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Dr. Brandt – Perfect Skin Kit

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People spend hundreds of dollars at dermatologists, facialists, plastic surgeons – all in the hopes of “buying” a perfect complexion. I know I’ve fallen into the money trap, armed with the dream of problem-free, wrinkle-free skin.

Well, stop wasting your money! Dr. Brandt – an actual practicing dermatologist – has created a great little kit that offers you everything you need for perfect skin. The Discovery Kit contains the four products that will replenish your dull, stressed, over-tanned, broken-out, wrinkled mug!

What it contains:

* mini microdermabrasion instantly polishes away dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and radiant – 0.5 oz
* mini r3p- anti-aging formulation of three intense polypeptides, and potent antioxidants to refinish, replenish and retexturize your skin 0.5 oz
* mini laser tight– tighten and tone, leaving skin firm and improving elasticity. 0.5 oz
* deluxe size crease release targeted formula to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 0.25 oz

What it does:

  • diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • visibly smoothes and refines, leaving your skin radiant.
  • instantly tightens and tones your skin, while improving moisture and elasticity.

Price is $85.00 for the entire kit.

***I’ve got to be honest – I have very sensitive skin, so I don’t like to try many different products, but I totally trust this skincare line. Please follow instructions for your specific skin needs.

Have a favorite microdermabrasion product? Tell us!!! We’d love to try it!



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I’m usually pretty apprehensive about applying oils to my face… I already have enough natural oils! But when I received a sample of Superfoods Rx Complex Age Defying Serum, I promised myself – a month of the oil. And let me tell you, this stuff is genius! Not only did I not break out, at month’s end, my face was more firm, skin tone more even and I had an overall dewy look.

A word (or several…) from the company:
“SFRx™ Complex is a patented formulation that took years in the laboratory to develop. Containing l-ascorbic acid, this pure form of Vitamin C together with other antioxidants and whole-food based ingredients—or SuperFoods—was the key scientific breakthrough to developing an efficacious Vitamin C formulation with the power to produce the results you’re looking to achieve.

It feeds your skin with a patented complex of super nutrients. These vitamin-based antioxidants and other active ingredients are scientifically proven to help your skin look younger, softer and more radiant by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing collagen synthesis to protect your face and neck from future damage.”

So what does the serum really do? Well, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, reduces blemishes, improves skin firmness, protects from environmental damages, increases collagen production and restores natural moisture. Basically it injects your skin with a large dosage of vitamin c and important anti oxidants that feed your skin the same vitamins and nutrients that leave your body healthy too!

Our month is up, but we’re keeping this product in our daily face care regimen!



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I love starting out the week with a Weekly Must-Have!
And today’s must-have is major! How many of us fear magnifying mirrors because of those barely-there wrinkles next to our eyes and lips?
I know that I do!
Well, I have found a fab product that literally erases the “worry lines” (hey, I do not have wrinkles!)
Fresh Anise Wrinkle Eraser is God-Sent, literally! The product instantly fills in fine lines and wrinkles to visably reduce their appearance! It’s great to use before applying foundation of cover-up. Think of it as a line primer… you know, like the primer’s we use on our face to fill in those annoying pores – well, that’s what this product does to crow’s feet!

A word (or several…) from the company:

ANISE WRINKLE ERASER with hibiscus peptides is the latest advanced age-defying skincare introduction from Fresh Laboratories. This revolutionary topical filler is an alternative to dermatologist in-office filler injections. Smooth this colorless, weightless, skin smoothing formula over wrinkles around eyes, lips or any other facial area to instantly fill them in and reveal younger-looking skin. This daily quick-fix is scientifically proven to immediately reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles by 66% and also contains ingredients proven to have long term wrinkle-reducing benefits.”

So stop fretting magnifying mirrors and natural sun-light! Your skin can be flawless…
I’m wearing my wrinkle eraser every day… even to bed! And I’m obsessed!



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I have pretty sensitive skin, but I love to wear make-up. So, getting all the product off of my face can be somewhat of a feat..
I recently tried British favorite, Boots No7 4 in 1 Quick Thinking Wipes and I’m OBSESSED!
They get all of the make-up off in one quick wipe WITHOUT irritating my skin. I use it for face make-up and eyes! It’s fast and effective AND it doesn’t cause me to break out! And you know what I really love…. Seeing all of the crud on the wipe… it just makes me feel so damn clean!

I do, however, wash my face afterward with my trusty cetaphil anti-bacterial face bar.

To order the Boots 4 in 1 face wipes, CLICK HERE!
Also available at your local Target.
At $6.99 for a pack of 30, how can you say no?!


Feed You Skin What You Feed Your Body

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Natural, organic products is all the hype these days. We’ve always been a fan so we’re happy that the rest of the beauty industry is taking notice and catching on.
We’ve just discovered a great, new organic skincare company. Juice Organics is not only made up of certified organic ingredients, it also has a patent-pending organic juice base. What does this mean, you ask? They say, “All other skincare products use water as a base. Juice Organics uses an organic juice base formula naturally rich in potent antioxidants, essential vitamins, vital phytonutrients and powerful hydroxy acids.” Basically, you’re drenching your face with the same juices and antioxidants that you drink to give your body the proper vitamins and minerals!
The product system works like this:
STEP 1: Cleanse
STEP 2: Treat
STEP 3: Moisturize
It’s really as simple as three steps!
There are 2 seperate types of treatments – nourishing for dry, depleted skin and brightening for oily skin.
I’ve been using the brightening products for a couple of days now, and not only has my skin stayed break-out free, but it actually looks nourished, revitalized and happy! I’ve even told friends to start using asap as the products are so amazing AND well-priced (9 dollars for a cleanser, 15 dollars for a moisturizer).
I feel like my face just ate a vitamin-enriched meal!!! Well, it sort of did!
The products are also toxin-free, 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals!
So, if you’re looking for a new skin care regimine (I mean, what beauty whore isn’t?), try the juice organic products… I’m quite certain that your skin will thank-you!


100% Organic

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I’ve been wanting to do an organic post for awhile now – I was going to wait until Earth Day, but hey, going organic isn’t just a trend, it’s become a way of life. And now, more then ever, hundreds of companies are realizing just this.

Thanks to my incredibly well-informed fellow beauty whore and recent organic enthusiast, Alex Asher Sears, for her astute knowledge and constant testing of the best organic products on the market!

Here are Alex’s recommendations:
This Austrailian brand will start selling online to the US soon. For now, try Amazon or int’l sellers. The name is a bit misleading as it’s actually a spray. Refreshing and toning.
From site:
“Ethos is: 100% free from: artificial colourings, artificial fragrance, mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, Hypo allergenic, pH balanced, Not tested on animals, No animal content.”
Korres Camelia Milk conditioner
I love all things Korres but particularly their conditioners. Never heavy, always nourishing. or at Whole Foods and now Target
California Baby® Super Sensitive™ Shampoo & Bodywash
This is my favorite. Created for “babies, kids and sensitive adults” this shampoo is safe for chemically treated hair, soft on sensitive scalps and not only makes a great body wash it also is a non-drying face wash!

California Baby® I Love You™ Aromatherapy Bubble Bath
This bubble bath smells lovely and won’t dry out your skin.
From site:
“No fragrance, scent masking agents, clear formula chemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or DEA.” – or available at Target
METHOD bloq shave cream – eternal optimist | citron leaf
I am fussy about shaving creams as I am something of a pro at cutting myself while shaving. But this lotion is incredibly moisturizing and I have been nick-free.

Method bloq body wash
Also good. I think I’m just a sucker for cool packaging.
Pure Necessities Shea Butter Hand Foot Balms
My aunt turned me onto this local line a year ago and I fell in love with their shea butter. Smells fabulous and keeps my feet sandal ready year round. This company sells online but has a store in Westlake Village. and other sites but I generally get mine at Whole Foods.
Dr. Hauschka
Rose Day Cream
For dry, sensitive or mature skin
-I have to credit my grandmother for this one. She’s been devoted for years and buys three or four tubes at a time. I use it in winter when my skin needs more moisture. They’ve just released a lighter version which I may switch to.

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate
Add a dab of moisturizer or sunscreen for a subtle glow that looks natural. I thought a good bronzer would be a hard find but this is fabulous. I’m very fair but it’s ideal for all skin types. – drugstore find
Juice Organics Apple Exfoliating Peel – once a week for soft skin. This surprised me because I thought the stronger stuff I used would be hard to replace.
Juice Organics DAILY NOURISHING MOISTURIZER – I use this after the exfoliating peel as well.

Weleda Calendula Baby Cream
Makes a great face cream for adults with sensitive skin. Also worth checking out is their Skin Food for something a little more emollient.

Rosebud Salve isn’t an organic but it’s ingredient list rates low in toxicity with the environmental working group. It’s not perfect but close. A good reminder that using the EWG’s (to read more about the cosmetic database, CLICK HERE) is helpful in choosing the best products. I’m searching now for a great organic mascara. And since I pretty much think the world of mascara, this will be interesting….

Thanks to Alex for these incredible organic finds… I, for one, can’t wait to try them out!

And remember, organic is better for you and better for the environment! No toxins, no animal testing and no synthetic ingredients!

What are your favorite organic products? Leave a comment in the comment box below!

(above picture taken by Alex Asher Sears)



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For anyone who has ever suffered from acne, consistent break-outs, uneven skintone, age spots, freckles or any other skin condition, THIS POST IS FOR YOU!!!

For those who know me well, they’ll attest to the fact that I’m a bit of a skin freak. My dermatologist actually told me to find a new one. I’ve had three facials within three weeks. I spend countless hours searching the internet for that “perfect product” that will give me equally “perfect skin.” As a pre-teen, I stole my mother’s magnifying mirror (you know, the one that lights up and magnifies your pores times 100…) and didn’t leave my room for a week. Suffice it to say, mom confiscated that thing real quick…

It’s taken many years to understand (and be okay with the fact) that there really isn’t a miracle skin product that will make my face look like that of a porcelain doll. But I have found a product that comes pretty close!

Let me introduce to you an incredible product – MAMA LOTION! It’s a combination of Mandelic and Malic acid and it literally changes the texture and composition of your skin within weeks! I’ve been using the gel for 2 months and I can attest to this, first-hand.

A word (or several…) from the company:

This remarkable gel-lotion is the ultimate agent for those wanting to get more out of their anti-aging routines. This 20% AHA formulation contains 10% mandelic acid and 10% malic acid with a 2.5 ph. Because of the protective and moisturizing qualities of malic acid, this lotion takes about 10-15 minutes to fully sink into the skin. A bit sticky at first, the MaMa lotion will dry to an ultra smooth, glowing finish that will draw compliments throughout the day. Excellent for evening out pigmentation or softening feet and elbows as well.

During our extensive testing, we have seen the following improvements in patient’s skin:

– Evened Skin Tone, Including removing age spots & freckles
– Faded Acne Scars
– Significantly Reduced Acne Breakouts
– Tightened the Skin & Pores
– Shrunk or Eliminated Blackheads
– Reduced or Erased fine lines and wrinkles
– Significantly reduced the symptoms of Rosacea
– Faded Melasma.”

Click HERE to view the astounding before and after pictures….

This product will change your life!


Make-Up Banter with Sole Alberti…

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Make-up artist, Sole Alberti, did a fabulous job creating the flirty and sexy faces of Veronica and the V-Squad for my short film, I HEART VERONCIA MARTIN. She used the same high-school feel (sans the dew) to paint the face of awkward outcast, Darby.

(Sole Alberti (left) with Cameron Richardson/ Veronica Martin (right)

Below, read Sole’s step by step make-up application process and discover the products that she used!

“For the girls of I Heart Veronica Martin, I started off by using a light, oil free lotion with spf 30 by Dermalogica. I wanted to keep their lovely faces protected from the intense sun. I then used TruBlend foundation by COVERGIRL.

I wanted to give the girls a natural dewey look so I used COVERGIRL TruBlend Naturally luminous blush powder in pure romance. It creates a beautiful rouge on the apples of the cheeks with just the perfect amount of sparkle and shine. I then used natural tones on the eyes ranging from light browns to neutral pinks and beiges.

On their eyelashes, once they were curled, I applied the COVERGIRL Lash Exact waterproof mascara. They were doing a lot of cheering and dancing in the scorching heat, so I wanted to make sure the mascara did not run. It worked wonders! I was also very pleased with the wand of the mascara. It allowed me to get really close to the lash line and separate the eye lashes in the most fabulous fashion.

On their lips, I used a two step lip gloss by COVERGIRL Outlast Double Lip Shine in pink 205 and Clear 005 to give their lips extra shine.

For the cheering scenes, I used Clarins After Sun Moisturizing Spray all over their bodies for a natural shimmer and glow. In addition, I mixed water and glycerine to manufature that sexy, sweaty effect. After a long day, the girls still looked perfectly dewey and beautiful!

On Carla Gallo (Darby), who was not doing any cheering, I stuck to the same look I gave the other girls but kept the shine down and matted the colors a little bit. I wanted to create the effect that she was low maintenance with her look. Just very simple and casual. I used the same products but with a way lighter touch.

All in all the girls all looked amazing on and off screen. Since they were being shot in HD which picks up every pore, I made sure that the skin was very even. The foundation was great for that. I had to get in real close and make sure they were always perfect. They of course made my job very easy with their beautiful skin and glowing features!

GO V-SQUAD!!!!!”

(Veronica, V-Squad, Darby and the Director… ME!!!)

***Special thanks to Brent Poer who hooked us up with the Cover Girl Cosmetics. Without Brent, this movie would cease to exist! We Heart You, Brent!!!***


Yet Another Facial…

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After a long, hectic and sweaty shoot, my skin was begging for a deep cleanse. I opted for a facial at the highly recommended West Hollywood, The Face Place.
Celebs like Tom Cruise (insert Katie Holmes joke here), Michelle Pfeiffer and Renee Russo frequent the same place for the standard hour-and-fifteen-minute facial.

So what’s so fab about the facial?

They actually do things to my skin that I can’t do from home! Like the yucca-root soaked cotton strips that are placed all around my face (like a mummy) then topped with an archaic looking mask (a hole only in the center to breathe from) that is meant to serve as a sauna – bringing toxins and impurities to the surface.

Why not just use steam? Well, did you know that steam actually takes out the skin’s natural oils? It’s true! Thus, the sauna effect is more gentle to the face.

Then the facial expert (mine happened to be the lovely Marianne), does some extractions before soaking the face in a vitamin and anti-oxidant facial brew. Again, a mask is placed ontop… only, this time, the mask (very Hannibal Lecter looking) turns on and a wave of electric currents penetrate the skin.

It’s genius.

A word (or several…) from the company:

“Our clinical approach combines skilled extraction techniques and galvanic current to deliver improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer complexion. It is the original and most effective anti-aging treatment offered today. The galvanic current allows a powerful anti-aging solution to penetrate the skin providing optimum stimulation and regeneration of the facial tissues.”

This isn’t a feel good facial with a neck massage and a caviar face mask. This is the real deal – the differance between a Pinto and a Bentley!

If you want to give your skin a great gift, give it a facial from The Face Place.

P.S. A great tip – keep your skin hydrated after a facial… not moisturized. Hydration is completely different. It’s lighter and non-oily. I use The Face Place
Collagen Elastin Treatment. It’s delicious!



A Facial a Day…

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I finally used my Kate Sommerville Free Facial Card! The facial was incredible – if you live in, or around, the West Hollywood area, I urge you to try a facial immediately! I did the Purify Facial, a 35-45 minute treatment to clean the skin and rid it of impurities.

Here is my new cleansing regimine (given to me by my Kate Sommerville Skin Expert):

CLEANS: Purify Exfoliating Cleanser day and night
EXFOLIATE: Kate in a Jar 2 times a week for 30 seconds
MASK: Clearing Mask 1 time per week and as spot treatment when necessary
MOISTURIZE: Goat Milk Cream day and night
SUN CARE: Protect SPF 30 day

VITAMINS: (taken internally) Healthy Skin Formula – as directed

My two favorite products that were used on my skin were, Kate in a Jar and the Goat Milk Cream.

Kate in a Jar is like a mini facial in a bottle. Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, with this product you can have a bit of the Kate Sommerville experience. It left my skin completely restored and radiant (even despite the blotchy redness from extractions)! I felt like a new me… with new skin to boot! PRICE: $85.00 (and worth every penny!)

The Goat Milk Cream is a daily moisturizer packed with milk proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Goat milk helps to heal and nurture the skin while the amino acids soothe and condition. I have very sensitive, blotchy and oily skin. Some skin practitioners will tell you not to use a moisturizer but I disagree. Even with oily and acne prone skin, it is imperative that you condition the skin as to allow normal secreation of oil. If you dry out your face too much, the oil glands try and compensate thus creating more oil. This is why the break-out cycle continues. The Goat Milk Cream added the perfect amount of hydration to my face without looking shiny or feeling oily. I left the facial feeling renewed, despite the 35 minutes of prodding with my skin! I literally glowed! PRICE: $55.00

Check out the entire Kate Sommerville line byCLICKING HERE and discover the secret that has celebrities like Bo Derek, Kate Walsh and Kirsten Dunst glowing (literally)!

Have a favorite FACIAL? Let us know by emailing!


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