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Hair DO’S!

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I am so proud of my dear friend, actress Kelly Kruger (starring in my upcoming short film too), for making the German InStyle hair DO list… along side Fergie and Hallie Berry… not bad company… and Kelly’s pic (upper far left) is the biggest!!!

(click on image to make even bigger)

Just an FYI on summer hair – young, girly updo’s rock – all the mags agree… a loose pony tail or this bang swept, half-up is key for mixing up the sultry summer waves (in your hair… not in your bed!)

Isn’t she purrrrrrty?!


Dog and Baby Beauty Buffet!!!

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I had the pleasure of bringing my precious Japanese Chin, Sadie Snowflake (for all who don’t know my doggy, she is the cutest, most amazing dog in the entire world!) to The Silverspoon’s Dog and Baby Beauty Buffet!!! Yes, dog’s and babies deserve to look beautiful as well…
Although I’m not with child… yet… (yes, hopefully soon – need to meet the man first… oops!)adults can enjoy baby products too!
I sampled the Love Me Baby Me Precious Pak, a combination of the best natural paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, hypoallergenic, pediatrician tested and tear-free baby products! Wow. If you have a kid, you must use these products… and if you don’t, you still must try them. Bubbly wash, for the bod, smoothy shampoo, for the hair, butt balm for the boodie (but we elder chicas can use it for any rash or dry skin area), creamy cream body lotion and hair putty, non-toxic styling gel… very good for thining, sensitive hair!
My fave, the Smoothy Shampoo… because it’s a great wash without stripping your hair. It doesn’t leave a residue and it doesn’t dry your hair. It’s amazing! AND it smells clean like a little baby!!!

Sadie’s doggy presents are awesome too… I’ll post something on the doggy shampoo and conditioner once I try it…

Sarah and Sadie at the Buffet… yes, that is a baby sling that Sadie is in… the Quinn by Hotslings…(CLICK HERE to view the line!) Let me tell you, it is the most fabulous invention in the world!!! I will NEVER leave home without it!


Q & A with Hair-Crazed Jenny

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Q – “What does Jenny’s diet consist of and what supplements does she take to achevie such long, healthy hair?”


A – “My diet consists of bagels and pancakes. I’m the worst. I don’t take any supplements. I rarely color my hair and I always get my hair professionally blown out. Also, I never use hair accessiories. Ever. These ruin your hair!”



A few of my favorite things…

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It’s been a while, but well worth the wait (I hope!)

On this beautiful and sunny Wednesday afternoon, I am going to share with you, fellow beauty whores, a few of my favorite things:

The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm – Why? Because it smells fresh, goes on smooth, actually moisturizes (yea!!!) and leaves the lips with the slightest touch of rouge… in other words, I can wear it daily without looking made-up but still looking magnificent.

Kevin Aucoin Super Soft Buff Powder Brush- Why? Because it is cut flat on top so, once dipped in your favorite blush, it covers the perfect amount of cheek… in other words, I don’t need to play the guessing game – where do I put the blush, how far up, etc. This brush does all the dirty work for me!

Cococare Coconut Moisturing Oil – Why? Because it’s a nice break from the old lotion routine. AND it smells simply delicious. And it leaves skin soft, smooth and shiny (like a wrestler, but sexy). And the best part is, it’s cheap!… in other words, I smell and look like a sex goddess without breaking the bank. I also love to mix oil with lotion and lather on my body after a nice long bath (post exfoliation)… there’s something about the combination that really makes the skin “pop.”

A Wide Tooth Comb – Why? Because it is the perfect detangler when hair is still wet AND it doesn’t break the cuticle or the tips. Also, since I have curly hair, it allows enough room for my hair to “breathe” as opposed to a brush which stiffles and suffocates the hair shaft… in other words, hair that’s combed is happy and healthy hair.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Concealer – Why? Because everyone breaks out and who what’s their blemishes out there for the world to see? This concealer also contains salicylic acid which fights break-outs and reduces redness. So really, you get two in one – a zit zapper and a cover-up… in other words, this product is genius! (I use color medium 03 and I NEVER leave home without it!)

Tell us your favorite things by emailing

ALSO, hair crazed Jenny is back in town so if you have a question for the lovely Jenny C, email us asap!!!


It’s all in the HEAD…

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…Shower head, that is. Who knew that the type of shower head you use can actually change the texture and strength of your hair?!
The Waterpik Original Shower Massage Shower Head available at Bed, Bath and Beyond makes washing your hair not just a chore, but an experience.
Hair-crazed Jenny has been in LA for the past week and she refuses to wash her hair in the shower of the house that she is staying.
Because the shower head trickles water. And, according to Jenny, trickling water doesn’t clean the hair thus adding to the build-up of excess product and impurities.
So where does Jenny shower? My house! Because, yes, I have the shower head…. I too adore the deep cleaning, aggressive pressure of the fabulous shower head. And I too have million dollar lockes that crave special attention!
Jenny also claims that on her recent (daily) trip to Frederick Fekkai, her hair stylist gushed over the softness and healthy state of her lovely lockes!
A word (or several…) from the company:
“Now stepping into your shower can feel like a visit to the masseuse. Wall-mounted shower head has eight relaxing spray and massage settings including a pause option, a steady pulsating spray, a powerful turbo massage, a pulsating spray massage, a soft spray and combination spray.”

So try it and decide for yourself… does the head really make a difference?


Hair Crazed Jenny Returns

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Remember my hair crazed friend, Jenny Cohen??? (CLICK HERE to refresh your memory.)
Well, Jenny’s back in town and she’s going to share some more of her fabulous hair tips with all our fellow beauty whores!!!
Jenny’s new must-have shampoo and conditioner is….

Loreal Intense Repair Shampoo and Masque because, “it keeps the color fresh, it smoothes the cuticle without having to use a product, it allows for lift and movement on the ends during styling and it’s healthy for the hair. It’s the best alternating shampoo to Kerastase.”
Jenny says that she likes to shampoo her hair once all over and then a second time just on the roots and let the shampoo work it’s way through as you rinse it out. Condition from the ears down, heavily, and run your fingers through the top with the residue on your hands. Rinse for at least 8 or 9 minutes. AND rinse in the position that you want your hair styled in. For example, if you want a side part, rinse with your hair in a side part.
And for all those who have inquired about Jenny’s hair color, she says it’s “natural with dark blonde highlights. NO base color. And NO toner! I let the sun lift it and I go into the ocean to strip product from my hair!!!”
A close-up of Jenny’s fabulous lockes!!!

In closing, Jenny says to “treat your hair like a fine piece of silk. Never brush from the top to the ends. Always comb from the ends upwards. Never use metal hair brushes or hair accesories.”
Thanks, Jenny!


All About The Body…

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There’s nothing worse then flat, dull, lifeless hair. Unless that’s the look you’re going for ala Kate Moss circa Calvin Klein child-porn ads. Then it’s fine. But for the average folk, steer clear of flat head. Trust.
Enter Matrix haircare. The company has been around for quite some time, creating such staple products as Biolage’s Hydratherapie Conditioning Balm (a must-try deep conditioner).
Now they’ve launched a new line, and it’s all about the body… hair body, of course. The Matrix Vavoom line takes body to new heights. I tried the Vavoom Bust-Out Body Shampoo (left) and conditioner and I’ve gotta say, I was impressed. Although the conditioner didn’t moisturize as much as I like, both products used in conjunction made my hair lively and full. I air dryed my hair as usual, and it seemed to create the perfect curl/ sex hair.
AND, it’s safe for color-treated tresses.

Who doesn’t like a little body?



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With Christmas season among us, Holiday parties seem to be in the air. I don’t like to do my whole “made-up” face for a cup of egg nog and some Christmas carols. Instead, I enjoy a lighter, fresher, more youthfull me! (I also think that if I look younger AND feel younger, I will BE younger… and then maybe, just MAYBE, Santa will come down my chimney this year!)

So this is my Holiday party beauty routine:

Natural, wavey hair thanks to John Frieda’s Starlet Waves Wave Enhancing Spray (left). I literally spray on wet, just washed hair and leave to air dry.

A sun-kissed complexion from Guerlain’s Terracotta 3(rich warm bronze). Note to Self: I used to only be able to buy this product when en route to some exotic locale at a duty free shop in a European airport… now, it’s sold at Sephora!!! Love this product because it absorbs yucky surface oils and adds the perfect amount of color!

Eyebrow gel for my unruly brows (a MUST MUST MUST… I actually take it EVERYWHERE!) I prefer Cover Girl’s Professional Natural Lash Mascara. It’s meant for your lashes but does wonders for the brows… heavy duty stuff!

On my lips, my new must-have(thanks to my recent trip to Sephora) is Benefit’s Color Plump in Love Ya’. It’s a stick, but it goes on like a mixture between a gloss and matte lippy and it just so happens to actually plump your lips without making them super shiney (and we all know how much a beauty whore loves a plumper pecker!) It boasts the ideal amount of color leaving your lips natural and tres tres kissable!

what’s YOUR beauty routine…



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I’m a smoker (gasp) and not proud of it. Besides pre-mature wrinkles, stained teeth and bad breath, not to mention chest and lung issues, smoking is less then glamorous. Bottom line, smoking stinks! And I mean, everywhere! On your skin, clothes, car and hair. And then just yesterday, I received a great little package filled with delightfull smelling hair fragrances. Being the hair fanatic that I am, I was cautious to try out this new product. What if it stripped my color? Or even worse, died my hair? Or maybe it would cause breakage? (Ironic, I know, considering all of the damage the ciggies are doing to my insides). But being an unbiased reporter means putting yourself on the line, even if that means testing a product on my million dollar mane. Alas, I have fabulous news! These hair fragrances ROCK!!! Not only do they smell divine, they are also alcohol free AND they won’t cause frizziness! Plus, they’re not so over-powering as to distract from an everyday perfume!
Pure & Petal Hair Fragrances come in four sinfully yummy aromas: sublime citrus, heavenly clean, linden blossom and summer passion (pictured). And even if you’re not a smoker (which I hope you aren’t!), we all know that over-washing your hair leads to dull, thinning, broken, stripped locks. So now there are no excuses! Take care of that hair… and smell fresh in between washings!
To purchase Pure & Petal Hair Fragrances, CLICK HERE!


3 Tricks You Need To Know For HEALTHY HAIR

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Last night, my dear friend, the beautiful Ms. Zoe Winkler (below, left), asked me how often she should wash her hair. I responded, “about every other day if your hair is healthy. Every third day if it’s more dry.” She said, “But I wash my hair every day. It gets so dirty, I have to.”

You never HAVE to wash your hair every day. It strips your hair of natural oils that stimulate hair growth and it thins the hair shaft. Instead, try washing ONLY THE FRONT of your hair… if you have bangs, just wash the bangs. If you don’t have bangs, wash the area that could/ would be where you’d have bangs. This is the part of your hair that you most often touch, thus it becomes noticeably greasey and oily much faster then the rest of your hair.

Instead of washing your hair, try using good old fashioned baby powder. I suggest pouring the baby powder into the palm of your hands and then applying directly to the scalp. Flip hair over and massage into the scalp as you would any regular shampoo. The baby powder absorbs oil, adds volume and masks the smell of dirty hair!!! There are quite a few products on the market from high-end companies such as BUMBLE & BUMBLE’S HAIR POWDER, but personally I find that baby powder does the trick for a fraction of the price (not to mention, the scent is very nostalgic)!!!

Using a paddle brush, brush hair from roots to ends PRIOR to washing hair. This evenly distributes the hair’s natural oils AND detangles hair for a clean shampoo. I suggest brushing your hair every day, but curly haired folks can’t always follow this rule so, at the very least, brush your hair prior to washing and then after conditioning!


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