MAC Blush LOVE ROCK Rocks My Cheeks

By March 27, 2009 26 Comments

MAC Blush LOVE ROCK Rocks My Cheeks

I told you I was on a hunt for the perfect Spring blush…. Here’s another one of the contenders.

As part of the 3 amazing spring collections launched by MAC, Grand Duos was created. Basically, it’s two mineralize blushes in one compact – great for mixing to concoct your own hue.

I’m obsessed with LOVE ROCK. It’s half magenta pink and half berry purple. Combined, it’s a gorgeous shade of flushed cheeks… the look of a lady in love (hence the name, we assume).

This is a great Spring blush choice – it goes fabulous with a golden tan and still looks stunning with an au natural pale complexion. I like to use almost equal parts berry and magenta (although I dust the brush with a tad more magenta) to create my hue. Just make sure to use sparingly… it comes out hot and heavy! Love is best when subtle…

The compact
The colors (separately) Far one is the pink, close is the berry purple
mixed together
What are your favorite products from the MAC Spring collections and how are YOU wearing them?

Leave us a comment in the box below (with your email and favorite MAC Spring product) and you’ll automatically be entered to WIN a MAC STASH of MAC goodies!

  • Linda

    That is such a great color! I think I am going to purchase LOVE ROCK. It looks like its going to be my new favorite spring blush!

  • jean

    my favorite mac spring product is also the mineral blushes from the grand duo collection. love rock is definitely to die for!!!

    je1ke1 (at)

  • Nettie

    I love that blush! So I guess that would be my favorite product 😀

  • Cris

    MAC Hello Kitty Tippy – perfect spring cheek colour :).

  • Deanna

    My favorite is the Lollipop Loving lipstick! :)

    calidreamin87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • staci

    MAC rules. They have the best colors, and are always coming out with new ones. There’s always something to be excited about.

  • Anonymous

    I really LOVE this blog, very helpful and spunky overall!

  • Tara

    My favorite item has been the Saint Germain lipstick from Sugar Sweet. it is the most gorgeous light barbie pink!

  • Jessie
    My favorite MAC spring product is lollipop loving!! I missed it from Heatherette and am so glad they repromoted it.:) Thanks for the contest.

  • Sheena

    I’m loving the Grand Duos blushes, but I really like Aquavert (e/s) and Lollipop Lovin’ and Sweet Thing (lippies) from Sugarsweet too! Oh, and I can’t wait for the new Dazzleglass collection coming out at the end of April!! :)


  • Karina

    That looks pretty. I have been using MAC Tippy (Hello Kitty collection) and Fleur Power, but I think I may need to check those out.

  • wildirishgrl

    Alas, I have to admire the MAC from afar… I just cannot aford to keep up with all of their collections. I wait until their is something I just MUST have before purchasing. They have so many releases that I must restrain myself from impulse buying!! It’s all too pretty!

  • elAiney

    i’m lovin’ the grand duos!!
    moon river is my favorite, possibly just because of the name (:

  • rita

    My favorite MAC spring product is lollipop loving! xx

  • amy rosen

    I can’t wait for the new prep and prime products. April 2nd they will be out.

  • carma

    The Creme Team Cremesheen lipstick collection and Sugar Sweet’s Perfect Topping MSF!

  • Karina

    I am loving MAC Lavender Whip.

    karinahubbell at comcast dot net

  • jenga

    Oh no, another blush I have to try! Thanks!

  • Faith

    I’m waiting for the Rose Romance collection and the Dazzleglasses before I blow all my spending money on MAC products. 😀

  • amy rosen

    I am patiently waiting until Thursday to get the new prep and prime line filler, it looks amazing!

  • Elle

    I lover Moon River–Grand Duo

  • Teresa

    My fav from Sugarsweet itself is Lollipop Loving lipstick! (used alone or with a variety of lipglasses such as C-Thru). I’d also love to try Aquavert e/s and Lemon Chiffon shadestick next =)

  • Amanda

    All those mac blushes look gorgeous!

  • Amber

    I love the blush, it looks super flattering for all skin types and it would look perfect on me!

  • Amber

    sorry…. i forgot my e-mail too.

  • Amanda

    ^ohh forgot to add LOVE ROCK also is probably my favorite now soo pretty !

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