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Spring’s It Color: Pretty In Pink

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From highlighter pink hair (here’s looking at you, Nicole Richie) to pale pink pouts, the color of spring is shaping up to be none other than pink. From shocking hues, like fluorescents, to more subtle renditions of the shade, like pastel rose, this spring, make sure that you are working pink into your makeup look. Here’s how to wear it without looking like a character out of Alice in Wonderland:


A pink pout is the obvious way to work this trend into your makeup look. From pale, frosty pinks to bright and bold, any shade in the pink family will work, but steer clear of a hot pink lip with a bright cheek and eye. If a fluorescent pout is your focal point, leave the rest of the face relatively bare. And if you’re looking to create a monochromatic face, try working with pale-to-dusty rose shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips (a pink-mauve lip would look best in this scenario). TRY: MAC is Beauty Lipstick in Silly ($16), a bright, white-pink; Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in Pecan, a warm dusty pink ($28); Jouer Lip Gloss in Wind ($22), a creamy mauve.


A pink eye usually conjures up images of a person with… well, pink eye: That sickly, pussy eye infection. But you can do pink without really doing pink. Opt for nude-to-rose gold shades that give off pink undertones without devastating the eyelid. TRY:  Yves Rocher Single Eyeshadow Intense Color in Nude Rose ($11), Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Rose Gold ($24), Urban Decay Naked3 ($54), the only thing better than one nude-to-rose pinks is an entire palette of them!


Whether you’re wearing a flush of rose or a bright pink cheek, try to incorporate the trend into your highlighting too. In other words, illuminate with rose gold, not shimmering whites or subtle silvers. As far as the apples of your cheeks are concerned, petal pink looks good on just about every skin tone, so stock up! TRY: Dior Rosy Glow Petal Awakening Blush ($37), Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint in Very Sweet ($35), Burberry Beauty Runway Blush & Highlighter Palette (468)




Korean Skincare Phenomenon: Waterless Beauty Products

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“You know when you wash your face, leave your skin without applying any products, and your skin feels extremely dry and tight? This is because water evaporates on skin and and takes away the natural oils and hydrators from your skin.

In many cases, water-based skincare products can interrupt this optimal level of natural oils on skin, and dilute the concentration of natural ingredients that lead to weaker efficacy. For natural products to be ultimately effective, it is key to look for waterless products.

Waterless formulas are a new trend in skincare, a new way of taking better care for our skin, in the most effective way possible, especially when it comes to natural products. Natural, waterless products are concentrated with botanical extracts or oils and are not diluted by water. Think of cold-pressed juice; you don’t want water to be the main ingredient in there, and you probably don’t want water in your juice at all.

Brands use water in their formulas for two key reasons: First, it brings down the cost of formulation; water is the most cost-effective ingredient. Second, water can act as a vehicle for delivering other active ingredients, but this does mean dilution of the formula will occur.

Waterless products contain botanical extracts and oils that are pure vitamins and antioxidants that absorb deeply into the skin layers for a more intense and deeper efficacy of each and every ingredient. This type of formulation is the secret to hydrate and revitalize the complexion, while fortifying the protective films on the skin for an optimal anti-aging result.

These waterless products are great for all skin types and concerns, and optimal for those with trouble-prone, sensitive skin, as these are gentle yet ultra-effective.”

— Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe

Shop Sarah’s favorite waterless products:
1. Whamisa Organic Flowers Water Cream with Natto ($35) – I love this cream because of how soft and hydrated it makes my skin feel, and especially because of the earthy, natural scent. It simply feels like a botanical facial. This water-free water cream is packed with powerful anti-oxidants and fermented botanicals such as natto gum extract, organic rice extract, and olive oil extract, for an ultra-hydrating, nourishing result for a youthful glow.

2. Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist ($38) – I keep this cute bottle in my office, in my bag, and it follows me everywhere I go. It’s such a convenient and beautiful-looking re-hydrator. It has an actual olive leaf inside the bottle! This organic hydrating mist is 92.5% organic and has 0% water, relying on a blend of olive, green tea extract, and aloe vera extract to rehydrate and calm dry, parched skin for renewed healthy skin.

3. LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence ($45) – An essence is essentially like a serum, and it’s a huge trend in Korea that is now trending in the US as well. What I love about this Tea Tree essence is that it is feather-weight, and really doesn’t feel like an extra layer of product, yet it is so effective. Of the entire formula, 90% of it is composed of Tea Tree extract which helps soothe blemishes, calm redness and brighten acne scarring without stripping the skin. A potent, water-free formula from LJH, the first dermatology clinic in Korea, that is concentrated with antioxidants such as trehalose, which brings moisture back to troubled skin, and sea buckthorn extract and centella asiatica, which is known for its ability to even skin tone and texture.

4. LJH Tea Tree 80 Cream ($38) – I use this cream whenever I need a lightweight cream to even out my skin. It’s ultra gentle on the skin and it feels hydrating, for a very long time. 80% of the entire formula is composed of Tea Tree extract, which helps soothe and hydrate sensitive, irritated, and troubled skin while providing 96 hours of weightless hydration. This product contains all natural ingredients such as trehalose, sea buckthorn extract, and centella asiatica.

5. Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask ($14) – This is an ultimate treat to the skin, to the purest form of hydration by bringing the ocean to your face. I have used and tried thousands of sheet masks and I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s truly the next generation mask – as it’s an actual botanical that wraps the entire face, made entirely of 100% natural sea kelp and zero water. Not only is it natural with the actual mask texture, it is also drenched in a full bottle of organic essences and niacinamide. It firms, lifts, and hydrates the skin for a refreshing feel as if taking a dip in the mineral rich seas. Think of it as an ocean-side facial!


Cleansing Water: What Your Beauty Cabinet Is Missing

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A longtime favorite of makeup artists and French women, cleansing waters are quickly becoming more mainstream as drugstore brands are jumping on the “waterless” face washing bandwagon. Mass and prestige brands are offering cleansing waters as a gentle alternative to face wash and makeup remover, taking this product’s status from exclusive to inclusive. If you’re not yet using a cleansing water, now is the time. French women have many beauty secrets, especially when it comes to anti-aging, and this one has us shouting oui. 

A key aspect to cleansing waters is how gentle they are. In fact, they’re so mild that they could almost be considered baby products. Many people believe that the water required by traditional cleansers dehydrates your skin, so this is a way to clean without stripping. Better yet, no rinsing is required, saving precious time when you want to go from a full face of makeup to your pillow STAT! They’re also popular with sensitive and acneic skin types as their bare-bone formulas won’t irritate even the most irritable of faces. Here are the best options currently on the market:

Quickly earning a name for itself as a drugstore staple, Simple Cleansing Micellar Water ($8) is a stellar product at an even better price. Impossibly gentle, the formula removes environmental contaminants without a hint of irritation.

Bioderma Crealine ($23) is a total cult classic (see here, here, and here for proof!). Beauty Banter’s Sarah Howard consistently lists it among her must-have items, swearing by it as a makeup remover that has yet to make her acne prone skin breakout.

If you want to gently exfoliate while cleansing, reach for Santa Maria Novella Exfoliating Water ($55). The company was founded by Dominican friars in 1221… no big deal. Acetic Acid will remove dead cells while refreshing your visage faster than an actual vacation in Italy.

Most cleansers have a PH of seven and above, whereas Dr. Brandt Skincare Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water ($32) is between five and six to balance. Your skin will feel soft and fresh thanks to tiny particles that remove makeup and other impurities.

Turns out Diptyque isn’t only good for their fabulous candles. Although very fragrant, Diptyque Infused Facial Water ($55) is filled with Damask rose for boosted radiance. Apply it pre-serums and creams to increase their effectiveness.



Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind www.comfortablycasey.com


spring hair trends

3 Hair Color Trends To Try For Spring

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It’s practically an unspoken rule of hair maintenance that the minute the weather warms up, so too should your color. But this season is all about breaking the rules. We turned to Sally Hershberger celebrity colorist Jessica Gonzalez, who has worked on Kate Hudson, Lea Michelle, and Rooney Mara, for a roundup of three hair color trends to try this spring, forgoing the usual lighter locks.

“Sombre is a more subtle ombre [hence, the name s-ombre!]. I don’t think ombre is going away anytime soon because brunettes love being lighter, and keeping it rooty can be very low maintenance. I’d describe sombre being a perfect mix of beachy hair color and ombre. A great example would be Lily Aldridge. She still has a root but the highlighting starts high and it blends down really nice.”

Ashy Colors/ Grey
“Ashy are very cool tones, almost greyish. A lot of people love a very ashy brunette color that almost looks dull and dusty. I’ve been getting asked to do a lot of grey hair lately, grey is a process to achieve because the hair must be white before we do the grey for it to look like a true grey.. If they can’t get grey they definitely want the ash. Lady Gaga had almost white/silver hair at the Grammys.”

Pastel Shades
“During this time of the year with festival season, people tend to ask for fantasy colors. Katy Perry’s purple hair that she debuted at the Grammys is one of my favorites. If you’re a brunette and want to try fun colors but don’t want to lighten your hair too much, brighter colors are the way to go, because you do not have to be lifted as light as you would for a pastel. If you’re already pretty light, pastels are very flattering. I’m a fan of flat, dusty colors: Blushy pink, coral, peachy, lavender – all of these can be both pastel and bright. I add silver and/or clear into bright colors when formulating if I want them to look more pastel or flat. I prefer going for a low maintenance look by working with the color a client already has, rather than bleaching their whole head and dying it one color. It’s a much classier, chic look as opposed to punky, and much less damaging. Color also fades and changes after every wash so it’s very high maintenance to have a solid color.”

Eyeliner Trends To Try Now

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Eyeliner is a must-have for any makeup aficionado, but recent runway shows and red carpet looks have inspired us to rethink our more modest lining-around-the-lashes technique. That being said, some of these looks showcased recently are a bit aggressive for everyday wear, and likely impossible to recreate. Keep reading for a breakdown of the trendiest eyeliner looks, and how to make them actually wearable.

TIP: These eyeliner techniques are eye-catching, pun intended. Since everyone’s glance will be rising to meet yours, you’ll want your peepers in tip-top shape. Try using the Michael Todd Eye Eraser ($89) in tandem with an eye cream to reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles. M-61 Vitablast A&C Eye Cream ($78)  is totally effective yet light enough to use pre makeup application.


While this look is popular, it isn’t exactly easy. Hello, tears! Challenges have never stopped us before, though – and between Emma Stone’s inner rim look and the Dior Haute Couture runway, this is a technique we need to nail. Makeup artist Robby Nelson suggests using a kohl based pencil since “natural kohl is soothing to the eye. Also, always freshly sharpen your pencil to wipe away any shavings from the tip. And NEVER, never share your eyeliner pencil. You have been warned…”
TRY: Chanel Le Crayon Khốl Intense Eye Pencil ($28)


Colorful eyeliner is unexpected (we see you, Delpozo), and can be as bold or as subtle as you wish. Robby recommends not matching your eyeliner to your eye color, but rather looking for a complementary or contrasting shade. “Blue eyes? Try violet or copper to make your eyes shine. Brown eyes? Navy or jade will give a real POP. Green eyes? Plum or warm brown are perfect.”
TRY: MAC Technakohl Liner ( $16), which comes in 37 unique shades.


According to Nina Leykind, Founder and Creative Director of Eyeko, major cat eyes are being spotted “everyday, everywhere!” Two notable cat eyes of late include Oscar de la Renta’s fall show and Marion Cotillard’s look at the Oscars. A feline eye is undeniably glam, but sometimes, it’s a bit much for your average day. Nina explains how to pair down the MEOW: “Keep the focus on eyes only to make the look less theatrical. Try dark brown or navy for a subtle slant, or simply thin out the line and don’t extend past the length of your outer lashes to make this look work for the office.”
TRY: Eyeko Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner in Marine ($19)


Suno made a major statement with squared off, chunky liner. While it reminds us of a geometry class, it’s not very wearable… or technically approachable (like geometry!). To try the Suno technique, Nina recommends “shifting the scale of the line by extending liner a third of the way in along the upper lid to make the look more sophisticated but still edgy. Shorten and reduce the wing for a liner look that’s still on trend but easier to emulate for a flattering feline flick.”
TRY: Essence Gel Eyeliner ($4)

Give these eyeliner trends a whirl today, but, like all makeup, remember to remove before bed. Nina prefers a bi-phase or oil and water based cleanser and uses Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes ($9)  in a pinch. “Make sure to press the solution down onto eyes to allow the color to break down before you wipe it off – and never rub,” explains Nina. “This can not only cause redness and irritation ,but premature wrinkling, too.” For sensitive eyes, try Yes To Cucumbers ($5) hypoallergenic wipes.


Casey Sharbaugh currently resides in New York City and works in the fashion industry. In her spare time, you can find Casey spinning, trying new beauty products, or browsing the city for the best ice cream cone. Find her on Twitter at @caseyhshar

Trend: To Bob Or Not To Bob, That Is The Question

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While the bob – in its varying lengths and textures – has completely taken over Hollywood’s leading ladies for a second straight year – think Sienna Miller, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rachel McAdams just this month, and Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon’s bobs-to-covet from last year — it’s a style that has been around for decades. “The bob is always in, never out.  It is a classic. It’s chic and simple,” says celebrity hairstylist Cervando Maldonado, the man responsible for Reese’s recent bob. “Once a hairstyle is seen on a few celebrities and on the runways, it takes off as a trend.  It’s really gaining momentum now.”  The bob is undeniably the “it” cut of the moment. “It’s a great way to change up your look while still being able style it in many ways,” explains Maldonado.

We asked Maldonado to give us the details on who should be bobbing and how to wear the ‘do once you’ve made the cut.

What face shape can bob? “A bob works for every face shape. A heart shaped face can wear any length of bob from above the chin to the collar bone. For a square shape, below the chin to the collar bone is most flattering, in my opinion. With a round face you should cut the bob mid neck to the collar bone to elongate the face.”

What hair texture is needed to pull off the look? “All textures of hair work for a bob, depending on the shape of your face and how it’s cut. There are many shapes of bobs from square to a-lined and from textured to blunt. If you are considering a bob, ask your stylist what would work best for you.”

What is the bob style du jour? “What I usually do to create a tousled, messy, textured look is start with a liltle mousse (such as Kerastase Volumactive) on the ends and a little volumizer (such as Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture and Volume Spray) at the roots. If you have very natural curly or frizzy hair you can use curl cream (Oribe Sculpting Cream) instead of mousse. Then air dry your hair naturally or diffuse it with a diffuser. Once dry, I take a curling iron (1 inch to 1 and a quarter inch) using clips and section the hair starting from the bottom towards the top of the head. Curl random sections to create a natural messy texture, then spray the hair with texturizing dry shampoo (Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray) to finsh it off and add texture.”

Best bobs of all time? “Debbie Harry, Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde, Anna Wintour, Louise Brooks, and Reese Witherspoon!”

View our slideshow above for past and present bob favorites. (In order: Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Alexa Chung, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Wintour, Faye Dunaway circa Bonnie & Clyde, Jean Shrimpton)


Trend: Delicate Jewelry

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Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to jewelry. Lately, more subdued jewelry of a smaller scale has been favored by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Daintier pieces are not only easier to wear, but they are much more comfortable as well. With tiny studs or a whisper-thin necklace, there’s no need to worry about sagging ear lobes or an aching neck caused by larger statement pieces.

Rosanne Karmes, Founder and Designer of Sydney Evan and SHY by Sydney Evan, specializes in delicate jewelry. Rosanne explains that she favors simple jewels because “I don’t ever have to take them off… unless I am getting a massage of course!” She continues: “I love that no matter how small something is, it still has the same sentimental value and personalization as something large.  It says something about my mood. When I wear my delicate pieces, I’m feeling peaceful and want to be understated.”

A fun and creative aspect of delicate jewelry is the ability to layer. The old school rules about not mixing metals or removing one accessory before leaving the house certainly do not apply to this trend. Rosanne is all about layering. “For necklaces, I recommend starting with the shorter 16” chains that have small, delicate pieces on them. Then add a 20″ chain with a slightly bigger pendant. Finish it off with a 36″ necklace with multiple-sized charms of different shapes and colors.” Of course, dainty rings and bracelets are made to stack as well. When it comes to dainty jewels, feel free to be gluttonous.

Perhaps the best part about delicate jewelry is that there are options at every price point. Here are our top picks in all categories, and, remember, layer up.

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Kassandra 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil Triangle Earrings ($110)
Selin Kent White Gold Charlotte Studs ($215)
BaubleBar Gold Karat Drops Earring ($32)
Sydney Evan Mini Enamel Evil Eye Stud Earrings ($275)

Sydney Evan 14K Yellow Gold Arrow Ring with Diamonds ($595)
Gorjana Vesta Open Ring ($40)
Jennifer Meyer Opal Inlay Circle Ring ($350)
Shashi Solitaire Ring ($32)

Sydney Evan Mini Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet in White Gold ($440)
Dogeared Reminder Bracelet Good Luck Elephant ($72)
Alex Woo Mini Cord Bracelet ($78)
Ela Rae Clara Hand Chain ($89)

Alex Woo Bee Pendant Necklace ($898)
Shy by Sydney Evan Bow Necklace with Diamond Bezel ($125)
Nadri Bar Pendant ($48)
Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace ($65)

-Casey Sharbaugh currently resides in New York City and works in the fashion industry. In her spare time, you can find Casey spinning, trying new beauty products, or browsing the city for the best ice cream cone. Find her on Twitter at @caseyhshar


How To Get Fall’s Monochromatic Face

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Monochromatic means “containing or using only one color.” In beauty terms, a monochromatic face is one that displays like colors on all features: eyes, lips, and cheeks. The Fall 2014 runways were bustling with this natural, even toned look and it’s one of our favorite fall trends because of its simplicity. We called on celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan, whose clients include Lucy Hale, Sarah Hyland, and Laura Dern, to walk us through the perfect fall monochromatic face.

“To achieve the monochromatic beauty look that was seen on many of the fall runways, you’ll want to keep the eyes, lips, and cheeks all within the same muted tones. Stick to light browns and beiges with neutral or cool undertones and try and stay away from orange or warm hues.

Keep the skin natural with a tinted moisturizer like Dior Hydralife BB Creme and a light dusting of translucent powder to set the skin. Try Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. To sculpt the face, use a contour color that won’t add warmth to the skin, but rather adds slight dimension. I suggest Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Natural. Let the contour be your only cheek color and don’t add any additional blusher.

For the eyes, multiple neutral matte shadows will give you a sculptured look when combined on the lid and crease. Having a lighter color on the lid – like Laura Mercier’s Matte Shadow in Cafe au Lait – and a slightly darker one in the crease – like Laura Mercier Matte Shadow in Coffee Grounds or MAC Soft Brown – will sculpt the eyes and allow them to standout without looking too done up.

Skip the mascara but do consider adding a beige liner to the bottom water line. Try Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Liner  to make the whites of the eyes seem brighter.

Keep the brows natural and add a sheer neutral color to the lips, such as Burts Bees Tinted Balm in Honeysuckle.”

The Best Beauty Products To Buy This Fall: The Eyes Edition

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As the adage goes, “the eyes are the window into our soul,” which sounds pretty voyeuristic to us, but this fall, we’re really feeling eye makeup. And a batty lash or kohl-rimmed eye inevidibly leads to your soul, right?

As MAC Senior Makeup Artist John Stapleton explained in our Beauty Bible of Fall 2014 beauty trends, eye trends cover every end of the spectrum – from navy-lined lids to texture-mixing metallics.

Here, our favorite fall beauty products for the eyes:

cream shadows for fall

Cream Shadows
Practically every brand has released a cream shadow as part of their fall collections. Cream adds texture and can be applied alone or layered with powder shadows. Creams in this season’s coveted color spectrum range from muddy beiges and browns to shimmering gilded shades.
TRY: Armani Eye & Brow Maestro in Gold, Medium Brown, and Light Blonde, all creamy formulas in fall’s muddy and metallic shades that pair well together; Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner in Smokey Topaz and Sunlit Bronze, two rich metallic shades that look like the sun has kissed your eyes and left sparkly bits; Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Moni Cream Eye Colour in Cocoa, a gorgeous muted, matte brown to define and structure the eye.

eye palettes for fall

Palettes are practical and, for the most part, foolproof. They also offer up between 2 and 20 (sometimes more!) complimenting shadows in shades that are on trend for fall. Smokey eyes made simple(ish).
TRY: Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Mocha is everything (we dedicated a Weekly Must Have post to this near-perfect eye palette); Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Eye Palette, a mix of wearable nudes and browns in both matte and metallic finishes; Kevyn Aucoin  Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette in Spirit, 12 shadows ranging from mattes to shimmers in lustworthy shades; Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Sophisticate, four classy, complimentary muted browns and beiges.

eyeliners for fall

Stapleton stressed the need for adding navy into our lid life. He also urged to purchase a serious black liner as architecturally-lined eyes are a trend for fall. Even if you’re sticking with your tried-and-true cat eye, a liquid liner will be your best friend this season.
TRY: Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner, a gel liner that literally hugs your lash line (love, love); Make Up For Ever Artist Liner in Matte Black and Matte Navy, ultra glide matte liners new for fall, LORAC Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eye Liner, a no-budge navy liquid liner with the perfect pen-like applicator.

Extras: Since neutral metallics are a trend this fall, we’re loving Kevyn Aucoin’s Loose Shimmer Shadows in every color, but Kunzite and Sunstone are our top picks (yes, they were a summer offering but these two shades carry into fall perfectly). Both offer that coveted, glowing, gilded lid look without seeming overwhelming.

Happy fall shopping!


If It Doesn’t Move, Monogram It

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You may have heard your grandmother utter the adage, “If it doesn’t move, monogram it” and, back in the day, monogramming was reserved for needle-point art projects, throw pillows, wedding gifts, and the occasional suburban housewife’s button-down. But, as this fall has proven, monogramming isn’t strictly for household items anymore. In fact, it has become a must-have trend for a legion of stylish fashionista like Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo, and Poppy Delevingne.

As Brett Heymann, Founder and Creative Director of Edie Parker (the company responsible for the coveted bespoke acrylic clutch craze ), explains, “Fashion is a wonderful form of self expression. Personalization allows you to go one step further–to create something truly unique, and tell the world who you are.”

From Rag & Bone’s customized varsity jacket to Burberry’s monogrammed poncho, celebrities are clamoring over the  monogramed trend, proving that wearing your name on your sleeve is more than just a fad. If you can’t get your hands on these hot ticket items, here are our favorite alternatives.

MiH jeans offers a hand monogramming service on a variety of denim styles. Putting your significant others’ initials on their Phoebe Jean ($255) takes the term “boyfriend jean” to an entirely new level. For more clothing options, J. Crew monograms just about anything but we’re partial to this vintage style pajama set ($85) for a geek-chic sleeping ensemble.

If you prefer to personalize your accessories, there is no shortage to add your moniker to. Custom Del Toro smoking slippers ($455) come in a zillion options and practically scream luxury. To avoid someone grabbing your new iPhone 6 by accident, nothing says “MINE!” like your initials on a phone case. Minnie & Emma’s Black and White Initial Case ($59) is both minimalist and chic.

Every girl deserves at least one piece of jewelry with her initials emblazoned on it. Alex Woo specializes in necklaces that feature the most delicate and feminine letters. Put one together with your own name, or make your boyfriend happy and sport his. For your wrist, Auburn Jewelry hand makes enamel bracelets with your monogram-of-choice ($90).

Handbags can’t be left out of this personalization party, and Edie Parker knows how to make a customized statement. Their bespoke acrylic clutches ($1595-$1795) are adored by celebrities and socialites alike — check out fashion darling Anna Dello Russo (above) sporting one of their signature bags. During the day, a clutch can prove too small. GiGi New York makes a plethora of amazing leather accessories that you can emboss with your initials but we’re currently craving the Hayden Satchel ($495) in navy (the perfect day bag!).

Yes, your luggage and hand towels can still display your initials, but this season, opt for clothing and accessories that are uniquely you and slap a name on it!

Casey Sharbaugh currently resides in New York City working in the fashion industry. In her spare time, you can find Casey spinning, trying new beauty products, or browsing the city for the best ice cream cone. Find her on Twitter at @chs_psu

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