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PureOlogy – Eliminates Dandruff AND Maintains Color

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Dandruff can effect anyone – even those with oily hair – it’s NOT just a dry scalp condition. And even though I don’t have an actual dandruff problem, I sometimes use anti-dandruff shampoos to help rid my scalp of product build-up. The result – a healthier, shinier, fuller head of hair.

But enough about me – this is really about treating dandruff… AND not compromising your great color (albeit unnatural color).

PureOlogy, one of my favorite haircare lines, has launched a shampoo and conditioner, DandruffScalpCure, that not only eliminates dandruff (and drama), it also maintains hair color (won’t strip color-treated hair)! It also contains certified organic botanicals…. Claps all around!!!

And for people like me, non-dandruff sufferers, it still works to make my hair shiny, healthy and full of body! I’ve been using it all week and I adore the way my hair looks and feels! Trust me, try it… you’ll be impressed!

Here’s what you get in PureOlogy’s DandruffScalpCure Shampoo and Conditioner:

  • Up to 2% Pyrithione Zinc – helps to fight the scalp scaling, itching and flaking associated with dandruff.
  • AntiFadeComplex®: Potent antioxidants and UVA/UVB sunscreens extend the life and vibrancy of colour while maximizing colour retention.
  • Exclusive ZeroSulfate formulas with sulfate-free, salt-free surfactants that gently cleanse while maximizing colour retention.
  • Certified Organic Botanicals: Certified Organic Botanicals of 3 types of anti-oxidant rich Mushrooms (Mannentake, Shiitake, Mucor Miehei) penetrate the hair shaft with high quality proteins and soothing anti-inflammatory properties to help restore hair to pristine condition.
  • Signature Aroma Therapy Essence: AromaTherapy blend of Rose, Plumeria, Sandalwood, Amber and Vanilla soothe the senses.
  • 100% Vegan, never tested on animals.

Good for your hair, good for the environment… great for summer!
Alas, we can fight dandruff, Global Warming and fading hair color all with one convenient bottle of shampoo!

PRICE TAG: Shampoo – $35.00 (10 oz. bottle)/ Conditioner – $35.00 (10 oz. bottle)
Available NOW!

Kate Hudson – Hair Spokeschick

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This is really “interesting” (and not in an educational sort-of-way) to me…

Kate Hudson has teamed up with Hairstylist David Babaii to create haircare line, David Babaii for WildAid, “an innovative new brand of professional haircare products and styling tools, with a percentage of the revenue from the line to benefit the global wildlife conservation organization WildAid.”

We love a company that gives back and all but, Kate Hudson – hair guru – Really?!

Uhhhh… nice hair… NOT! We kid, we kid – not about the hair in this particular picture – but we’re well aware that even celebrities have bad hair days and Kate happens to have gorgeous blonde curls!

Muchhhhh BETTER! Now this is hair hotness… and if the David Babaii for WildAid products created the above masterpiece, we’re game!

The products actually sound pretty enticing (and exotic): Volumizing vocanic ash. Rich Cupucacu butter. Blue Algae. Wild Orchid. Kiwi. Mango. Jojoba seed. Dead Sea Salt.

Yes, we definitely need to test this line!!! Click HERE to peruse through the product list!

To learn more about the WildAid Organization, click HERE.

Sweat-Proofing The Scalp

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It is SOOOOOO hot in Los Angeles…. the thermometer is peaking at close to 100 degrees. Beads of sweat are everywhere… even on my scalp… yuck!

So, what’s a girl to do when her hair is as shiny as a newly polished penny? Oil is understandable in the T-zone region (although still not appreciated), but on the scalp…. UNACCEPTABLE!

Don’t fear, I’ve discovered two AMAZING products for scalp oil control (oh, and they both contain mint as an active ingredient… Mint is a natural cleanser.):

Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Shampoo
is great for a deep clean yet it’s subtle enough for daily use. Adds body to fine and limp hair by getting rid of all that gunk, oil, and buildup… and it won’t strip color! I use it about times a week (more frequently now that it is so hot and sweaty). It’s what I like to call, my “Sunday night” shampoo (after a long week of product buildup, Sundays are reserved for deep cleanings and fresh starts)!

8.5 fl. oz. – $9.00

Biolage’s Cooling Mint Oil Control Treatment is a pretty incredible product, like nothing I have ever used before. It’s meant to balance oil secretion by actually reducing the amount of oil that your scalp produces. It’s a wet spray that is to be applied directly to the scalp… and it will make your hair wet at first. But once it dries, it really does “suck up” the excess oils. This is the perfect summer product for sweaty day-to-night activity when there just isn’t enough time to wash your hair before hitting the club! A little spritz, and you’re good to go – refreshed and oil-free!


So, this summer, remember to sweat-proof your scalp! Nobody wants to cuddle with a greasy teddy bear…

Hair Therapy: Part II

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While Jen (Atkin) – the most fab cutter in all of the land – was working her magic on my mane, she offered up her healthy summer hair beauty advice….

And now I’m sharing it with all of you!

It’s actually quite simple and is only 2 words: .

What is Davines Love, you ask? Well, it’s a conditioner that smooths and repairs dried-out ocean hair. Jen says that “it’s like aderal for your hair.” It literally wakes up harsh and frizzy hair bringing back it’s natural sheen and lustre. And it’s awesome for naturally wavy and curly hair as well.

The conditioner boasts a very special ingredient… Borage Oil – an all-natural moisturizer that coats the hair and is a great alternative to silicone. It leaves the hair silky with that healthy, radiant look.

Jen swears by this product and she even gave me a jug to try at home (sharing the beauty secrets..). And I’ve gotta say… it’s pretty amazing! It’s definitely thick and potent so a little goes a long way. But it really did make my hair feel like strands of silk… and the shine… WOW, this stuff made my hair shine like a ten karat diamond!

Jen’s professional tip: Davines Love can double as a smoothing serum too! Here’s how: Work a tiny dollop into towel-dried hair, scrunch it up, and let it air dry for that beachy, bed head look (sans the frizz!).

Jen also suggests using Leonor Greyl’s Shampoo for long hair (Greyl products have long been a favorite of hair professionals) in conjunction with the Davines Love conditioner. It gives you that salon look and feel every day of the week!!!

Davines Love Conditioner Retails for: $22.99 (a massive jug!)

**Jen Atkin works at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills.**

Hair Therapy: Part I

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Fabulous A-list hair cutter, Jen Atkin, of the Chris McMillan Salon, bestowed the great honor of chopping (trimming) my luscious locks…. I graduated from grad school yesterday (insert claps here) and was in major need of a little snip-snip for the big day. Not much, just some reshaping so that my hair didn’t appear so “heavy” (split and dead ends weigh down otherwise healthy hair) and my natural curls would spring back to life. The trick is all in the layering! You don’t need to actually take off length, you just need to cut into the hair and layer, layer, layer! This also provides natural volume and body (and God knows we’re all dying for more vavoom!).

As for my bangs, well, they’ve been a bit of a nightmare. I’m convinced that the front of my hair is thinning (as this is the ONLY party of my hair that I actually blow dry. If I didn’t it would be SO puffy and frizzy). So, we’ve decided to let the bangs grow out and just trim them ever so slightly so that they fall just about at my lips, framing my face.

So, here’s my Summer CUT (still long… I don’t think I’ll ever go short!):

You like????

What’s YOUR summer do???

Another Take on the Spring Hair Trend

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As I mentioned in the Shiri Appleby post, the “bun/ braid” look is perfect for Spring… easy, care-free, and super sexy.

Beauty Banter contributing editor, Di Gaeta, shows us her take on the new do! Di says the style took her all of 5 minutes… her hair is in that “growing out” phase and she wants it out of her face as it continues to grow. So she pulled the back to the nape of her neck, pinned with bobby pins, then took her bangs and braided them to the side – not a french braid – just a regular old-fashioned braid.

Di says the trick is not letting the hair look too “done-up.” Wispy’s and fly-away pieces make the style that much more beachy and summer-chic! Di also added a head band for a more sophisticated, night-time effect.

She used Wen by Chaz Dean as a styling cream on dry hair. Says Di, “I rubbed a dollop on my hands and worked it into my bangs. It has a similar effect as a pomaide – giving my hair texture so that the braid holds.”

How cute is this do?!

Do you have your own take on this Spring hair trend? We want to see! Email pics to:

Shiri Appleby: Spring Hair Trend

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We’re all looking for a quick and simple way to wear our hair. We want something easy yet still sexy.

Sometimes, we’re just not in the mood to do the whole blow out thing. Or, our hair is dirty and we just don’t feel like washing it. Come on, you know you’ve been there…

Well, here’s a great style that’s super easy, fast, and absolutely fabulous! After all, Springs about minimizing your makeover time while still looking fierce!

Actress Shiri Appleby showed off her new Summer do at our friend Wells Butler’s (owner of the amazing clothing line Primp) engagement party. It’s a contemporary take on a favorite hair style: the bun! This bun, however, got a little makeover: a french braid!

Shiri says, “I love this style because it’s modern and chic, yet still classic. Having your hair away from your face is somehow freeing.” (not to mention it allows her natural beauty to shine through!)

In a collaborative effort, Shiri and I put together this style in a matter of minutes! Shiri did the braid, I did the bun.

the braid
the bun
the hotness

Here’s how to achieve the look in a five, quick steps:

1 – Separate the front corner section of your hair from the back.
2 – Take the back bit and wrap it into a messy bun (pin up dangling pieces with a few bobby pins).
3 – French braid the front section from the left ear to the right.
4 – Take the tail of the braid and attach it to the bun with a bobby pin.
5 – Spritz a little hair spray for added hold.

It’s that easy!

This is a style that you can rock anywhere at anytime and still look super sexy!

It’s all about the BODY…

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I’m going to be honest…. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to hair products. I know, ironic, considering I am a beauty fanatic. But every now and then, I find a hair product that I absolutely love. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

My dear friend Allison Melnick (queen Bee of the party scene – NYC to LA) lives for a good party… and thick, gorgeous hair. Literally. It’s always done, always curled, always volumized. We were in Coachella this past weekend and I wondered how she was going to survive without her professional blow-out team. The weather in Palm Springs is super hot and dry – it’s hard to breathe and even harder to keep your hair looking sexy and done up!

But Allison came armed with her two best friends…. a ceramic 1 1/2 inch curling iron and Sebastian’s Body Double Thick-Finish Volumizing Hair Spray. She claimed that this hairspray was a God-sent. The best of the best. “It’s lightweight yet really adds volume.” She sprayed practically half the bottle onto her hair, making sure to spruce up the ends as well (because, as she said, if you spray the ends, the entire curl will hold). I was so intrigued by this misty spray, I tried it myself. And I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty fabulous. Not only did it hold my curls, it didn’t make my hair stiff or unmanageable the way other sprays tend to do. And it really did create body!

A word (or several…) from the company:
“A lightweight finishing spray, unique in that it is the world’s first aerosol thickening volumizing hairspray that employs the exclusive Bondstyling Technology to create a look that is lightweight, has a natural feel and continues to build thickness. This hairspray is the first to incorporate the revolutionary process that increases intra-hair volume for the look and feel of naturally thick hair.”

A word (or several…) from Allison:
“I like my men stiff and hard, not my hair.”

And there you have it. For thick hair sans the stiffness, you must try Sebastian’s Body Double. It’ll last all night long, no matter what “activities” you have in store!


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My favorite uber-cutter, Jen Atkin, just provided me with Spring’s hottest hair trend!!!

Blunt cuts with waves are in high demand. Very au natural. No more long layers like Jessica Simpson and Penelope Cruz. Today, everyone’s asking for straight cuts with that “just rolled out of bed” texture. To fake it, Atkin suggest trying Revlon’s 3 Barrel Jumbo Waver. It’s like a curling iron, but with two curling rods for double the curls in half the time!

The look; blunt and messy:

**Jen Atkin is the A-list cutter at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills.

When To Say WEN…

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Hello fellow beauty buffs…

It’s been a bit since my last post so I figured I would let you in on my absolute to die for hair prescription. I’ll admit, I’m growing out a “fun” haircut that included thick bangs and a short-ish length. Only now, in the in-between stage, I have a mullet. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention, so I have searched to find products that will grow thick, shiny, healthy hair FAST. Here are my two “miracles”…

First off, everyone knows that Sodium Laureth Sulfate is really harsh and stripping for the hair shaft and it is, unfortunately, the number one ingredient in most shampoos. So I began my quest by looking for cleansers that didn’t contain this ingredient. What I discovered is an AMAZING product called WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean. Chaz is a lovely man and a renowned Celebrity hair stylist who also does tons of runway shows. He created this product because he had seen so much damage from hair dye and styling tools. This cleanser is also a conditioner and it is unlike anything I have ever tried. It doesn’t foam or sud like normal shampoos, but it still cleanses thouroughly, yet without stripping the hair of natural oils. I’m on my fourth bottle and I swear to you, it has literally changed the texture of my hair. It gives you the, “hot girl in high school hair”. I kid you not. It comes in a bunch of lovely scents that are for all different hair types so read the description to find the right one for you. I’m obsessed with the LAVENDER because it contains witch hazel. Also try the hair oil, I live for the FIG scent to use as a styling aid, for frizz, and as a night treatment. Trust me, you’ll be so happy.

I also began taking a hair growth supplement called VIVISCAL Women. It’s a nutritional vitamin that contains a bunch of women specific ingredients like Folic Acid with a North Pacific Marine extract. After just two months of twice daily use, my hair feels noticeably fuller and stronger. I am committed to a six-month regimen, at the very least.

Ok, lovvves, now you know…

Xoxo Di

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