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A Girl’s Guide To…. Highlighting and Contouring

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When people say that makeup is not an art form, I tell them to look at before and after photos of a model who has just been shaded and contoured to the nine. Contouring can virtually allow you to change the shape and look of your features without the need for permanent surgery. Highlighting allows you to take your features and exploit them. As Cargo artist Annesley Broadhead says, “Contouring and highlighting plays with shadow and light, just like a black and white picture.”

Together, contouring and highlighting can take your face from average to magnificent. Trust me, all the celebs use these tricks. So pay close attention. Contour and highlighting is about to become your new best friend!

CARGO artist Annesley Broadhead explains:

The idea behind contouring and highlighting the face is to bring out our best features and minimize minor flaws. The most important thing to remember is that if you are going to play with contouring and highlighting it must look natural. To make something look deep or recessed (contoured) you use a shadow; to pull something out (highlight) you use a light shade.
There are a few ways to contour and highlight. Make-up artists will often use a combination of light and dark foundations. For everyday women there are lots of great products that can achieve realistic results. Here’s how:

To thin the nose:
Shade the edges of the nose using a flat eye shadow brush and a bit of matte bronzer of matte taupe colored eye shadow. Lightly apply along either side of the bridge of the nose from the inner corner of the eyes down to the tip of the nose. Now use your finger to blend downwards towards the cheeks so that it does not look like a stripe. Next apply a touch of light champagne colored eye shadow in a soft line down the center of the nose from the bridge to the tip. Again blend well for a natural effect.

To shape the face and emphasize the cheekbones:
Apply your foundation as usual and then apply a very light shade of concealer along the upper edges of the cheekbone; this will pull out the cheekbone. Powder as usual. Apply a matte bronzing powder under the cheekbones to contour. To find the proper placement, hold a pencil against the face from 1 cm above the upper part of the ear to the outer corner of the mouth. This is the most flattering angle to place the contour color. Now apply the same matte contour shade along your jaw line to create a more angled jaw. (This is a great tip for those with a more rounded face shape.) If you have a longer chin that you wish to minimize, place the contour shade under the chin as well. To minimize a prominent forehead, a little contour along the side of the forehead by the hairline will work wonders. Just remember: when shaping your face it is all about being subtle and bringing out your best features.

To highlight brow bones:
This is the simplest trick and can take years off your eyes giving the look of an eyelift without surgery. After applying your eye shadow, use a soft white or cream color directly under the eyebrow along the arch. The shadow can be matte or shimmering depending on what you prefer. Complement the under brow highlight by placing just a tiny dab above the brows just past the arch. This draws an onlookers eye upwards and adds even more lift. I love CARGO EyeLighter™ because it is designed just for highlighting the eyes and can be easily tossed in the purse for touch ups.

Make Up Forever Kevin-James Bennett our Director of Pro Business Development and Artist Relations says:

how to thin the nose:
I’ve always found that highlighting the bridge of the nose is much more flattering and realistic than contouring the sides. I like to use a foundation 3-4 shades lighter than the rest of the face and draw a line from top to bottom and then feather out to the sides.
shape the face
I study the natural contours of the face and then exaggerate the areas that fall into shadow with a contour color (usually a very taupey brown devoid of any strong yellow tone). Then I fade the contours by blending the foundation color back into the outer edges of the contour. Blending VERY well is key here.

how to emphasize cheek bones:
The easiest way to “pop’ a cheekbone is to highlight the diagonal area that spans from the side of the nose up to the outer corner of the eye. This not only emphasizes the cheekbone, it creates a beautiful light in the center of the face that makes the eyes pop.

how to highlight brow bones:
NEVER use a white shadow or anything shimmering to highlight the brow bone. Simply use a foundation or eyeshadow 2-3 shades lighter than the rest of the face. This should be a subtle, flattering highlight, not and un-natural focus point.

Celebrity makeup artist Troy Jensen (Kim Kardashian’s favorite) offers the following tips:

The art of contouring starts with a prepped face of a light moisturizer, then apply a cream or liquid highlighter, for fair skin tones, use a white pearl, medium skin tones use a shimmery beige, and for dark skin tone, bronze or gold works best.

Apply highlighter with a small concealer brush and apply it to certain areas of the face only, not all over. just area’s that look amazing when the light hits the face. Such as the top of the cheek bones, down the center of the nose , above the bow of the lips, and the inner part of the eyes near the tear duct. Then apply your liquid foundation with a foundation brush. The highlighter will glow through the make up, giving a natural glow that is not too glittery.

Contouring can be done with dark cream foundation or with a matte powder bronzer or dark face powder. Dust the powder bronzer to contour under the cheek bone and along the jaw line to get rid of double chins as well as fullness to the face. If you have a long nose. Instead of contouring both sides of the nose to give the look that it’s more narrow, dust a bronzer across the bridge of the nose. This will give the appearance the nose is not as long.

Highlighting areas like the brow bone, should not be highlighted with a shimmer, but rather a matte shadow in a pale skintone shade. Like bone, or off white.

The key is that it should look natural, so blend, blend , blend.

Prescriptives Director of Artistry, Jillian Veran, offers this tip:

Using an illuminator to highlight skin can help you glow, but too much can create an unwanted shine.

An illuminator, like *magic Illuminating Liquid Potion, on the top of the cheek or over blush is a great way to get a subtle glow. Be sure to use a semi matte blush to avoid overdoing the glow.

Joanna Schlip, celebrity makeup artist for Physicians Formula says:

To emphasize cheek bones, make a fish face and brush bronzer or the darkest shade of the trio underneath the bone, where the hollow starts. On the highest point of cheekbones, dust a lighter highlighting shade.

To thin the nose, use the darkest shade of the trio (or any bronzer) on both sides of the nose to streamline it and use the lightest color on the bridge of the nose. To make a nose look shorter or reduce a bump, use the darkest color side-to-side across the bump or on the tip to make it shorter

To highlight brow bones, I love the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow in Sunset Strip. Use this or any shimmer powder (anything that reflects light) above the eyebrow and right below the brow. A kabuki brush is great for sweeping shimmer right on top of the brow area – just make sure to blend really well and don’t forget to rub any excess powder off the hair.

Tips from Jillian Dempsey, AVON Global Creative Color Director:

How to emphasize cheek bones:
Start by smiling to see the apples of your cheeks and then apply a dot of cream blush, like Avon’s Be Blushed Sticks, to the center of the cheeks. Use your fingers to blend upwards towards the outside of the face. Follow by layering on an iridescent powder to lock in the color but avoid applying it to the t-zone to limit shine.

How to thin the nose:
The key to contouring the nose is using matte bronzer and loose powder to create definition. Start by using a small brush to lightly apply a loose powder like Avon’s Ideal Shade Loose Powder down the center of the nose. Follow by using a fan brush to add bronzer to the sides of the nose, creating contrasting color that adds dimension to the nose. Finish by using a powder brush to wisk away any access powder that may have fallen and set in fine lines.

celebrity makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz’s (includes Cindy Crawford, Gisele
Bundchen and Miley Cyrus as clients) on highlighting and contouring:

thin the nose: Use just a shade darker than your usual foundation or the softest hint of a powder (MAC Taupe eye shadow is a good one). Apply to each side of your nose and make sure to blend. Then powder so it will disappear to the naked eye into the rest of your makeup.

shape the face: For this, a matte bronzer is best or “Hoola” blush from Benefit. Lightly dust it around the parameter of your face, gently hitting the high points. Creating dimension in your face should always be subtle and effective.

emphasize cheek bones: Using one shade darker that your usual foundation, brush it under your cheek bones making sure there is no definite start and stops with the brush. Amazing Cosmetics Velvet mineral foundation is a personal favorite – it’s subtle and does the trick.

highlight brow bones: Use a light shade eye shadow, matte for day and a little sheen for night. I like a cream or soft pink. Apply just under the brow bone along the arch of the brow. It doesn’t have to be heavy to be dramatic. Anastasia has great brow highlighter pencils, just make sure to soften the edges with your ring finger.

To read the entire interview with even more incredible, exclusive tips, click here.


GET SMART: Eco-Beauty with EarthSmart’s Kim Carlson

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I love sharing my eco-beauty finds and helping people understand why it’s so important to green your beauty routine. But I am definitely not alone in this and continue to be inspired by those who were championing the cause way before me, like Sophie Uliano over at Gorgeously Green and Kim Carlson of EarthSmart Consumer. Kim founded five green companies, has a national radio show “Livin The Green Life” and is NBC’s “EarthSmart Expert.”

At you can learn more about eco-conscious living and, if you like quizzes like I do, take her Green Quiz to find out how green your lifestyle is. And remember, going green doesn’t mean sacrificing your sense of style. Kim “has one foot in earth-friendly idealism and the other in style-conscious living. And she’s wearing stiletto heels.” She shared her favorite beauty picks with Beauty Banter for morning and night.

Kim’s morning routine:

Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Toothpaste
Kiss My Face bar soap for the shower (because bar soap have little to no packaging)
Belegenza shampoo and condition (free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulfates)
Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion
– Makeup by Dr. Hauschka, including eye shadow (containing black tea leaf which is rich in antioxidants and skin soothing), Dr. H’s mascara (with anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory Neem leaf) and Dr. H’s lipstick (with Rose Hip Fruit extract to protect and soothe chapped lips).

Kim’s bedtime ritual:

-Remove makeup with an Aveda Shammy Cloth and water
-Soak in Avalon Organics Lavender Bath & Shower Gel
-Replenish moisture to face and hands with Organic Shea Butter from L’Occitane

Kim believes, “one thing at a time is the best way to green your beauty routine.” And I agree. Same goes for clothing (Kim’s eco-friendly picks include jeans by Karmel & Alden and earth-friendly frocks like the Chitin dress by Linda Loudermilk). What I love about Kim’s philosophy is that she knows that a) change is hard, and b) you don’t have to suffer to look and feel good. With that in mind, her advice is “starting with small changes can make a big difference and impact.” Switch out one or two beauty products with eco-friendly counterparts and you’re on your way! Kim’s new bookGreen Your Work: Boost Your Bottom Line While Reducing Your Eco-Footprint, is in stores now. And check out her website for great articles and videos as well. I love all the recipes for homemade scrubs and masks. xo alex.


How To: Come-Hither Lips

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Come-Hither lips (yes, I made up the name) are those shiny nudeish-mauveish-pinkish lips we’ve been seeing drenched all over the pucker’s of young Hollywood’s leading ladies. The ones that practically scream “kiss me” without ever uttering a single word (perhaps just a coy smile). A Come-Hither pout is tres sexy without being overtly colorful or requiring too much upkeep. And it pretty much looks fabulous paired with every makeup look.

I’ve asked the exceptionally talented Gregory Arlt, Director of Makeup Artistry for M·A·C Cosmetics, for his expert tips on come-hither lips.

Celebrity Clients: AnnaLynne McCord, Michelle Trachtenberg or Jessica Stroup

1 – “I start by using a very light pencil to define the lips. “Oak” by M∙A∙C is a favorite. Make sure the pencil is well blended into the lips so you don’t see it. Being a warm beige, the pencil imparts slight color as well.”

2 – “I then use a gloss with a hint of color. “Love Nectar” by M∙A∙C (right) is my number one must have for this look as it’s slightly peachy with a hint of pink. EVERY client asks me for one! I also love “Nymphette” Lipglass by M∙A∙C (left) as it’s pink with a hint of gold.”

3 – “I keep the cheeks slightly flushed and shimmering using “Margin” blush and the eyes lightly defined using light neutrals but with a load of mascara. Come-hither lashes go well with come-hither lips!”

Will you come-hither this look?


How To: The Side Bun

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It’s always nice to have a go-to updo for those days – and nights – when your hair and you just aren’t getting along (i.e. no matter how hard you try to brush away that cowlick, it keeps rearing its ugly hairs in the wrong direction).

Here’s an easy, DIY updo that’s perfect for a lunch with friends or date night with that special someone. A celeb favorite, pictured here on Tori Spelling and Scarlet Johanson, the side bun (a.k.a. chignon) is fresh, flirty and super simple to achieve. It’ll take you about 7 minutes from start to finish.

Anthony Linzalone of the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC — who has tamed the tresses Calista Flockhart Cindy Crawford & Kim Alexis — offers these easy steps for creating the chic chignon:

1 – Start by parting dry hair to the side then securing at nape of neck into a side ponytail.

2 – Using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, curl random pieces of the ponytail into large round curls.

3 – Lift curls and loosely secure them around the base of ponytail with bobby pins.

4 – Finish the look with a light spritz of hairspray to tame flyaways and on ponytail chignon to keep curls in place. TRY: Phyto Spray Laque Hair Spray ($18.00).


How To: The Looks-Good-On-Everyone Hair Style

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The trick to gorgeous hair is making it all look natural: the color, cut, style. We women know that SO MUCH WORK goes into such a “natural” feel but we continue to work it and strive for sensational strands.

Ryan Crupi of the Chris McMillan Salon – who has tamed the tresses of Kate Beckinsale, Selma Blair and Marissa Tomei – divulges his secrets for maintaining effortless hair year round. One style that works on all manes.

“This style is easy and lasts. It’s seasonless, not a hassle to reproduce at home. And it can be done on long hair or longer bobs,” says Ryan. Think: Elle Macpherson, Giselle, Kate Hudson.

Here are his tips to creating the beautiful stringy loose waves, looks-good-on-everyone look:

TIP 1: You’ll need one good haircut and three maintenance cuts a year.

TIP 2: Make your own beach spray (ocean water, filter out the sand) and use a little serum on the ends. RYAN’S PICK: Kerastase Serum Oleo-Relax – it eliminates frizz and gives it a smooth sheen.

TIP 3: Creating Volume: Apply hairspray at the root and blow-dry up. RYAN’S PICK: Shu Uemura Spray. Curl with 1 1/2 inch brush. The trick is to make sure that the curl sets.

TIP 4: For naturally wavy hair, blow dry front section and air dry the rest. Apply serum to the ends. When it dries completely, use fingers to separate and blend the waves.

Chris McMillan Salon: 310-285-0088


Lipstick Trends Through The Decades

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This is so fascinating. Read on to discover how lip color and shape is influenced by economic and financial status of American society as well as the pop culture of the time.

Li Edelkoort, one of the world’s best known trend forecasters, takes us through the decades, one pout at a time.

The 20’s – Prohibition and Rebellion

“A matte-finished, heart-shaped mouth is the expression of the seductive, coquettish woman of the Roaring Twenties. Taking their cue from the scorned-yet-sought-after flapper, women go out to dance, drink illicitly distilled whiskey, and push the envelope of their independence. Black and white movies present the mouth in daring, feminine shapes – the “cupids bow” style of Clara Bow, the “vamp’s lips” of Theda Bara, and the sexy “bee-stung” lips of Mae Murray. Edelkoort notes that because the focal body part of the time period is the legs, “breasts are smallish, and girls are boyish.” Eyes are large and lips are thin. Lip colors are black and garnet red.”

The 30’s – Economic Depression

“A mouth drawn outwards with square edges emphasizes the stern, perfectionist appearance of the sober 30’s. Women, having witnessed the financial battery of the Great Depression, are thrifty and austere. Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich – powerful, yet glamorous women who are not afraid to determine their own fate – are idols of the time. Their steely and androgynous appearance personifies the adult woman. Lip color is a silky/glossy reddish brown.”
The 40’s – Wartime

“A full mouth formed with symmetrical curves represents the courageous, self-assured look of the 40’s despite wartime privations. While men are at war, women are forced to fill their roles, giving them a newfound sense of identity and responsibility. The Hollywood heroines of the silver screen, such as Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, and Katherine Hepburn encourage the idea that women are equally as capable in filling roles formerly occupied by males. Lipstick becomes an instrument of individual morale, symbolizing strength while disguising sorrow. Lip color is a brilliantly glossy vermillion.”
The 50’s – Post-War Period

“A voluptuous mouth with the lip line extended beyond the natural shape is reflective of this period of reconstruction. The look is seductive and feminine, revealing the ambivalence of women. On one hand, they oppose the traditional role of women – one they fought to suppress during wartime. On the other hand, they long to embrace their sexuality and femininity. Consequently, there are two strongly opposing role models: the voluptuous and feminine Marilyn Monroe, and the cool and self-confident Audrey Hepburn. Lip colors are bright red or pink. Edelkoort says that in this period of rebuilding an entire economy, the focus is on the body, and the face is seen as one whole element in perfect proportion.”

The 60’s – Flower Power and Rebellion

“A full, soft pout goes hand in hand with the rebellious habits of hippies in the sixties. The period is characterized by the exploration of outer space, the sexual revolution, Woodstock, and the anti-war movement. The youthful, anorexic chic of Twiggy and the provocative pout of Brigitte Bardot are symbols of the rejection of conventional beauty, prosperity, and consumption. Hence, lipstick is still applied, but discreetly. Lip shape is large and colors are shimmering beige-like mother-of-pearl, baby pink, and silver/white. Li attributes this to a sudden shift in sexuality, noting that the most focused-upon body parts are the breasts and butt.”

The 70’s – Disco Rules

“An outlined, shiny mouth reflects the shimmering iridescence of the 70’s disco look. Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54, platform shoes, and soulful divas like Gloria Gaynor and Diana Ross define this decade. Women break social conventions and explore boundaries. They are not afraid to become single mothers or fight for their social and political rights, and they are especially unafraid of their sexuality. Lip colors such as glittering crimson or burgundy red convey self-confidence.”

The 80’s – Emancipation

“A dark, wide mouth represents the provocative punk look of the 80’s. Punk, as a musical statement and a culture, is the first anti-beauty movement. In fashion, women and men alike play with the idea of reverse gender roles. The transvestite chic of Boy George and the fashion of Vivienne Westwood convey “tribal identity”. Influenced by music videos such as Madonna’s “Vogue” and Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me Baby?” strong eyes and dark lips become a popular trend. Lip colors are dark to black with metallic effects.”
The 90’s – Individualism

“A clearly outlined mouth painted in natural colors, either shining or matte, documents the grunge-turned-pop look of the 90’s. Internet, cell phones, Pearl Jam and plaid, piercings, tattoos, hip hop, and the fitness wave set the tone for this decade socially and commercially. Fashion trends change quickly – everything is allowed. The introduction of Supermodels – Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista – permeates women’s idea of beauty. Brown undergoes a revival, but both dark and bright lip colors are in demand.”

2000 – The New Millennium

““Cocooning” is the buzzword for the transition into this new millennium. The term expresses a longing to return to intrinsic value and friends and family: a harmony that does not stop at lip fashion. The shape of the mouth is natural. Soft and warm shades are prominent. Pastels and shimmering shades of beige, pink, and apricot (so-called non-colors) reflect women’s desires to embrace their natural beauty and the quest for eternal balance and happiness. It’s about a return to our basic needs, and in a declining economic climate, a new appreciation for the bare essentials.”
The Decades Ahead

“So what will the future bring? History will continue to repeat itself. She predicts that, for now, generous, whitish beige lips will reflect our nurturing desire to live at a sustainable, slower pace. “Thinner lips will take us into the 2020’s,” she says. “Eventually, perfect red lips with harmonized proportions between the eyes, lips, and body will balance our beauty in the new era of post-recession and reconstruction.””

*source: beauty press / images: beauty press


How To: Hightlight Eyes

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This is a must-have, expert tip for anyone searching for an extra 8 hours of blissful sleep (yes, all of us)…. I do this everyday, it takes less than a minute and makes all the difference – even if I’m just wearing a bit of tinted moisturizers and possibly some mascara. My eyes are deep set so a little pop makes them look more awake and alive. It’s truly saved my eyes.

Read on, ladies…

To open up small eyes, wake up tired eyes, or just give peepers an overall pop, line the inner corners of eyes with a white hue (like Blake Lively – above). This trick is genius for the ladies whose eyes may be positioned closer together. White-rimmed eyes actually give the illusion that eyes are set further apart. The art of highlighting. And who said makeup wasn’t an art form? Shame on them!

You can use a white pencil or a highlighter, matte or shimmer. Either way, just make sure not to go overboard. Subtlety is key when giving eyes the slightest pop.

How to Apply:

If using a cream, apply with finger tips and gently pat along the inner rim of nose and eyes. You can also pat at the outer corner of eyes to add dimension and make eyes appear larger.

If using a pencil, draw a line inside the inner corner of the eye and carry the line toward the outer corner, stop half way as to not close the eye.

You can also use a thin brush, like an eyeliner brush, to apply cream highlighter, and get that bold, dramatic effect that you see on Blake’s eyes. The brush gives you more precision and allows the product to set on skin instead of settle into skin.

Products to Try:

Jouer Highlighter in Camellia – a creamy, iridescent highlighter you can apply with your fingers.

Benefit Eye Bright – a crayon that whitens and brightens (and masks dark circles).

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner in White – a pearl white sheen that is applied inside lash line.

YSL Touche Eclat – The ultimate highlighter/ cover-up that is cream based, brings light to the skin and brightens the complexion. Dab on then pat with fingertips.

Of course, once you’ve whitened – and widened – the eyes, feel free to add a wash of color and finish the look with a few coats of mascara.



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Here are some fab tips and tricks from Redken Session Stylist, Noah Hatton, who was inspired by the hottest hairstyles seen on the runways and at celeb award shows:

Sweeping Braid

YOU SAW IT ON: Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad

Hatton suggests duplicating Aniston’s look by first creating a low side-part. Then, pull a two-inch front hair section away from the larger side of the part and separate from the rest of the head – this will be the hair included in the braid. Begin French braiding this piece right along the forehead hairline, stopping two to three inches from top of the ear. Secure with bobby pins, or a hair clip for an added accessory element.

Side Ponytail

YOU SAW IT ON: Carrie Underwood, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson

“A ponytail secured on the side of the head is easy and is always in.” says Hatton. Begin by creating a deep side part on either side of the head. Prep by spritzing fabricate 03 heat active texturizer on dry hair and blow-dry the product through. The use of product will add extra texture to the tail resting on the shoulder. Gather all of the hair in a low ponytail on the opposite side of the part, just below the earlobe and secure with elastic. Make sure the end of the ponytail falls over the shoulder so you can see the ends of the ponytail from the front. “For an added variation, don’t pull the end of the ponytail all the way through the last loop. Stop midway. This creates a loose, deconstructed bun – we see this look sported quite often on the runways at Fashion Week,” Hatton explains.

Beachy Waves

YOU SAW IT ON: Ashley Tisdale, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively

Here’s a great trick to create natural waves in a flash: take dry hair and spritz a bit of curl force 17 texturizing spray-gel, “It’s a trick we used on a photo shoot at the beach when the power ran out,” notes Hatton. “This product allows the hair to keep the curl easier and helps it coil naturally.” Then spritz workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray all over and separate your hair into four sections. Start twisting one piece until it coils in on itself and secure with several bobby pins. Do the same with the three other sections, making sure to twist in the same direction each time to create a consistent, natural-looking smooth wave. Leave coils pinned for 20 minutes while picking out your outfit or putting on your makeup. Before heading out the door, remove the bobby pins and shake out the waves, and finish with outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk to tame frizz and add shine.

What ‘do will you be sporting come fall?

How To: The Messy Summer Bob

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Last year it was the Gwyneth bob – a sleek and sophisticated overgrown bob – this year it’s the…

Choppy bob with bleached ends. We’re gonna call it the Alexa Chung.

You may be asking yourself, who the heck is Alexa Chung? You’ll know her name soon enough. She’s the host of MTV’s daily show, “It’s On With Alexa Chung.” Basically, she’s MTV’s resident hipster chick.

Jen Atkin, hair extraordianaire over at the Andy Lecompte Salon dishes on the cut of the season.

The Style: Think Lou Dillon (fashion muse); Alexa Chung.

* Baliage ends (a way of painting on highlights to hair) on a blunt long bob – “Shorter than a Gwynie bob, this is more like Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow had a baby.”

* When to bang – “Bangs are good for heartshaped and oval faces look great with bangs. Overgrown bangs work well for rounder faces or square jaw and wide cheek bones.”

* Call back to 90’s grunge – “Think Empire Records and Reality Bites. It’s a bit of old-school Winona Ryder.”

* “You want to make it look like you cut the ‘do yourself, so have your stylist ravor out your edges.”

How To Style:

Let hair naturally dry (for flat, thin hair, do a few random waves with 1 inch curling iron). Add a dime size amount of Osmo Clay Wax – without the shine – to grease up the ends for a messy vibe. Use Moroccan Oil to tame frizzies. To add texture, try Joico Texture Spray. It’s all about creating a strategic mess.


How To: Leighton Meester’s MTV Face

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If you read this site on the daily, then you know my affinity for the Gossip Girls, Leighton Meester in particular. interviewed Cris Colbeck, one of Leighton’s key makeup artists, who dishes on how to get her sexxxy MTV Movie Award Look (which I loved!).

What do you think?
Are you loving or hating the look?


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