Review: Nurse Jamie’s Instant Uplift Face Massaging Wand


Review: Nurse Jamie’s Instant Uplift Face Massaging Wand

Can a face massage actually combat fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin? The short answer is yes, yes it can. While we’ve been inundated with a variety of nip-and-tuck procedures, lasers, ultra-sounds, anti-aging creams, and other such gizmos and gadgets that promise a more youthful complexion, it seems as though the age-old secret face massage has gotten lost in the mix.

We first discussed this simple, painless, and affordable treatment here, highlighting the Tatcha Akari Gold Face Massager tool and how to give yourself a five minute, anti-aging facial massage. If you’ve been keeping up on the daily, then your complexion is likely a few years younger (fist pump to you!). But for the rest of us, let this post serve as a reminder: A daily facial massage works! How? As Tatcha Skincare’s founder Vicky Tsai explained, it “promotes microcirculation by bringing fresh blood to the skin, spiriting away fine lines, brightening the eyes, and creating a glowing complexion.” Yes, please!

We recently tried out celeb-favorite Nurse Jamie’s Instant Uplift ($69) face massaging wand (Khloe Kardashian swears by this tool), and, in one word, we’re obsessed! This genius beauty wand “utilizes a unique rhythmic rolling action, replicating the techniques used in my signature facials at our exclusive spas to help improve the appearance of skin tone for a more renewed, youthful-looking you!” You don’t need any fancy creams or battery-operated devices to get this thing working for you. In fact, it’s so simple, you can spend 10-minutes a day rolling away – I do it while watching TV – and see results.

Nurse Jamie suggests rolling over each section of your face for 30-45 seconds. Roll in an upwards and outwards motion, starting at the jaw up toward the cheekbone to lift sagginess. Roll from the nape of your neck upwards toward your chin to relax those pesky neck lines. Use below the eyes, going from inner eye to temple to release toxins and aid in alleviating puffiness and dark circles. For forehead lines, simple roll upwards, staring at the brow to the hairline, and repeat across the entire forehead. If you’re like me and TMJ has given your jaw a workout, then a quick massage starting at your chin and moving across the jawline up to your temple on each side will not only relieve the tension, but also tighten the complexion.

The wand is supposed to be a recreation of Nurse Jamie’s actually finger placement when she gives a personalized face massage, so if you roll the wand on your skin, you’re kinda/sorta getting the same treatment that she gives to her A-list clients. Immediately after rolling, you may be a bit red – and that’s okay – but after the redness subsides, your complexion will instantly look tighter and lifted, emitting a youthful, gorgeous glow. It literally sculpts skin into model-like contours and bone structure, all while relaxing any sign of lines.

To think you can give yourself a mini face lift while watching TV? Mind. Blown.

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  • Alexis Towle

    I keep telling myself that I will buy this as soon as I have money. Great product to get the blood flowing in the face.


  • E-Mac

    But what is the science behind it? Why is this any better than using my hands for a manual massage or the Jade roller? why tourmaline? Massage is amazing but until I can find any science behind why this tourmaline roller is vastly different, it’s just more snake oil at a hefty, unreasonable price.

    • Beauty Banter

      The rivets in the wand are strategically placed to act like nurse Jamie’s finger tips massaging your skin. It’s just a more effective facial massage. And facial massage helps to detox skin and get the blood flowing.

      • Kasia

        Thanks for the reply – I understand the marketing sell – but they’re not “strategically placed” they’re just even spaced on the roller – and i’m looking for evidence as to how or why this works better than fingertips when it’s designed to actually replicate finger tips. I understand what facial massage does for the skin – I just am amazed people think this would be more beneficial than their own hands every day doing the same thing – but better.

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