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Christmas Is Coming Early…

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We adore a good Holiday collection over here at Beauty Banter. Holiday Collections mean that Christmas is just around the corner, and Christmas means that the weather is getting cooler, the air is getting muskier and the days are getting shorter! Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the sun too – but there’s just something so… cozy about Christmas time!

Here are a couple of our favorite products from a couple of our favorite companies (to view the entire collection, click the company heading):

Smashbox Beyond Beauty Holiday 2007
Smashbox is ALL about fresh and clean. We’re loving the Beyond Beauty Fusion Eye & Cheek Palettes: 8 neutral eye and cheek colors that can be worn alone or blended together!

Stila Dazzle & Dream
Stila has made the make-up process as simple as a single compact! Guinevere’s Deluxe Palette and Scarlett’s Deluxe Palette both include 3 eyeshadows, a blush and a lip gloss. And it comes wrapped in a gorgeous Swarovski decorated case! We love the Guinevere’s Deluxe Palette – a combination of warm golds, apricots and peaches! And they all shimmer like the ornaments on a Christmas tree!

Nars Holiday 2007
Golds and apricots for the eyes, crimson for the lips (this collection reminds me of a pumkin patch!) The Balthazar Duo Eyeshadow pairs a burned yellow with a pumpkin pie colored orange. But my favorite product in this collection is the Viridiana Lipstick. A dark, blood-red hue reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and perfect for that special Holiday party!

Bobbi Brown Metallics
Silver and blue shimmers for the eyes with pale lips. The Midnight Metallics eye palette has 3 shimmering shades – white, silver and blue. We’re feeling the white, all over the eye, with a dark black liquid liner. Very snow flake…


Matte is Back… with a TWIST!

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Lipsticks come in many forms – frost, gloss, matte – and beauty enthusiasts love them all!

MAC has recently debuted their new and improved line of matte lippies, MAC Mattene!

Why do we like matte? Well, matte creates a smooth canvas, fills in lines and lasts much longer then gloss! And the mattene’s create the same matte look without the dry matte feel… silicone and waxes provide a silky moisture! Did we mention the new cases? Well, let’s just say they’re sleek – like the lippy inside! (long, thin blackness… loving it!)

The Colors:

Poise – Clean yellow pink (Semi-Matte)
Composure – Neutral bronze plum (Semi-Matte)
Flattering – Beige pink (Semi-Matte)
Café Matte – Rich caramel (Semi-Matte)
Orange Dare – Bright yellow orange (Semi-Matte)
Seriously Rich – Bright pink red (Semi-Matte)
Immodest – Bright magenta (Semi-Matte)
Night Violet – Deep purple grape (Semi-Matte)
40’s Pink – Neutral mid-tone dirty pink
All Grown Up – Deep chocolate brown
Tango – Dirty coral
You Say Tomato – Tomato red
Classic Dame – Blood red
Rapturous – Deep red berry
Powersuit – Vibrant clean yellow pink
Rougette – Wine berry

Beauty Banter picks: Classic Dame (for night), Composure, Cafe Matte and Flattering!

Available in stores October 4th.

Also check out the new Matte2 eyeshadows – bold colors, non-creasing, smooth application, matte texture – and they stay on all day!


Chanel IS Essential…

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Chanel is timeless (and essential!). I’ve been dying for a Chanel bag for ages now. It’s actually on my “things I must do before I’m 30” list… BUY CHANEL BAG. It’s sort of like one of those female rites of passage…

Well, a Chanel bag may be a bit of a splurge (as in like, not eating for a month…) but the new Chanel compact, well, that’s a little more attainable.

The Collection Essentielle De Chanel Multi-Use Make-Up Palette is both glamourous and essential. In one easy compact comes four eyeshadows, four lip colors and one blush! And it’s a combination of Chanel’s best selling colors (you know, those gorgeous nudes and browns that have made the cosmetic line so famous)! Could we ask for anything more?!

The compacts come in two tones: Lumière Naturelle and Lumière Soleil, both are limited editions.

And at $85.00 per compact, it would be a sin not to snatch up one of each! After all, even Chanel make-up is timeless….


The Make-Up Break Down…

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…How to achieve the look in 5 simple steps, that should take NO LONGER then 10 minutes… MAX!

Hair-crazed Jenny was in town this weekend and I decided to do a quick and easy make-over on her! She liked – LOVED – it so much that she immediately went out to buy the products!

Keep it simple. Combine a bronzer, moisturizer AND coverage.
My Picks: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer with a dab of Clinique True Bronze Bronzing Gel in Sunlit Bronze. If you need more moisture, add a dollop of your favorite moisturizer – more coverage, add a bit of your favorite foundation. Then mix all of the products in your hand and apply to face like you would a face moisturizer!
The Look: Flawless complexion with a hint of hue!

It’s all about adding just the right amount of color AND highlight.
My Picks: A dab of MAC Ablaze and a dab of MAC Northern Exposure. I dab each together (even amounts) on the brush and then apply. Obviously, work with the product to see what looks best on your skin-tone.
The Look: These colors work great with just about any skin tone – some people may need more of the highlighter (Northern Exposure) and less of the bold color (Ablaze). The look is natural and healthy!

Too much eye make-up tends to leave a person looking like the victim of a fist fight. My eye make-up routine is quick in that you use a base color and play with a couple of other colors as “crease colors” just on the outer corners of your eyes! I highly suggest buying some sort of eye shadow trio or quad. It makes the guessing work virtually nonexistant. All of the colors WILL work together!
My Pick: MAC’s Smoking Eyes Eye Shadow 4. Work the lightest shade over the entire eye lid. Then combine a dab of the two darker shades on the brush and apply to the crease and/ or outer corner. You never really need to use the darkest color unless you want to line your eyes or you are going to a black tie affair and feel the need for some drama(tic) eyes!
The Look: A more natural take on the smokey eye.

**4** And for mascara, CLICK HERE
to read my extensive mascara coverage. Just choose a brand that works for you. You don’t wanna have to spend hours in front of the mirror seperating your lashes or creating volume and length. The right mascara will do this with one stroke of it’s wand! As for color, I say always choose BLACK! Black makes everyone’s eyes pop!

There are so many colors and products to choose from, most promising the same exact thing: BIGGER LIPS! Here’s my take – pick a hue that works for YOU, not one that is “of the now.” Don’t go too dark or too light. Something in the middle, without too much frost, usually does the trick. And if you want bigger lips, line the middle of the top and bottom lip with a NUDE pencil, blend it, then apply your favorite lippy.
My Picks: MAC Lustre Barely Lit with Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit. Finding YOUR color is all about layering!
The Look – Natural mauve with a hint of shine!

What’s YOUR look? Tell us in the comment box!



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I don’t know many girls who don’t wear mascara. It’s sort of like a rite of passage – I’m a woman, thus I can coat my lashes with a black (or brown… or any other relevant color) paste that will elongate my lashes and dramatize my eyes. Some guys think that mascara is a rite of passage for them as well, but that’s an entirely different post.

Nothing makes me happier then a great mascara!

So, today, I’m gonna banter on the real deal with some of these mascaras!

Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara:
Claim to Fame – Thickening and volumizing
How it REALLY works – It volumizes but it doesn’t really thicken. In fact, I sort of felt like it gooped instead.
Rating – 7 out of 10

Diorshow Mascara:
Claim to Fame – Super volumizing, lengthening and curling
How it REALLY works – Definately does all three. Loved this mascara until my lashes seemed to become immune. Also, not keen on the brush. It made it a tad hard to get close to the lash line.
Rating – 8 out of 10

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara:
Claim to Fame – Oversized brush builds sexy, thick lashes
How it REALLY works – Oversized brush is two fold – it does make the lashes thicker but, again, it makes it hard to get close to the lash line, and it doesn’t lengthen like Diorshow. I do like the blackness of this mascara though.
Rating – 8 out of 10

Tarte Lights, Camera. Lashes:
Claim to Fame – Adds volume, length, curl and shine
How it REALLY works – This mascara definately extended my lashes, made them bold and camera ready. The wand makes it easier to get into the lashline and really work on those timy little hairs on both corners.
Rating – 9 out of 10

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara:
Claim to Fame – Instant volume lengthens lashes and curls them
How it REALLY works – Does lengthen but the gooey residue left behind is practically unmanageable. I spent so much time trying to seperate my lashes that I couldn’t really enjoy the length of them! But, hey, if you like goopey lashes, this is a great mascara!
Rating – 7 out of 10

L’oreal Double Extend Lash Extender & Magnifier:
Claim to Fame – 2 step – Basecoat extends, Black coat magnifies. 60% longer lashes. Smudgeproof.
How it REALLY works – It sure does magnify! As long as you follow step 1, the basecoat, which can seem a little tedious, this mascara will elongate your lashes like you’ve never seen! I, however, did find the process to be a tad messy, so you’ve got to take your time and be precise!
Rating – 9 out of 10

Prescriptives Here to Stay 24-Hour Longwear Mascara:
Claim to Fame – Lasts 24 hours, waterproof.
How it REALLY works – I have never, in my entire beauty obsessed life, found a mascara that really does stay on for 24 hours! This one does… and even after washing you face, a tiny coat still remains. Great for sleepovers with that special person. Also, wand is plastic (ya!!), thus it allows easy access to the lash line, creating longer, divided lashes!
Rating – 9 1/2 out of 10

Have a mascara that I did not mention? Review it and email your results to!



Make-Up IS Forever…

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Fall 2007. Make-Up For Ever. Purples, lots of eggplants and lilacs.

I have a soft spot for Make-Up Forever… I find their stardust powders (especially the gold) to be irriplaceable and the Liquid Lift Foundation (in number 2) to be one of the best foundations I have ever put on my mug.

So, it’s no surprise that their Fall 2007 line is bold and brilliant. I had the pleasure of trying the diamond eyeshadow in 311 – a burgandy mauve with copper shimmer, and the Aqua Creamliner in 5, a deep plum hue. Together, they look super powerful. The great thing about Make-Up Forever products is that you put them on in the morning and they stay put through out the day.

If bold is what you’re looking for, look no further. Make-Up Forever has again suceeded in creating powerful make-up that transcends beauty!


When Fashion and Beauty Collide… Part Deux

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Here’s and update from Lancome chief make-up artist, Gucci Westman, of her time at fashion week, New York.

(click on image to enlarge and read)

I love that Gucci tells us exactly what products she used to achieve the look (and i love that her name is Gucci!!!)…

Also, in more Lancome news, fashion designer Peter Som teams with Lancome’s Gucci Westman to create a new lip stick… P.S. Kiss, debuted just days ago at Peter’s runway show in NYC! This lippy will be available October 1st at a Lancome counter near you…

This color is awesome – the perfect fall hue for a bold lip with nothing more…
Here I am, trying to rock the color!

A word (or several…) from the company:
““My fall collection was all about rich textures and deep saturated colors – P.S. Kiss is the perfect bold stroke to go with the clothes, but it is still elegant and easy,” says Peter. Backstage at Bryant Park on the day of the show, Gucci and her team painted P.S. Kiss onto the lips of Coco Rocha, Chanel Iman, Jessica Stam and the other top models walking in Peter’s show.”



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OBSESSED! The one word that explains my current excitement and happiness over my new lip gloss. OBSESSED!

Physicians Formula New Plump Potion Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail is exactly the type of lippy I like. The casing is cool, the wand is bristled instead of foam, the gloss is shiny without being sticky and it plumps my plucker without the “bee sting” pain!

A word (or several…) from the company:

“Get fuller, plumper looking lips, needle-free in 60 seconds!
Lip plumping lacquer formulated with a high-tech cocktail of non-irritating ingredients to transform lip’s appearance, contour, size and color so they look and feel fuller, smoother, sexier.
3x Plumping Effect: 1) Instant Plumping Effect 2) Instant Hydrating & Smoothing Effect 3) Younger, Smoother & Fuller Looking Lips with continued use.”

The lippies come in 5 brilliant shades and a clear gloss (6 all together) and retails for a nice $8.95.

I have 3 of them: Nude, Pink and Rose and I alternate between the three.



The Blues…

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Today’s been a rather dull day thus far. Woke up to “that time of month” and a nice little pimple on my chin (just in case the bed-ridden cramps wasn’t enough of an indicator…).

So, I’ve decided that if I were a color, today I’d be blue!

MAC Cosmetics has come out with yet another new product! Painterly are pots of cream eye shadows. Available in 12 bold colors, Painterly hits MAC counters nationwide this month but will stay a part of the permanent collection.

What the heck is painterly, you ask?
Straight from the mouths of the MAC genius’s, “A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. The next generation of a popular M·A·C formula, Paint Pots maintains all the intense traits of its inspiration. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.”

How do you wear painterly, you ask?
Well, Senior MAC make-up artist, Fatima Thomas says this to beauty banter:
“Paint Pots, being creamy, are best applied with a firm, flat brush like
MAC’s #252. Start by loading the brush with a small amount of product,
blend it on the lid starting at the lash line, moving up and out. Or use
Paint Pot as a liner using the #266 brush. I love using them as a base
for powder shadows as well.”

Deleft, a deep teal frost with gold pearl, is the perfect blue that I’ve been craving!!!

I’m gonna try it tonight and have pics up tomorrow!

Until then, check out the entire new Painterly line by CLICKING HERE. The colors are brazilliant!

CLICK HERE to find out how to wear blue eyeshadow without looking like you have a black eye!



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Leave it to MAC Cosmetics to invent such a thing as 3D lip gloss. That’s the new MAC, limited edition line, IN 3D, 12 new lipglass glosses and 9 new lipglass pencils.
I had the pleasure of testing the 3D gloss, and let me tell you, my lips were pretty f*^%ing 3 dimensional! And super shiny! But without that sticky, gooey feel!

Here’s how it works:

“A combination of Xirona pearls and extreme glass shine gives lips a three dimensional look. Lightweight oild with vitamins A, C & E give moisture and emolliency to the lips.”

3D Glass Colors:
Racy: Sheer cherry red with pink and red pearl
IN 3D: Sheer peachy pink with blue pearl
Optical: Warm caramel brown with pink pearl
Synched Up: Creamy tan with pink and white pearl
Energy: Sheer baby pink with white and pink pearl
Algorithm: Sheer dusty rose with light pink pearl
Touchpoint: Sheer blue mid-tone pink with blue pearl
Lightswitch: Sheer metallic pink with white pearl
Backlit: Soft white gold with yellow and white pearl
Wondershine: Warm tangerine with gold and red pearl
Apex: Sheer orange with green pearl
Boundless: Intense pinky red with soft blue pearl

$14.00 each.

So the common theme here is “pearl” thus lips are left sparkling. I suggest using alone OR over your favorite lipstick for an added hint of color and shine. As always, I love to layer all of them together!!! TOUCHPOINT is my current choice for everday wear!

What are your favorite colors?


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