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Sabon Goes Organic

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I am a fanatic for Sabon body products. The souffle body cream may just be one of my favorite body treats of all time.

While beauty addicts everywhere are realizing the importance of organic skincare, Sabon has finally launched their organic line… and it’s pretty spectacular – and affordable. Given the coveted Ecocert Seal Of Approval ( 98.75% of the total ingredients are of natural origin), Sabon Organics are a must for eco-conscious bodies.

I tried the organic day cream and while I was a bit skeptical at first, my skeptism quickly turned into bliss when my face had that reinvigorated glow. The cream is heavy and while I’m not a fan of thick for my face, I found this particular moisturizer to completely penetrate, not leaving a thick layer or oily residue, and hydrate. Made with macadamia nut oil, the day cream smells and feels deliciously healthy and soothing. I’ve been using it every day and thus far, my skin has yet to have any sort of negative reaction (sigh!).

A word (or several…) from the company:
“The cream contains many fine organic ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, as well as other medicinal plants.These medicinal plants significantly slow down skin aging, help reduce wrinkles, contribute to the skin’s elasticity and vitality, and aid in tension reduction. Similarly, they protect against skin oxidation processes and allergic reactions. Their special abilities increase protection against UV-rays, and soothe irritable skin.”

If you’re super oily, I’d stay to steer clear, but if you have sensitive, combination or even dryer skin, this cream is for you. And the pretty, homemade packaging is a bonus.

Other organic products from the brand include a body scrub, body cream, face serum and hand and foot cream. For more info, click here.

PRICE TAG: $39.00

French Find: Crealine H2O

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Leave it to the French to sell bottled water specifically for the face… for over $15.00! But, wow, this stuff is awesome.

While most French beauty companies make a similar product, Bioderma’s Crealine H20 was the first of its kind. A face wash without the need for water. Apparently, Parisian water is harsh on Parisian complexions. Bottled face water/ solution is all the rave over in France.

Of course, I had to try the goods and I’m beyond impressed. Works impeccably as a makeup remover (safe for eyes too) and it actually does clean the skin. I poured a bit onto two cotton pads, rubbed each side of my mug and that was that. Clean skin, no irritation. The solution is soothing and emollient, soap-free, fragrance-free and PH neutral.

Fatty acid esters, both emulgatory and filmogenous, enables dirt to be emulsified and surface hydrolipidic film to be reconstituted, says the site.

Basically, this stuff is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin (not just Parisians), as it does everything that soap will do but without the harsh and drying effects of soap and water. The solution comes in two other formulas, one for very dry skin and the other for oily complexions.

Hey, the French have great skin. Consider this their best kept secret (or one of them)…


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While Sarah spends some time on the Atlantic, I’m planning a staycation this summer in LA. June totally snuck up on me (wasn’t it just February?) and though I’m ready to pull out the skirts and dresses that get me through triple digit weather, my skin isn’t so sure.

Most of the year I live by the mantra that “pale is the new tan.” While I wear SPF daily, my skin has a yellow undertone and given the chance will turn freckly and tan. I like a bit of color when the temperatures rise but I prefer mine in a bottle. I love, love, love Lancome’s Flash Bronzer Instant Colour Self-Tanning Leg Gel, which is a favorite amongst many, including Lucky Mag beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June who often raves about it. Why so great? First off, it’s tinted with a subtle shimmer, making it possible for me to actually get a faux tan without streaks or missed spots (is it possible, you ask? it is.). Second, it dries fast and develops a golden color that looks sunkissed not Sunkist. Even on the fairest of skin.

I always prep by exfoliating, then add a dab of Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly on knees, elbows, heels and cuticles. To maintain the color, I moisturize daily with Korres Yoghurt Body Butter. The result is a week of great summer color without the sun damage. Then it’s back to the bottle. The icing on the cake? Unlike many tanners this one is paraben free and scored pretty well for its eco-responsibility at The Good Guide (if you don’t know this site already, I suggest bookmarking it now). What’s not to love? xoalex.

4 Steps to Treating Acne

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With the success of Proactiv, it seems like every skincare company is trying to duplicate the few easy steps to healthy skin routine. I’ve tried and tested many of them – Murad, Juice Beauty, Clean & Clear, to name a few – and some work, most don’t. Then I came across Pevonia. I’d never heard of the brand but I liked the ingredients – a focus on organics, when possible – and paraben and fragrance-free. So, instead of smelling medicinal, these products smell citrusy!

The Spa Teen Blemished Skin line is a little misdirecting. Yes, it is for teens with problem skin, but it works just as well for adults, too.

Here’s what you get:
Exfoliant Cleanser

The cleanser has tiny exfolliants from walnut shell extract Instead of using harsh ingredients like alcohol, Pevonia’s toner has witch hazel. The blemished moisturizer contains Organic Benzoyl Peroxide and Organic Salicylic Acid – both are acne-fighting ingredients although some people are weary of benzoyl – but also has citrus and flower oils to soothe the skin. The Blemish-B-Gone stick is a quick zit zapper – you only need to apply to infected areas. It contains Organic Benzoyl Peroxide and Organic Salicylic Acid to counteract bacteria, preventing future breakouts and hyperpigmentation.

My 2 criticisms are as follows: The exfoliant cleanser smells very harsh – but it’s really gentle and easy on the skin so I’m not quite sure what ingredients are giving it that soapy aroma. Second, the packaging is quite obtrusive and juvenile. I don’t need the entire world (a.k.a. the people who venture into my bathroom) knowing that I am fighting acne loud and proud (with eye-blinding neon green container tops).

Other than that, I’m really liking these products! They’re quick, easy and effective without over-drying or irritating my skin. In fact, when I’m done with my daily routine, my face feels smooth and rehydrated.

5 Reasons To Shop In This Recession

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The economy may still be tanking, but we need to get in there a recirculate the money, ladies! Here are 5 ways to start (and keep your skin beautiful!)….

1. Moving into Spring, flawless skin is a must. MAC’s newest Studio Sculpt with SPF 15 is a gel-based foundation and a sunscreen all in one! Try going a shade darker than your actual complexion for an added hint of color (more natural than a bronzer). $28.00

2. L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Pore Minimizer Skin Re-Smoother will help to even out skin tone, reduce pores and the appearance of lines and wrinkles for an overall clearer complexion. It’s a cream worthy of hundreds of dollars, but it retails for a cool $19.99. Loves it!

3. LaLicious Body Oil in Coconut Cream can double as a moisturizer AND tanner (although Beauty Banter highly recommends using an SPF when catching rays). At the very least, the oil will make skin appear tanner and leaner! The yummy coconut smell has summer sun written all over it. Skin will smell fresh and feel so spectacularly soft! I use it after the bath, and apply to wet skin for even added hydration. $24.00

4. Clinique’s Comfort on Call is a creamy balm that relieves parched skin. It’s great for severely dry areas – you can use it on your face, but I like to use it on my knees and elbows as those places are the most dry. It’s fragrance free and won’t irritate sensitive skin (in fact, the balm is rather soothing!). Great for shielding skin from harsh weather and pollutants. $39.50

5. Moisturizer with SPF is essential. Pur~lisse’s Pur-Protect is lightweight and nourishing. It absorbs quickly without leaving a white residue, protects against UVA and YVB rays and soothes sensitive skin (like mine!) thanks to the White Tea. I love how soft it leaves my skin. You can use alone or layer on top of a thicker face moisturizer. $55.oo

5 Reasons to Shop…. 5 Ways to Beautify Your Skin…
What products are YOU willing to shell out the cash for?

Dry Skin RX

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From the lips of fellow beauty whore, Di Gaeta….

“The season has moved in to dull, dry winter and so has my skin. I have incredibly parched skin, I can actually slather Eucerin on my face and not break out! So, as the designated Dry Skin product tester, I was excited when Sarah gave me a line called PUR-LISSE. The line obviously encompasses a wide range of products for all skin types but I cannot say enough about the PUR-MOIST and The PUR-YOUTH PRESERVE.

The PUR-YOUTH is a thick, silky serum that glides on the skin like velvet and really coats it. It’s heavy in the best way, like a cashmere full-length wrap for your face. It has incredibly pure ingredients and gets its effectiveness from blue lotus, lupine peptides, sea silk, soy proteins and white tea. It is loaded with Vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil. I kid you not, I think it literally erased ANY tiny lines on my face.

The PUR-MOIST is the hydra balance moisturizer and it is the perfect companion to the PUR-YOUTH. Think of it as your furry earmuffs and scarf. It has the same main ingredients as the serum and together they will absolutely solve ANY dry skin woe. I can’t stress enough how comfortable these product are.

So, in the end, Miss Howard has once again introduced me to a small skin miracle and I am in proud possession of perfect PUR skin.”

To view the entire line, click here.

Victoria’s Secret Goes Green… Finally!

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Victoria’s Secret is hopping on the green wagon and all we can say is, “It’s about time!” Their newest body collection, Pink, is organic, 100% vegan and eco-friendly. Even the packaging is made from Post Consumer Recycled materials, with limited inks and dyes and removable labels.

The Pink collection came about after months of research where the Victoria’s Secret research team spoke to hundreds of ladies across the country to find out what’s important to them in their products.

Funny thing is: I WAS ONE OF THOSE GIRLS! And it looks like they listened because I said going green was and is very, very important! We only have one earth, you know?!

Here are the deets:

4 collections
Energizing – a wake up call for your skin, packed with organic citrus and mint.
Nourishing – leaves skin feeling super soft and moisturized with organic Shea butter.
Soothing – hypoallergenic and infused with organic soy milk and oat extract
Essentials – everything essential for beautiful skin

Products include lotions, body washes, sugar scrub, foot cream, shaving cream, lip butters, hand cream and more.

Pink is available now!

P.S. How cute and girly is the packaging? It reminds me of Kiehl’s but with more… pink! I’d say that this is a step in the right direction for Victoria’s Secret.

Thanks for listening, VS!

Best Of V-Day

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Oh, the dreaded holiday for the single set!

February 14 is my least favorite day of the year. But for those hopeless romantics celebrating love, here are a few exclusive Valentine’s Day products to keep you looking (and feeling) sexy:

Nars’ Love Set – includes Pillow Talk Lip gloss, Sex Machine Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and Orgasm Blush. Now, if only your sex life could be this exciting! $49.00 at

Ramy Beauty Therapy Lip Oils – A favorite of stars like Brooke Sheilds and Julianne Moore, these oils will soothe dry, chapped lips with an added hint of mint, orange or rose flavor… how do you want your kiss to taste? $18.00

Stila Paint Your Pout Red Talking Lip Palette – Nothing says, “f@#$” me like a come-hither red pout. This new quad of lippies let you control the red factor… feeling Bettie Page sultry red or Cameron Diaz fire engine red? $45.00

Molton Brown’s Heavenly Gingerlily Shimmer Oil – Golden skin with just the slightest hint of shimmer… is there anything sexier? Maybe rubbing oil all over each other’s naked bods. Even for us single folk, smooth skin is always in. $45.00

The new Venus Spa Breeze Razor – No man wants to caress the leg of his lady only to find stubles instead of smoothness. The new Venus has built-in shave gel bars eliminating the need for messy shaving cream! It’s pink and pretty and bends with the contours of your body making it virtually nick proof! I love when shaving is made simple (cause I loathe to shave!)$10.99

Happy V-Day, ladies! May the sex be just as great as the love!

Japan’s Favorite Moisturizer!

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The Japanese have fabulous skin… hydrated, poreless, even complexion… genetically blessed!

I’ve come across the Japanese version of our Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and I’m loving it! is a versatile moisture cream used to treat chapped lips, split cuticles, cracked heels, dry hands, calluses… you get the point.

It’s glycerin based so it hydrates, soothes and smooths. The company claims that it is “the #1 selling medicated, vitamin-enriched skin cream in Japan.” I’m not sure if that’s an entirely truthful statement but I will say this, the cream works! It absorbs quickly and lasts for hours. I’ve been carrying the tube in my purse and have used it for everything from my lips to nourishing my split ends!

The only downfall of the cream: The initial scent is very reminiscent of Ben Gay. It’s a little brutal, but the smell evaporates after a few minutes. It also tingles slightly, but I love that!

Formula comes in chapstick and skin cream, body polish and body lotion too!

PRICE TAG: $15.00

5 Steps to Winter Relief

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No matter how much lotion I slab on my skin, or how much conditioner I run through my hair, this Winter weather is taking a toll on my beauty!

So, in the spirit of cracked skin and dry hair, I’ve put together a quick 5-step guide to Winter relief:

Use a deep conditioner every time you shower – Yes, deep conditioners are usually meant for Sunday evenings, but a little extra moisture (too much and all over will weigh down your hair!) on the tips of your hair will help combat dead ends and frizzies. Try JLife’s Drench Intensive Conditioner. It replenishes and strengthens the hair follicle and I love it!

Mix in a body oil with your body moisturizer – Oils rapidly hydrate dehydrated skin. For double the moisture use both an oil and a lotion. I’m loving the Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil. It leaves skin hydrated and silky smooth and also has a delicious tropical smell (I heart the mango scent).

Balm up! – A versatile lip and skin balm will do wonders to those cracked, calloused areas. It’s more intense than a basic lotion or chapstick and a good one will nourish and protect all day long. My current favorite is RMS Beauty’s Organic Lip & Skin Balm. It’s scentless, made with all natural and organic materials, comes in a sleek container, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Exfoliate skin AND face bi-weekly – Winter has a tendency to leave our complexion a little lackluster. A good exfoliator will bring the brightness out of the bleak… and it readies the new skin to accept and absorb the balms, potions and lotions! For the body, I’m currently digging The Body Deli Botanical Butter Scrub in Coconut Cream (yes, I’m OBSESSED with this line). The scrub is soft while still getting the job done. It’s loaded with shea butter, Cocoa and Virgin Coconut Oils to add extra hydration. The coconut smells rich, not tropical, so it’s a perfect scent for Winter — and it feels like cake batter which is always fun.

When all else fails, Aquaphor to the rescue! – With so many uses, you really can’t go wrong. I carry a tube in my purse, one in my car, and I keep a tub of it next to my bed. I slather it on my hands, feet, knees, elbows, lips and cuticles, under my nose when my poor little sinus’ are runny… you get the picture. And don’t be afraid to use it on your face if you are seriously cracked! My mom uses it for her mug and she’s got tres tres youthful looking skin!

Do YOU have a great Winter Relief secret? Let us know below!

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