Shine Bright Like A Diamond:
Best Highlighters For Fall (And Beyond)

We’re all on a quest for perfectly glowing skin from within. Unless you were seriously blessed in the genetic lottery of complexions, you’re going to need a hefty product to …

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Acne in Winter and How To Avoid Breakouts

You may find it strange that you still break out during the colder months. I know that I do (break out, and find it odd). My job allows me the …

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Hot Rollers

Chances are, you have memories of your grandmother “setting” her hair with her beloved hot rollers. This old school beauty tool has been used by women since the days of …

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No Surgery Necessary:
10 Ways To Reduce Wrinkles Today

Youth is no longer reserved solely for the young. With an influx of treatments and procedures promising to make us look like our teen selves, it’s no surprise that we …

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Makeup Bag:
Stephanie LaCava

“In terms of beauty, I’m not so into super polished looks. I like something a little natural, a bit wild, and quirky. That kind of look works with me as …

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