French Find: Homeoplasmine

French Find: Homeoplasmine

There’s nothing like a French pharmacy, with all of those amazing brands and incredible products stacked on top of one another. It can be so much fun and slightly overwhelming.

Luckily, I walked into the place with a purpose: Pick up a tube of Homeoplasmine: a product that my friend, Jessica Stam, said is a must-have. I trust Jess’ picks so I uttered in my broken French, “Homeoplasmine, s’il vous plait?” And the grumpy French pharmacist handed me a box of the ointment.

Mind you, I had NO IDEA what this stuff was… I just knew that my gorgeous, supermodel friend who gets beautified for a living implored me to stock up. She said it’s the most amazing product for dry, cracked skin, sunburn and lips. She continued that every French makeup artist has a tube of the ointment in his/ her beauty bag…

Okay, tried and tested and I’m obsessed.

Basically, Homeoplasmine is the French version of our Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream and Japan’s Yu-Be. It’s a multi-purpose ointment that soothes, protects and moisturizes the skin. A little bit like Aquafor, sans the sheen and more natural. What I love about this stuff is that it’s not at all greasy like 8-Hour cream. In fact, it kind of has an au naturel, matte finish. And it is KILLER for dry lips, literally reattaching the flakey skin and filling in the cracks for hydration without the sheen. Perfect to use prior to makeup for a smooth, silky palette. So great for all flaky, dry areas including sun or wind burn. A little goes a long way and the ointment penetrates for hours.

Click here to buy! You can’t find in the US (I don’t think…)

  • Nicki
  • Danelle

    Is there a store in Los Angeles that sells Homeoplasmine or do I have to order it online?

  • Anonymous

    It's actually a homeopathic remedy. Should be able to find in health stores, maybe something like Whole Foods.

  • Kim is launching a promo where you get a free tube of homeoplasmine when you buy 3 tubes of Avibon at $29 ea., and that includes free shipping worldwide. It’s not posted yet but you can contact them at for details.

  • Kelly

    Homeoplasmine is a great cream..order it from a worthy U.S. site like Amazon… is a scam

  • Janette is a complete scam..he tries to lure in unsuspecting Americans to order his product “direct from France” only, ull never receive the product…he even puts up a U.S. phone number to try to get ppl to think he’s operating out of the U.S…scam

  • A lot of customers have been mentioning that they don’t trust this site. New London Pharmacy has had Homeoplasmine and avibon for years. The pharmacy is located in Chelsea in Manhattan.

  • Ally

    Im in Australia and ordered it (3 tubes and the freebie) from and it came here in 3 days. My order was ok.
    It is beautiful stuff.

  • Jenny Alexandra


    You are so silly ;)…

    Sounds like you may be continuously trying to lure in Americans. That same guy began selling on amazon and had all negative feedbacks. I would stay away. NL is a good choice..

  • samantha sidona has really good pricing..they’re NYC based like nlp..but have free shipping

  • Wendy

    Jenny, I am in Australia too and I have been ordering Avibon from for the past year and I have had no problems at all. Swift delivery to Australia.

  • Don

    I represent, and 3 days after the site went live, we received an email from a person named Bina Feder in Brooklyn, telling us to raise our prices. She said she charged something like $59-70 a tube. I replied saying we were not interested in charging the maximum price possible, and after that, she registered, stole product images from our site, copied the entire look and feel, and began posting all over the web not to trust our site and lying about orders not being received. We offer tracking on all orders, free shipping, and a money-back guarantee. We have not had problems with orders being received. And we have looked up this person on Facebook, and documented her friends, and it turns out that these are the same people who have bought from us occasionally on Amazon and eBay in order to give us 1-star ratings. She has also left a damaging review on Yelp for us. After enough of this, we just decided to pull our listings because it was too damaging. We’ve taken screenshots of all of these findings which clearly link these posts together, and if it continues, as a last resort we’ll have no choice but to launch a libel suit. If you notice above, most posts have several days between them, and somehow 2 in the same day, and then the day after…all trying to slam These are likely posted by one and the same person. We ship to the U.S., Australia, and around the world and have hundreds of happy, legitimate customers and invite anyone to give us a try.

  • Annie

    I ordered from despite some negative reviews, used PayPal and received exactly what I ordered in the time it said I would receive it. The package was sent from France and I had no issues whatsoever. So the bottom line don’t believe everything you read, do a little research on the company as I did. And I really like Avibon and Homeoplasmine and since you can’t get it in the U.S. at all; options are limited.

  • Joy

    I just received my purchase in five days. I bought two tubes of Homeoplasmine and received a gratis tube of Avibon. It was my first transaction with them and I am very satisfied.

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  • Karen

    I ordered from in early November for the first time and was thrilled with not only the product, and price but also the quick delivery, of only a few days. I was not confident that I would receive my order, giving that I live in Australia, but I did (and in record time). I would not hesitate in ordering through, again. I never post anything online, but feel compelled share my positive experience.

  • A.J

    I ordered from and i live in Denmark. I got a mail confirming that i received my order and that there was a problem with the tracking – BUT i have NOT received anything yet. I hope that its just a mistake. I have contacted Avibon so now im waiting for a reply.

  • A.J

    Im back with an apology to I have received my order within the days promised. Im an in love with this product. Further more – i received a mail from Avibon asking me if i am pleased with the service and product. I can only say that i was too fast to judge – good customer service and the Best product ever :)

  • get it from romanian online pharmacys ,is very cheap!

  • Tina Lomandi

    I ordered my homeoplasmine from and sure enough it seems like the above reviews saying they are great were some sort of hoax by the sole proprietor of They refuse to honor their promise to deliver and the webmaster responding to my emails is extremely rude. I will be charging back with my CC company. This site is a complete scam. I will buy in a retail store online at a different source. The person responding was Don Holmes, when I goggled that name it seems they are notorious for online scams selling beauty products. They are some kind of marketing geek that doesn’t even live in this country and is known for scamming Americans. disgusted!

  • Mehmet Hamit CEVAP

    Where can I buy cream homeoplasmine. Liaison pass you are welcome +0905416806444

  • Suzanne

    I have ordered through (beware of a bunch of different sites that advertise as being Service is exceptionnal. Tracking and all. Great delivery time. And product were exactly what I had ordered, and at the right price. I would order from them again, anytime. They are to be trusted.

  • Christine

    For your information AVIBON.Com has no right to send products to Canada & US (no respect of the country pharmacology). Moreover the product that they sell is sooooo expensive.

    But if you want to find the product homeoplasmine it is available in pharmacy in Canada but the name is different because of the country we had to change it : Cicadermine (by Boiron Laboratories)around 9$ –> This is exactly the same product (and it’s legal).

  • anon

    I ordered from and i live in Australia. I got an email confirming that they have shipped my order and gave me all the invoice details. They gave me tracking information and when i went to check, it was all in french. I emailed them at and they said that orders usually take 5-9 dyas to ship but usually faster than 9. It has been 9 days and I have NOT received anything yet. I hope that it is not a scam as previous above comments have stated and that its just a delay. Did anyone else have simiar problems or is this just all a scam?

  • Tara

    I realize this thread is old, but just want to put it out there that I ordered product from and had zero issues. It was shipped quickly from France and I received an email with tracking info. Most certainly will be ordering again – hoping avibon reformulation is complete soon so I can purchase. Jenny, you are the silly one. Sounds like you might be trying to steal customers!

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  • Masuimi

    Homeoplasmine and Biafine are absolute lifesavers in winter!
    Yep you can only find them in French pharmacies otherwise you can get some from xx

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