Fashion Week Round-Up:
Spring 2013 Hair Trends

I’ve always chosen the low-maintenance route when it comes to my hair. This is due, in part, to my limited ability to style and most certainly due to my impatience. However, I’m looking forward to spring 2013 to when I can try my hand at a few of the runway hair trends that could very well work with my pencil straight locks! From bed head to side parts to ponies, spring 2013 promises to offer up a style for every hair type.

Here are our 5 favorite spring 2013 hair trends, directly off of the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris.

(1) Undone done hair. The hair that every cool girl covets, is one that doesn’t require any “real” styling – that effortless chic, bedhead morning look, of course. Why can’t we all roll out of bed looking like we’ve just walked off the runways? Le sigh. My inspiration for spring:

(Left to right: Rebecca Minkoff, Burberry Prorsum, Versace, Dries Van Noten)

SHOW: Rebecca Minkoff
LEAD STYLIST: Jeanie Syfu for TRESemmé
LOOK: “Beachy waves with polished ends – 80’s feel of the collection called for a relaxed, chic style.”

SHOW: Burberry Prorsum
LEAD STYLIST: Neil Moodie for Bumble and Bumble
LOOK: “Slightly unassuming but sexy, more definite wave.”

SHOW: Versace
LOOK: “Natural, effortless, very dusty – think of the desert and the beach. A very cool-girl look, it should feel sexy and uncomplicated.”

SHOW: Dries Van Noten
LOOK: “ Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. It’s not a hairdo; it’s just a feeling of texture.”

(2) We’re taking sides. Which side are you taking? I’m a lefty. This season we’re not just seeing side parts, but deep side parts, and  I’m already a fan of the ease and simplicity. A hairstyle for all face shapes and it’s simple to achieve!

(Left to right: Derek Lam, Holly Fulton, Mila Schon, Lanvin)

SHOW: Derek Lam
LEAD STYLIST: Orlando Pita for PHYTO
LOOK: “Modern, urban woman.”

SHOW: Holly Fulton
LOOK: “1960s Patti McGee.”

SHOW: Mila Schon
LOOK: “70s cool.”

SHOW: Lanvin
LEAD STYLIST: Guido for Redken
LOOK: “Today’s woman – natural, beautiful, easy. Very cool girl, with a little bit of attitude.”

(3) Put ’em up! Updos can be tricky but a beautiful ‘do done right can make all of the difference. Whether it be a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” updo or a classic chignon, don’t be afraid to experiment and remember, practice makes perfect.

(Left to right: Oscar de la Renta, Issa, Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe)

SHOW: Oscar de la Renta
LEAD STYLIST: Orlanda Pita
LOOK: “Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” It’s Holly Golightly meets Keith Haring.”

SHOW: Issa
LEAD STYLIST: Malcolm Edwards
LOOK: “Marie Helvin-esque creature from the 70s.”

SHOW: Dolce & Gabbana
LEAD STYLIST: Guido by Redken
LOOK: “The Sicilian woman. Light, summery, 60s, in the Riviera.”

SHOW: Loewe
LEAD STYLIST: Guido for Redken
LOOK: “Quintessentially Spanish.”

(4) Hoppin’ in the shower. The wet hair look is quite refreshing.. literally! Put those hair dryers away ladies and grab some product for that slick and wet look. Grunge with a modern day twist (no pun intended).

(Left to right: Mandy Coon, Osman, Alberta Ferretti, Nina Ricci)

SHOW: Mandy Coon
LEAD STYLIST: Antonio Corral Calero for Moroccanoil
LOOK: “Wet look of 80s actress Bridgett Neilson – downtown and underground.”

SHOW: Osman
LOOK: “Late 80s, early 90s wet waves.”

SHOW: Alberta Ferretti
LEAD STYLIST: Guido for Redken
LOOK: “Light, liquid. Wet goddesses coming out from the water.”

SHOW: Nina Ricci
LEAD STYLIST: Guido for Redken
LOOK: “Classic French twist for the modern woman.”

(5) Pony up. I’m a huge fan of the ponytail; it’s easy and can totally change the feel of your look. Whether loose, center-parted or super slicked, ponytails are here to stay.

(Left to right: Alexander Wang, Markus Lupfer, Versus, Christian Dior)

SHOW: Alexander Wang
LEAD STYLIST: Guido for Redken
LOOK: “New spin on the ponytail – robotic, sleek, yet natural and slightly disheveled.”

SHOW: Markus Lupfer
LEAD STYLIST: Alex Brownsell for Bumble and Bumble
LOOK: “Ethereal mermaid.”

SHOW: Versus
LEAD STYLIST: Guido for Redken
LOOK: “60s super slick, ultra shiny, stick-straight ponytail.”

SHOW: Christian Dior
LEAD STYLIST: Guido for Redken
LOOK: “Low, shiny ponytail. Very strong, very utilitarian.”

~By Beauty Banter’s in-house assistant, Sara Ng.

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7 comments on “Fashion Week Round-Up: Spring 2013 Hair Trends

  1. Is the pony tail at Markus Lupfer coated in silver sparkles like the jacket the model’s wearing? Fabulous!

  2. Looking forward to the updoos returning!

  3. Also a fan of the ponytail style when it is well styled.

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  5. 2013 hair trends is going to be all about sophisticated medium and long hair. new hairstyles hello. hair is going to be a big focus absolutely.

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