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What Color Do You Die For?!

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Ludovic (colorist to the stars) at the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC dishes on the most sought-after hair colors…

For Blondes: Heidi Klum and Kate Moss

For Brunettes: Angelina Jolie

Most requested hair color ever…


Ludovic just colored my locks and the look I went for… Giselle… golden honey!

(this pic is taken in very dark lighting so it actually makes my color look darker then it is… I’ll try and post some better pics later!)


Weekend Beauty Buys

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Hair-crazed Jenny is in town (remember her? CLICK HERE to read her hysterical hair horror stories) and we spent the entire day beauty shopping!

Here’s what I bought:

From Lapeer Beauty Supply in Beverly Hills (my new FAVE beauty destination):

Klorane Oat Extract Dry Shampoo
– this is the very BEST dry shampoo that I have EVER used. It’s from the French line, Klorane, and until today, I was unable to find it without going to Europe or ordering online! It adds volume, absorbs oil and smells so damn purrrty!

KMS Head Remedy Clarify Shampoo – This once or twice weekly shampoo removes oil and product build-up. Key to having healthy, luminous lockes!

Sebastian Professional Shine Styling Flat Iron – Ceramic coating for straight hair without the damage. (Did you know that the thinner the flat iron is, the easier it is to reach the roots and get your hair super straight??? I have a fat flat iron and needed a skinny one!)

Andrea Q’s Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover Pads – LOVE these… pre-soaked, non oily pads that remove your eye make-up and not your eye lashes! Great for sensitive eyes (like me!)

From Sephora:

Fresh Supernova Mascara – LOVE this new find! Lengthens without lumping and clumping! I bought one for me and one for a gift! Sharing the secrets…

Korres Body Butter in Guava – I bought 3 tubes of this…. LOVE it! Gave one to Jenny, wrapped another one for a gift, and kept the last for me! Read my rave review HERE!


Holiday Hair…

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Jen Atkin, cutter to the stars (and to moi!), has offered up the most fabulous Holiday hair tips:

Question: What’s in right now?

Answer: Romantic waves with a twist. Twisting the bangs or front part of your hair and pinning them back. It’s very Grecian and the perfect party look… Ala the Olsens (as in Ashley and MK).

Also, hair accessories are very stylish. Try anything feathery. A feathery headband (piece) on messy hair is very hot right now. It dresses up your hair, stands out, but it’s easy. For girls with bangs, wear them down and add a net (Lilly Allen loves this look) or hat (ala Kylie Minogue).
Add a tourbon. Wigs Today on La Cienega sells great ones.. Scarfs are in too. It’s all very 1920’s parisian.

Question: What’s a quick, stylish Holiday updo that my readers can actually do themselves at home?

Answer: With dried, messy hair, take it in your hand, like a ponytail, at the nape of the neck. Roll it up and inwards. And pin with bobby pins. Let pieces fall to create a more romantic look. This is very Jessica Stam (model).

Question: Holiday hair cut?

Answer: Versace bangs for sure… Thick heavy bangs with messy, long hair (mid length, above the boob). Think Lilly Allen.

Question: Any other useful Holiday hair tips?

Answer: My hope for 2008 is that everyone stops with the extensions! It’s an easy fix but not worth the damage it causes to the hair!

Jen Atkin
works at The Chris McMillan Salon – 310-285-0088.



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This past weekend, Conde Nast Media Group presented the 2007 Movies Rock Event and it was a star-studded gala!
J. Lo, Fergie, Beyonce, Diane Kruger, Molly Sims, Carrie Underwood… just to name a few of the A-list celebs in attendance!
We couldn’t help but notice the HAIR… oh wow, the HAIR! It was so glam, like Old-Hollywood days… big, fluffy curls, low-key updos, none of that “I just woke up and rolled out of bed” business… this was the type of hair that makes for a major… TREND ALERT!
And we’re totally feeling the curly, voluptuous do for our Holiday hair!

Here are some tips to get the curly, glam hair:

  • Buy some hot curlers or a 1 1/2″ curling iron (I’m loving Conair’s 1 1/2″ curling iron with 2 heat settings for super voluptuous curls.
  • Get an amazing volumizer like Matrix’s Amplifying ThickLift Liquid Volumizer, the leave in treatment that creates mega thickness. Can be used on air-dried hair or with styling products.
  • Invest in a quality round brush – great for blowing out the front pieces of your hair to create added shine and volume (I NEVER blow out my entire head of hair, but I ALWAYS blow the “bangs.” It adds a little “winged” effect that I just adore). Try the Ceramic Ionic 3″ brush. “The ceramic barrel reflects hot air more than other brushes, resulting in reduced blow-drying time… fewer dry ends, less static & reduced frizz.”

Straight from the Movies Rock Red Carpet:

Fergie flaunting loose curls (P.S. her make-up is fab — thankfully, understated — as well)!

Kate Hudson with a glam golden do… great curls, beautiful color.

J. Lo looking classic… big, beautiful hair (not quite as big as her bulging baby belly)!

Jeniffer Hudson rocking tighter curls with mega volume.

Have a favorite? Let us know!


Hair Mascara?!?

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Frederic Fekkai recently launched an interesting new product: Hi-Lights Hair Mascara

It looks like a real mascara – a tube of color with a wand for dispensing the color… the major difference is that this mascara doesn’t go on your lashes but on your hair!

Temporary highlights – color without commitment!

Here’s how it works:

Apply the wand evenly onto sections of the hair. Using your fingers, “comb” through the excess (this makes it more natural).

I tried the COGNAC color yesterday and while it definitely showed up in my hair, it seemed a little wet. So I sort of patted it down with the palms of my hands. It lasted ALL day. And there’s even a hint of it left this morning. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about this product.

The hi-lights hair mascara comes in 2 colors: GOLD and COGNAC and retails for $20.00 a tube.

Have you tried either color? Tell us your thoughts!


Multi-Vitamins For Your Hair

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Finding a great new shampoo is like a guy discovering a winning sports team – an adrenalin-rushed experience of pure excitement!

I recently came across the Greek line, Propoline, all natural hair and body care products. As most of you know, I have a deep love for another Greek line, Korres (click HERE to view previous post) – their body balms are like heaven in a jar. So, I was thrilled to receive the package containing Propoline’s Multi-Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner. Vitamin’s for your hair? Genius!

A word (or several…) from the company:
“Propoline natural products are formulated by learning from the self-sustained community of the bees and the natural materials they produce. The key ingredient in Propoline products is propolis, a valuable and unique substance produced by bees in order to build a protective, sterile wall around the hive. Propoline products also contain honey and beeswax, and incorporate a variety of natural extracts derived from the Greek flora such as rosemary, soapwort, marigold and St. John’s wort.”

The shampoo is a gentle, everyday shampoo that smells delicious and leaves my hair vibrant and healthy. Apparently, the grape seed extracts add vitality and shine while protecting from harmful UV rays. Being that I live in sunny Cali (it’s 90 degrees today!), my hair needs all of the protection that it can get!

The multi-vitamin conditioner, again, is gentle and intended for all hair types. It didn’t give me as much conditioning as I like but it’s great for frequent washers or people who want added volume to their hair (thus, less conditioner). But I’ve gotta say, I adore any product with a pump top!

What I love most about this line though, is that they present you with about a DOZEN choices for shampoo’s – oily hair, shampoo just for men, dry-scalp, color-treated, etc.

Other products I can’t wait to try – the hair masks (dry, colored hair, multi-vitamin, and tonic) and, get this – Dental Care Products!

God Love Us Some Greeks!!!


Holiday Style…

By | hair, makeup | 7 Comments and, in association with hair maven Oscar Blandi (check out previous post for our Blondi product rave) and celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow, have put together a 3 minute video showcasing 3 holiday styles – from the hair, to the make-up, to the clothes!

You must check it out! It’s like a mini tutorial! Pay close attention to the smokey eye (we love how Tina mixes black and navy… also how she blends the black liner with her finger, upwards, to add that extra “smoke”). Also, make sure to study the fabulous and sleek, ultra-side part – a quick way to transform hair into a classic and chic style!



It’s Shampoo Time!

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Any true beauty whore knows that washing your hair on a daily basis is actually bad for your hair. It strips the hair of natural oils that are used to conquer breakage and promote hair growth. Basically, if you’re washing your hair every single day, you are doing it a huge injustice – stripping the natural sheen and volume of your precious mane!

Okay, so you don’t wash your hair every day and the scalp gets super oily, right?

Well, here’s a trick that the fashion world has been using for ages! BABY POWDER!!! Baby powder absorbs excess oil and offers a nice aroma for your hair!!!

Okay, so you have brown hair and the baby powder turns it grey (and you are so NOT into the premature aging look…)

Well, here’s another trick that I’ve used for ages! Instead of pouring the powder directly onto your scalp, pour a good amount into your hands, press them together to get rid of any excess, then, starting at the roots, finger your hands through your scalp! Make sure to really get in there… don’t be afraid to mock the scrubbing motion!

And if you’re still a little skeptical about the baby powder, try Oscar Blondi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo – available in a pour top powder or a spray! Not only does it decrease the oil, it also increases the volume!

So before you wash your hair, remember what you’re taking away from the roots! Try Dry Shampooing – you’ll be impressed, we promise!


Hair to DIE For…

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Jen Atkin, celebrity cutter over at the Chris McMillan Salon (frequented by those hair-savvy celebs like Jen Aniston and Nicole Richie), and the woman responsible for MY fab mane, tells me that the two most desired hair cuts of the season are:

1 – The Rihanna bob

2 – Claudia Schiffer’s feathered look from the new Ferragamo campaign


Ponytails Are Pretty AND Practical!

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A good old fashioned ponytail… ahhh… those were the days. You’d gather your hair into you hands, pull it high and fasten with a rubber band. It just made life so easy!

Well, luckily for us pny lovers, the tail is back in high demand!

Of course, it’s never just a normal ponytail… these days hairstylists and trendsetters are recreating the classic style. And they’ve got celeb names too! (Source)

The Side Ponytail (a.k.a. The Nicole Richie)

InStyle says that “the side ponytail is softer and more flattering than your average ponytail.”

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: Create waves with a wide-barreled curling iron. To do this, spritz styling spray on 2-inch sections of hair and wrap around the barrel of a curling iron. Alternate directions.
Step 2: Finger comb waves into a ponytail, securing just a few inches either to the left or the right.
Step 3: For an even more polished look, take a pencil-sized piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around elastic. Secure end of hair in the band and hold in place with a bobby pin.
FStep 4: Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

The Cute Ponytail (a.k.a. The Paris Hilton)

Decorate with barrettes and bobby pins.

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: Spray volumnizer at the roots, then let hair airdry, scrunching it for a bit of wave. Don’t have time? Blowdry hair without brushing, use fingers instead to separate hair.

Step 2: Rake hair back with your fingers (skip the brush) and secure either at the nape of your neck or just a bit higher. Scrunch pony more for more wave.

Step 3: Pin bangs or unsecured layers with a decorative bobby pin or little kid barrette.

The Dramatic Ponytail (a.k.a. The Tyra Banks)

The higher and tighter, the better! With or without bangs…

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: Spritz hair with a volumizing spray like Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray, then dry hair straight. If you have curly hair, use a diffuser and an anti-frizz productinstead of the volumizer.
Step 2: Take a section at the top part of the back of your head and tease hair at the root. This will give you needed volume for the dramatic look.
Step 3: Once hair is sufficiently teased, carefully brush hair back into a pony up high on the back of your head just above your ears. Gently pull hair at the top of the pony out and up for drama.
Step 4: Run a gloss (we like Bumble and Bumble Gloss, see sleek ponytail above) through ponytail, using extra at the ends.
Step 5: If you’re going out at night, up the drama ante by securing a gorgeous barrette.

The Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail (a.k.a. The Emily Blunt)

In every variation – straight or curly hair, messy or proper – the only requisite is that it doesn’t ALL go up!

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: Part hair from ear-to-ear into a top and a bottom section.
Step 2: Secure top section with a ponytail holder.
Step 3: Take the point of a rattail comb and put it under the hair, just at the crown. Gently coax hair up until it’s just a bit puffed.
Step 4: For more drama, wrap a ribbon or a strip of fabric around hair and fasten with a bobby pin.

Have a favorite pony? Share it!

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