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Feed You Skin With Simple’s Dr. Segal

Simple Skincare‘s Consulting Dermatologist, Dr. Segal, lays down the law for what foods to eat to keep skin looking beautiful. She mentions hydrating from the inside – 8 glasses of water a day, or sub with watermelon and cucumber – as a vital step in maintaining the overall health of your skin. My personal favorite way to consume this amount of water is to add Vitamin C packets into my bottle. You get the hydration plus a surge of vitamins that will actually help boost your immune system.

Watch the video to discover what foods can actually cause skin irritation and breakouts (fast food lovers, beware!):

For more info on foods that keep skin healthy (and happy), click here. By browsing Simple’s product line, you can also see a range of cleansers, moisturizers and toners that can aid in skincare alongside your nutritional efforts. And let us know your favorite foods for a flawless complexion by leaving a comment below.

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