Model Dree Hemingway’s DIY Healthy Hair Tips

Just in time for summer, super sexy model, Dree Hemingway, offers up her exclusive Do-It-Yourself tip for keeping hair healthy while still enjoying optimal outdoor time.

“I put olive oil and sunscreen in my hair when I’m at the beach. It saves my ends from getting damaged and ends up saving me from expensive treatments when I return to reality,” says  Dree.

 While sun and swim are enjoyable recreational activities, the sun and saltwater can take a huge toll on hair and skin. UV rays can damage the hair shaft, cause split ends and oxidize color-treated hair, while salt water immediately dries out those luscious locks by depleting their natural oils and making them appear lifeless and dull. And all of this damage can cost you unnecessary amounts of money in salon treatments and specialty products needed to repair the harm.
You can avoid the salon trips and protect your hair from the harsh effects of sun damage, including oxidation and breakage, by applying sunscreen to your strands prior to exposure. Olive oil is a natural and inexpensive moisturizer that penetrates the hair, restoring shine, luster and hydration lost from extended exposure to sun and salt water.
While both sunscreen and olive oil will help maintain the health and sheen of your tresses, there’s nothing like a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun’s rays entirely off of your hair and face.
Obsessed with the traditional Panama straw hat. ($98) I wear them constantly in the summer. Fashionably sun aware.
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  1. Georgie
    May 30, 2013

    I was always told that olive oil would cook my hair so it’s interesting to hear otherwise. I’ll probably try that this summer!

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