The List:
Fashion Week Beauty Essentials

Hobnobbing with fashion’s elite can be exhausting. There are shows to attend, events to pop into, and drinks to be drunk. But you can get through the grueling schedule with …

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Makeup Bag:
Dior Beauty’s Dianne Vavra

“I first realized my love for color when I was five. My mom enrolled me in a class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that focused on stained glass. I’m …

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No. More. Antiperspirant. Ever.

By now, I’m sure you’re aware that antiperspirant/ deodorant combos are really, really bad for you. But just in case you are still using antiperspirant, let’s recap. Goggle the effects …

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10 Of The Very Best Beauty Hacks

I love a good beauty hack (but then again, who does’t?). From multipurpose products to household items that work just as well – if not better – than expensive store-bought …

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Outfit Change:
Labor Day Looks For Every Destination

Even if your Labor Day weekend plans won’t look quite like Karlie Kloss’ skinny bikini-clad barbecue above, you can certainly make sure you feel just as fabulous with a fashionable …

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