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Dry skin hurts. Whether it’s a result of your skin type or your environment, there’s nothing cute about a flaking, cracking and irritated complexion. Okay, don’t start crying just yet. Let me tell you about nature’s secret moisturizer… Rosewater. Rosewater is said to be a natural hydrator, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent. Oh yeah, and it slows down that nasty little thing called aging. Great for all skin types from acneic to aging, and ideal for sensitive skin. Also, fantastic for post-sun as it is incredibly refreshing and soothing. Not to mention, the smell… pure roses, au natural!

Here are a few of our favorite products that contain rosewater:

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater ($7) – The ideal hydration booster and skin soother. Use it daily to cool off or after make-up to help it all settle in. You can purchase more expensive versions, but this one is tried and tested (and we love it).

Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($6) – This salve is the ultimate balm for chapped skin and lips. Also can be used for diaper rashes and blemishes. I sometimes rub it on my cuticles to hydrate the sensitive skin (especially after a manicure!).

Shea Terra Organics Eau de Rose Pure Moroccan Rose Water ($16) – A toner that hydrates, tones and reduces redness. Use with a cotton pad and swipe over face morning and evening.

Fresh Rose Face Mask ($55) – A hydrating a toning mask that contains rosewater and rose petals to restore radiance and give the complexion an added boost. The unique gel formula soothes irritated skin.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream ($42) – Each tube contains 30 roses to regenerate the skin, while avocado, marshmallow root and sesame, almond and wheat germ oils maintain hydration. Rosewater and rosehip soothe, making this an ideal moisture cream for oily and sensitive skin.

By Terry Huile De Rose ($106) – An anti-aging face oil containing 6 powerful rose extracts to stimulate cellular activity, promote collagen and increase firmness. This exceptional dry oil softens, revitalizes, smoothes and firms giving skin a plumped effect.

Make your own Rosewater by following these directions. Video here.

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