner, while the rest of the face was kept bare, glossy and healthy-looking with a faint hint of rose on the cheeks,” explains Uzo, NARS International Lead Makeup Stylist.
Sure white eyeliner is hard to wear in everyday life, but it is possible. (Check out our 3 ways to wear white here). When it comes to lining the upper lid in white, the key is to make it a show-stopper, so keep the rest of the face beautiful and bare, and make the white line do all the talking (and gawking). Keep the line simple and sleek and follow with a coat of black mascara.
TRY: Nars Las Pozas Velvet Eyeliner ($24),worn on the models at Noon by Noor; Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Snow ($22) Sephora Collection Eye Pencil To Go ($6).

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Naked Nails With Deborah Lippmann

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The nail trend du jour has us asking is she or isn’t she  – wearing nail polish, that is! These days, nails that are perfectly understated and subdued are the cool-girl nail color of choice.  While, in theory, we know this should be the easiest manicure to sport, in practice, that isn’t exactly the case.  Before we dared to bare this look, we reached out to nail guru, celebrity manicurist and founder of her eponymous nail brand Deborah Lippmann, for some advice.  After all, the last thing a girl wants is to look ungroomed with ragged cuticles or yellowing nail beds.

Beauty Banter: What are the secrets to well-groomed nails? 
Deborah Lippmann: Hydrating daily is key! Keep a hand lotion that hydrates and protects your skin, like deborah lippmann Rich Girl Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Hand Cream ($25), at every sink in your home, at your office desk, and in your purse.  Weekly cuticle treatment is also essential. Apply an exfoliating cuticle treatment, like deborah lippmann Cuticle Remover ($20), and push back gently. Finish by applying a drop of deborah lippmann Cuticle Oil ($20) at the base of each nail and massaging the area with deborah lippmann The Cure ($24).

BB: Are there any extra steps that should be taken if rocking a bare nail versus a standard mani? 
DL: You have to be groomed to perfection. Whether applying polish or not, I recommend everyone follow the nail care steps outlined in my 5-Step Manicure:

STEP 1 – CLEANSE: For fast, effortless polish removal, use The Stripper To Go ($12).

STEP 2 – SHAPE: Shape your nail so it mirrors your cuticle and elongates your fingers.

STEP 3 – EXFOLIATE: To create a beautiful buff, use the Smooth Operator 4-Way Nail Buffer ($12). Side 1 works to smooth away dullness, Side 2 buffs away ridges and Side 3 smooths the nail. Stop here when prepping for polish. If opting for a natural buffed look, finish with side 4 to reveal an unbelievable shine.

STEP 4 – TREAT: One of the most important steps, treatment softens and hydrates the nails and cuticles.  Follow the same cuticle steps outlined in the previous question.

BB: If someone is not totally comfortable skipping nail polish, what are your favorite nudes to achieve this look?
DL: If you feel your nails need a little time off from polish but are wary of going absolutely bare, you have options! All About That Base CC Base Coat ($20) uses 10 powerful ingredients to fill ridges, correct discoloration, strengthen, and moisturize nails. It leaves a slightly nude matte finish so it’s perfect to be worn alone and still be part of this naked nail trend.  Damaged nails should consider my Genie In a Bottle Illuminating Nail Tone Perfector ($20), which uses violet pigments to neutralize dull, stained or yellow nails, leaving them looking younger and healthier.  For a more traditional polish, I love my shade “Naked” ($18). It was formulated to be a clean color that works for any skin tone, and it’s not too beige or too yellow, which makes it looks sheer to your nail color.

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-Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind


Trending: The Black Lip

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Yes, a black lip is actually wearable… even if you’re not a supermodel. But there are certainly ways to make this fall trend more everyday-friendly than simply swiping on a jet black lip gloss (see: Kendall Jenner).

So, how does one rock the black lip trend without looking, well, like our nineties goth spirit self? Here are a few helpful tips for making a black lip cool and classy.

Opt for a sheer black and layer with a nude lipstick. As Lipstick Queen suggest, a hoser black lipstick “has the effect of wearing black lace on your lips. Worn alone, it casts a smokey veil over the lips’ natural color. Worn over another full-coverage lipstick, it transforms the color into a sexier, smokier version.” Dramatic!
TRY (and most certainly buy) this season’s must-have black lipstick: Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick ($24), a sheer black with delicate gold shimmer.

Keep the rest of your face bare. If you’re going full black lip, you’ll want to keep the rest of your features extremely natural. A flawless, dewy complexion is key when sporting a matte black. For a glossy black lip, opt  for a matte complexion.
TRY: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($48), a favorite of Kim Kardashian, use this spray to set makeup with a healthy dew. For a matte appearance, try Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder ($37) for a smooth, velvety finish that also curbs oil production.

If full-bodied black pout still feels too over-the-top, opt for a deep burgundy to still be on-trend. The moody lip look can still be achieved with a black-red shade, i.e. a deep wine or burgundy hue, that isn’t exactly black, but it’ll give you the same dramatic feel.
TRY: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania ($6), a berry-black, or Tart Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Frenemy ($20), a wearable deep burgundy, or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Liquid Lipstick in Black Dahlia ($16), a synthetic preservative-free blackish-red liquid lipstick.

Shop these black lip glosses and sticks:


One-A-Day Masks: The Latest Masking Trend

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“The latest trend in Korea is “one day, one mask.” As masks are such a great way to pump up your skincare, whether it’s to immediately deep cleanse, exfoliate, or hydrate, Korean women are into this “boot camp for skincare.” Taking 15~20 minutes to give your skin this extra pampering session is a great way to de-stress and reboot your skincare results.

From sheet masks, milk peelers, and rubber masks, there is a wide variety of different masks out there to choose from for every budget and concern. There is no wrong or right way to mask; what’s important is to tailor a personal routine and do what works best for you.

Our tips for this “one day, one mask” or “Monday to Friday” skin boot camp are as follows (suitable for all skin types):


After a weekend of festivities, Monday is the perfect time to kick off the week with a detoxifying rubber mask. These masks help to clarify, deep cleanse, minimize pore,s and leave skin refreshed yet hydrated for the long week ahead. I recommend our new Charcoal Rubber Mask . This is a favorite for oily to combination skin types. A quick YouTube tutorial here for tips on how to use a rubber mask.


Use a deeply hydrating hydro-gel mask to soothe, calm, and moisturize skin. Sheet masks are a great way to provide an intensive dose of nutrients and hydrating ingredients and Soyedodam’s is formulated with an antioxidant-rich blend of Red Gingseng and Manuka Honey.


Get over hump day with a sheet mask with a twist. Blossom Jeju’s 2-step sheet mask offers an oil and sheet mask in one with luxurious, 100% pure Jeju Camellia oil and a silky sheet mask to create a brightening, super-hydrating masking treatment that leaves skin unbelievably smooth and supple. Pollution is a significant factor in a dull, tired appearance, so starting any skincare treatment with a clean canvas is critical.


As we age and due to environmental aggressors such as UV, pollution particles, dirt and grime that constantly assaults our skin, skin turnaround takes longer. This means that dead skin cells continue to accumulate on the skin’s surface, impeding skincare from being fully absorbed into skin. Primary Raw’s 2-step milk peeling kit is a great way to and gently exfoliate and hydrate to reveal soft, supple skin. First, this treatment works to gently remove dead skin cells with a hydrating and exfoliating complex saturated in a large cotton swab. Finish off with a soothing sheet mask infused with soy milk, green tea, and chamomile extracts for natural radiance.


Seal in weekend-ready skin with one last sheet mask to hydrate and awaken skin from a long week. A small tip before using Whamisa’s Hydrogel Masks is to apply the serum at the bottom of the sachet to the face before applying the sheet (which is made of skin beneficial aloe and fruit extracts).

This month, we are partnering with Vogue Korea to celebrate their 20th anniversary. In honor of this momentous event, the Korea editorial team has created a beautiful handmade box filled with a stringent curation of their favorite K-beauty picks, including best-in-class masks. These boxes are being shared with a select number of influencers around the world (including Victoria Beckham, Eva Chen, etc.) and is one of Vogue Korea’s biggest events to date.

Best-in-class masks hand-selected and approved by Vogue Korea’s beauty director are Primary Raw’s 2-step milk peeling kit  and Whamisa’s Hydrogel Masks.”

–Sarah Lee, co-founder of Glow Recipe


Trending: Glossy Summer Skin

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When you think of the word glossy, does uber-slick, shiny, maybe even sticky come to mind? Yeah, us too.

But summer’s glossy skin is actually more of a dew that looks both natural and healthy. Sure, no-makeup-makeup is nothing new, but adding gloss to eyes, lips, even cheeks hasn’t exactly been the summer go-to… until now.

Take, for example, the new non-touring trend that kicks contouring back to fall and instead focuses on the glow (usually manufactured). And then there’s the shiny lips of summer (try an oil instead of a sticky gloss of yesteryear) and the glossy lids – all trends worth exploring this season. And if your skin is naturally oily, you’re in luck! Not much you need to do but perhaps carry blotting papers to soak up t-zone slickness. The rest, well, that’s on-trend.

Milk Makeup Face Gloss ($20) – A colorless, non-sticky, face sheen that brightens and highlights cheeks, lips, eyes, and anything else that requires a hint of highlight.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker ($21) – You may remember Juicy Tubes, Lance’s colt-favorite gloss of the millennium, and Juicy Shakers follow where the tubes left off. Wearable colors with gorgeous shine. Except shakers aren’t sticky (yes!). Instead, they’re infused with oils to soften, soothe, and impart shine. Juicy Tubes 2.0.

Lano Lanolin 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm ($19) – Think of this as the all-natural version of multitasking salve, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. As we’ve mentioned before, the fastest way to get the glossy lid look is with a dab of high-shine ointment. Well, Lano Lanolin Superbalm gives the gloss without the toxic ingredients. And for even more on-trend eyelid love, start by applying a metallic cream shadow, like RMS BeautyEye Polish in universally flattering Lunar ($28) first, which will just add more drama, gloss, shine, and sparkle to the lids. Then finish with a dab of Superbalm. Bitchin’!


Pretty In Pastel: Beauty Tips With Lauren Andersen

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Pastels are certainly having a moment. From the runways to the streets, pastel dresses, pants, jackets, makeup, and even hair are bigger and brighter than ever. We reached out to celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen, who glams up the likes of Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes, and Reese Witherspoon, for her take on all things pastel, plus the best beauty products to buy this spring!

Beauty Banter: How is the pastel of today different than the frosty pastel of the ’80s?

Lauren Andersen: You can take this trend as deep as you want and still look chic. Pastel hair color is a huge trend at the moment. But don’t go overboard with color in the wardrobe and makeup if you choose this route; keep it simple. When I use color, I love playing with a monochromatic pallet. Using tones of the same color keeps the look sophisticated. Creamy or matte textures seem to be more on trend than the frosty pastels of the ’80s.

BB: How can you wear this pastel trend without looking like an Easter egg?

LA: Keep it simple. For cheeks, soft pinks and peaches are sweet and feminine. Eyes can be the most adventurous with color but pick one. I love using eyeliner to play with an unexpected color as opposed to a dramatic multicolored eyeshadow situation. Think ’60s cat eye in periwinkle or mint. Correspond lips with cheek color. Opt for pale pinks and peaches.

BB: If we are fearful of diving into this trend, how can we work it in slowly?

LA: Incorporate pastels into your beauty routine by starting with your nails. Ballet Slippers by Essie ($8) is still a classic, but try mint or baby blue or soft yellow.

BB: What are your favorite pastel products for spring?
Lauren’s top pastel picks:
Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Pop ($8)
Avon Ultra Color Lipstick Soft Matte in Proper Pink ($8)
Lime Crime Polish in Once in a Blue Mousse ($8)
Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick in Babette ($18)
Nars Blush in Gina ($30)
Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Bouthan ($35)
Stila Eyeshadow in Cha Cha ($18)
Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Kitten ($32)
MAC Powder Blush in Peachy Keen ($22)


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