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The Must-Have Hair Styles Of Spring 2014

By February 17, 2014 2 Comments

The Must-Have Hair Styles Of Spring 2014

Are you itching for Spring? Sandals and spaghetti straps, wedges and wicker hats… Yeah, me too. While a wardrobe switch is inedible, you’ll need to change up your beauty routine too. Today, we’re talking about the ‘it” hair styles of Spring 2014. If you’ve guessed that the bob is back (did it ever really leave?), then you’re correct. But, if you’re like me and still hesitant to make the cut, rest assured there are plenty of other styles to play around with.

“A few days ago Taylor Swift cut her hair short, into a classic bob, and this is going to be a very strong trend for Spring. It’s a longer bob but with the classic shape of the old bob; it’s not a-line, it’s just straight across. I think that people who have never cut their hair short before, will make the cut like Taylor.

If you don’t want to cut as short as Taylor did, another trend we will see this Spring is hair that hits just above the breast. Kim Kardashian, who always had very long hair, recently cut her hair like this. When you cut your hair to a shorter length like this, you have to leave the layers longer and style it smoother than before. If you choose to do face fringe, you’ll want to start it longer as well, maybe at the cheekbone. It used to be more like a Victoria’s Secret cut with a fluffy front line but that is out. If you keep your hair too fluffy or too curly, it will look like a bowl. You need to keep it a little smoother and a little heavier to enjoy the fullness.

If you want to do shoulder length [editor’s note: think a long bob like Natalie Portman], make it classy. If you have a longer face or you’ve never had a bob before, I recommend this cut with a little bit of layers. Just the bottom few inches layered will give you more lift and movement. It will make the style softer and not so severe.

For people who want to keep their hair long this Spring, you’ll want to add trendiness at the face line: face fringe. The back should have a little bit of a V or U shape for people who have thick hair. This will make it softer.

Bangs are out, but fringe will be popular. You’ll want the face fringe to start longer and cut deeper so it swings easier and opens your face. It’s not as blended as it once was, you can see the lines and a bit of a wing. This looks best paired with long hair.”

–Celebrity hairstylist Mika Fowler, who has worked with Olivia Munn, Emma Roberts, and Malin Akerman.

*Mika Fowler works at the Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills. She has mastered the Japanese art of dry cutting, which I highly recommend trying if you haven’t already. For more info on Mika and her dry cuts, click here.

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