Makeup Bag:
Purple Fashion Magazine’s Caroline Gaimari

“I’ve been living in France for 10 over ten years, working at Purple Fashion magazine for almost nine. I am the fashion director of the magazine and the director of …

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With summer comes some particularly fetching braided hairstyles. Take, for example, the braided cobweb updo that Kate Bosworth wore (more like, murdered) at the launch of her new Style Thief …

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What Would Jane Wear?

Playing dress up was one of my favorite past times in grade school. Transforming myself into different characters by merely changing my dress or shoes was exhilarating. Even now when …

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Products From Our Past – And Their 2014 Counterparts

Remember being a kid, roaming the aisles of your nearest drugstore? How could you forget those candy colored tubes, bottles, and applicators? While our tastes have most certainly matured, some …

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Bathing Beauty:
Suits’ Meghan Markle

Actress Meghan Markle is an undeniable beauty. Her good looks can be attributed to her swoon-worthy raven locks, chestnut brown eyes, and sculpted cheekbones that would make even a seasoned …

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