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Face Value: Met Ball 2014 Beauty

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Old Hollywood reigned supreme at the Met Ball gala 2014. Quite a departure from last year’s theme of punk rock where celebrities and fashion’s elite played with pops of color, graphic lines and bedazzled headpieces. Last night’s fete – celebrating the opening of the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit – saw a return to classic glamour, both in beauty and fashion sensibilities (save for a few exceptions).

Trends of the evening:

On a fashion note, back to basics seemed to be the theme of the evening. Muted colors like black, white, nude, silver and grey. Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Watts, Rosamund Pike, Margot Robbie, Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Pare, Chloë Moretz and Cara Delevingne were just a few of the celebrities who opted for classic black and white gowns (or, in the case of Cara Delevingne, a pant suit).

Makeup was, for the most part, classic. Red lips (a bevy of celebs sported this trend including Marion Cotillard, Sarah Silverman, Amanda Peet and Amber Heard), heavy lashes (Jessica Alba and Zooey Deschanel, to name two), gilded eyes (as seen on Amber Heard and Emma Stone), glowing skin (Lupita, Kate and Lily). Hair had two distinct trends – the updo (teased like Amber Heard and Suki Waterhouse or princess like Diane Kruger and Amy Adams) and the exaggerated side part and glam curls (seen on Blake Lively and Jessica Alba).

Here, the best and worst of Met Ball 2014:

Amber Heard – Gilded eyes and a brick-red lip paired with a teased updo… so, so sexy and chic.

Beyonce – This may be my favorite look of the night. A deep cranberry lip, low chignon, pale, simple eye… it’s all so glam. But add this stunning laced headpiece and Old Hollywood has its modern poster child. Perfection!

Blake Lively – YES! Old Hollywood from the nude Gucci gown to the exaggerated side part and glam curls. Opting for a pink lip as opposed to red gives this look a contemporary twist.

Brie Larson – This hair confuses me on so many levels.

Charlize Theron – The quintessential movie star – statuesque, classy and absolutely gorgeous. The black and white Dior gown stuns, as does her staple smokey eye and nude lip.

Diane Kruger – Like many at last night’s gala, Diane opted for princess glamour with a regal updo and polished makeup. Nothing out of the ordinary, but beautiful none-the-less.

Emma Stone – LOVE this hair and makeup. Very bohemian meets Jane of the jungle. The makeup is both dewy and shimmery in pale shades that play well against the bright pink Thakoon number. And that loose side braid is everything.

Felicity Jones – There is something eerily goth about this look. Perhaps it’s the black satin gown and the short, dark hair with equally dark eyes. It’s modern and moody and Felicity pulls it off effortlessly.

Joan Smalls – Bright purple lips – YES! Add in the side fishtail and you’ve got a modern day, Jetson muse.

Kate Mara – Another glowing complexion paired with a gorgeous gilded eye. And that messy, blonde lob (roots and all) is perfection.

Lily Aldridge – The metallic Michael Kors dress pairs perfectly with simple makeup, glowing skin and an effortless bun. Those eyebrows are envy-inducing.

Lupita Nyong’o – Lupita gets serious marks for originality. This green Prada flapper number (complete with a headpiece) is all fashion (love or loathe it). And true to form, she wears color so well. Her purple lids are a unique addition to the emerald dress.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – The bleached blonde pixie cut washes out her skin tone. And she looks seriously tired. Not a winning evening for Mags.

Reese Witherspoon – Very PINKy — not that I’m mad at it. While I’m not always a fan of the matching mouth and gown, this bold pink is a welcomed spring reprieve. Dare I say, Barbie-esque?

Rihanna – That body! And what a statement it makes in a midriff, backless top and floor length Stella McCartney skirt. Sculpted cheekbones, defined eyes and shimmering lips pair perfectly with the all white attire. The hair is a bit high and hectic, but all is forgiven when you take in the look as a whole.

Suki Waterhouse – Another nude dress and red lip combo. Oh, how I love this Burberry tulled gown! The teased updo adds a hint of cheeky fun.

Taylor Swift – One of my favorite pairings is a pink dress and red lips and Taylor works this look perfectly. She’s most always the pinnacle of polished and last night was no exception.

Zoe Kravitz – Bleached blonde hair, don’t care! I loved seeing someone take a chance with color. This red smokey eye and matching stained lip is absolutely stunning.

Zooey Deschanel – She scores points for the on-trend glam lashes, but that hair — woahhh. This is the Met Ball, not a southern beauty pageant! But we Zooey – she’s usually one of our favorites on the hair and makeup front.


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Looking Back: Met Ball 2013

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Tonight’s Met Ball is sure to be entertaining – with gorgeous gowns, flawless makeup and updo’s aplenty. But first, let’s take a look back at last year’s punk-themed celebration.

Here are the 5 trends we loved (and loathed) of The Met Ball 2013:

Braids were everywhere: from SJP’s intricate fishtail to Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne’s punk glam side part and loose french braids. Let’s not forget the braided updos like Jessica Alba and Emily Blunt. Are braids punk? Apparently.


A red-almost blackish lip is most definitely a sign of the rocker times. Women who wore it well (and a few that put a modern twist on the death-like pout): Rooney Mara, Minka Kelley and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Get Rosie’s look from tarte makeup artist Monika Blunder. Monika created a custom burgundy shade for Rosie by layering two colors. First, she filled in Rosie’s lips with LipSurgence lip tint in Moody (a deep berry) and then went over it with glamazon pure performance 12-hour lipstick in wild, (a vivid red) to create a long-lasting, edgy hue.


Nobody embodied punk in quite the same fashion as Sarah Jessica Parker. She KILLED it, in special part due to that amazing Phillip Treacy mohawk headpiece. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin added a jeweled Jennifer Behr headband (like this Swarovski encrusted one here) to Minka Kelly’s braided mastery. And let us not forget about Sienna Miller’s exaggerated side part and awesome studded headpiece (which looks a lot like Eddie Borgo – get your punk on with this Eddie Borgo studded bracelet!).


Ah, the eyes. Punk was about graphic lines and lots of black. Karolina Kurkova and Cara Delevingne stayed true to this punk look while other, like Ginnifer Goodwin, Jessica Pare and January Jones went completely (and tragically) overboard.


dark eyes nay

Adding a punch of neon pink seemed to be a trend of the evening. From Diane Kruger’s textured pony and pink ends to Emily Blunts bold fuschia-lined eyes. Even Gwyneth played with pink, donning the color’s bold hue from head to toe, thanks to Valentino. Get Emily’s eyes by recreating celebrity makeup artist Jenn Streicher’s creative steps: Use NARS Jardin des Plantes Satin Lip Pencil and Desire Powder Blush on lids.



5 Reasons That Gwyneth Paltrow Is A Beauty Icon

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Unless you live under a rock or are immune to all blogs and social media, then you are aware of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s split (insert sad face here) – or, as Gwynie so aptly refers to it, their “conscious uncoupling.”  The La Times had this to say about the Paltrow/ Martin “uncoupling”: “No matter how you spin it, divorce is a failure. It’s a failure of intention. A failure of commitment. A failure of the very thing you promised to do when you wed, which is stay together for the rest of your life. But hey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, if it makes you feel better to torture the language, have at it: Call your divorce after 11 years of marriage a “conscious uncoupling.” It’s still a failure.” Sure, aggressive words, but the internet has been ablaze with similar mockery and messages of contempt.

This is a beauty site so we’ll leave the satirical pontificating to the more opinionated social sites and channels. Instead, we’re going to take a stroll down memory lane and, on a positive note, highlight what the Goop queen has brought to the proverbial beauty table (or vanity, rather).

Here are 5 reasons that Gwyneth Paltrow is a bona fide beauty icon.

1. WWGW – What Would Gwyneth Wear? Words I’m sure 90 percent of you have asked yourself while trolling through your closets. While her attitude may turn you off, her style is most certainly inspiring. Gwyneth is one of a very select few who can rock workout clothes – even sweatpants – while still maintaining a fashionable edge (a difficult feat indeed). But I think what people – at least, myself – identify with when it comes to Gwyneth’s sartorial decisions, is that she so easily fluctuates from lax California beach girl to posh glamour queen. We can’t always flaunt a ball gown – Gwyneth proves that you can look just as chic dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt as you do walking a red carpet.

2. It is because of Gwyneth that we have the lob, or long bob. When the actress chopped her long hair to a style that rested at the shoulder blades back in 2009, a cult classic trend was born.

3. Gwyneth made Tracy Anderson a household name. Sure, you can eye-roll at her self-confessed obsession with working out (I believe she does 3 hours a day… Who has that much time to crunch abs? I digress…), but getting that dialogue going is important, especially in America’s – dare I say – lazy and overweight culture. You like Gwynie’s body? It’s attainable… with a lot of hard work (and even more money). Point is: she’s made a healthy lifestyle aspirational and attainable (purposely leaving out the recipe mockery and vegan quips).

4. She made square-shaped faces and angular jaws kind of cool.. or, at the very least, part of our beauty vernacular. While other celebrities like Demi Moore and Keira Knightley are also part of this angular grouping, it wasn’t until Gwyneth emerged onto the scene that the square-shaped face really got some air time.

5. She’s into aging naturally and she’s not afraid to show it. Sure, other celebrities have proffered similar such statements, but this Instagram photo (last photo in slideshow) of Gwyneth sans makeup, yet with some rather noticeable forehead lines, leads me to believe that she’s being authentic. And in a culture where plastic faces free of any semblance of aging are the norm, it’s refreshing to find a few fine lines on an A-lister. Women age (even celebrities) — and it’s a beautiful thing! Also to note, the actress said to British Cosmopolitan: “I don’t like Botox. I think on some faces it works, but it’s when you can really see it that it starts to look fake. I think people look at tiny patches of their face and try to fix everything — they’ve lost the plot!”


Face Value: The Oscars 2014

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Jared’s hair color (swoon!). Lupita’s gorgeous skin (and dress!). Sandra’s flowing mane. Cate’s… everything. This year’s Oscars red carpet – and telecast – did not surprise. Beautiful gowns, great hair and makeup, not many risks taken, and, of course, a seriously long and slow award show.

But, as we do every year, we must find our favorite faces of the Oscars 2014 so, alas, here they are (in slideshow):

Amy Adams – While I was her biggest fan at Golden Globes 9loved the dress, the makeup and the updo!), last night’s look was a bit of a snooze fest. Amy is beautiful… always… but the updo is awkwardly plastered to her head and the makeup is a bit bland. At least wear a statement lip!

Angelina Jolie – I was discussing Angie with a friend while watching the show. She’s an adult now — not that this should come as a surprise, but for some reason, it does. Everything about Angelina’s look screamed sophistication – the salon-blown hair, the classic makeup, the long-sleeved gown, the jewels! She’s still sexy but in a more understated way, as if she’s not trying anymore — and I like that. In fact, I’m all for mature Angie!

Cate Blanchett – Gorgeous, classy Cate went with Old Hollywood glamour, from her deep side part and loose waves to the flawless complexion, mega lashes and nude lip. Cate can do no wrong – in her performance or her beauty! Oh, and can we discuss those earrings? A confection of opals that shined and shimmered just like the star that wore them.

Jennifer Lawrence – As always, J.Law was the epitome of glamour. Makeup artist Ve Neill focused on flawless skin, a cat eye and a pinky-nude pout which played beautifully against Jennifer’s red Dior gown. I’m a huge fan of the red dress and nude lip duo. However, I must mention the hair – volumized and brushed back with the highlights looking like a lion’s mane is a bit too old fashioned for Jen. Not feeling the ‘do, sadly.

Julia Roberts – Does this woman ever age? Seriously. I’m loving the light(er) hair color on Julia (not to mention this chic updo). And her makeup staples – smokey eye, pale lip – are perfection. All in all, this is a winning Oscar look.

Kerry Washington – I love this woman! She is stunning, even 8 months pregnant. In fact, she’s got that pregnancy glow and it’s working for her. The lilac dress and deep wine lip are such a gorgeous combination. And her hair style – just pinning the front part up and back – is cute, contemporary and shows off Kerry’s pretty features.

Lupita Nyong’o – Fashion, film and beauty’s newest “it” girl did not disappoint. Of Lupita’s look, Celebrity Makeup Artist Nick Barose, says that he was going for “a modern day Liz Taylor on vacation… airy gray eyeshadow, slightly winged out at the outer corners, with peachy lip that’s ethereal and fresh for spring.” And the baby blue dress against her flawless dark skin made for a modern day princess!

Margot Robbie – The beach blonde actress switched up her look in a big way… dying her hair a dark chestnut hue. I’m on the fence… I’m a fan of the ultra sexy dark hair and blue eyes combo (think Megan Fox), but for some reason, this shade is a little jarring against her skin tone (perhaps too much red in the hair color that clashes with the red in her skin tone?). I think I’m loving Margot as a blonde bombshell as opposed to raven-haired-woman-of-mystery. Sigh.

Naomi Watts – Her makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen describes this look as “old meets new” and I’m going to have to agree. While the makeup leans toward classic, the pencil straight hair is much more current (what great hair color!). I’m literally having brow envy as these arches are defined, lined and bold. The lilac eye and plum lip are contemporary twists on the classic gold eye and red lip.

Sandra Bullock – Another beauty who doesn’t age. This hair is everything! Deep side part, loose curls, long and beautiful. And while her makeup is definitely safe, it’s Academy Award appropriate. Nobody does a dark, sultry eye quite like Sandy.


Face Value: The Emmy’s 2013

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Award season has officially begun! Like Christmas is September. The 65th Primetime Emmy’s red carpet showed a wide display of beauty looks from the classic glam to the not-so-glamorous. Staple trends included the retro waves, signature red lips and the standard dark eyes, nude pout. But, as with all award shows, there are winners and there are losers – even when it comes to hair and makeup.

Click on the slideshow above to see our breakdown of best and worst faces from Emmy 2013.

Anna Faris – Eeks, that shade of bleached blonde is blinding me! Too much eyes, too much lip, too much peroxide. Not a fan of this look but still have crazy love for Anna.

Anna Gunn – Wow! She’s smoking (gun reference intended). I like how she kept it sophisticated but still age appropriate. The makeup doesn’t overwhelm, it enhances. And I’m actually really digging this updo (and I’m not a fan of the red carpet undo).

Claire Danes – This is the first I’ve seen of the bob and… the jury’s still out. I can’t tell if I like it or find it a bit too high fashion for the girl-next-door. I do think that Claire cleans up really well and she fits the red carpet part of girl-gone-glam. Classy Claire.

Connie Britton – I have such a girl crush on Ms. Britton. Her hair is AH-MAZING (always!). Thick, shiny, ginger locks. And the retro waves work well for the actress, especially paired with her signature nude lip and mega lashes.

January Jones – I’ve said this several times – nobody does Mad Men glam quite like J.Jones. That red lip, 60s hair, done up to perfection. She’s the queen of era’s past. Sometimes, January can look a bit off on the red carpet but last night, I think she killed it. Love that she kept the hair glam with the side part and retro waves. The makeup is interesting and I had to look at it several times before coming to the decision that it’s awesome. A rose smokey eye with bright white inner corners? A classic gone futuristic!

Kate Mara – This is my favorite beauty look of the evening. That sleek hair (the length is genius), parted on the side, brushed straight to perfection. The makeup! Flawless skin, beautiful arches, nude lip and the best smokey eye I’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s classic makeup meets contemporary hair and it works!

Lena Dunham – Green eye makeup to match her green dress? Uh… NO. Love you, though.

Lily Rabe – This is like attack of the bleach bottle. That blonde is so, so blonde. Paired with the dark eye and even darker lip, it’s like an angry, aggressive face that wants to attack my eyes. Tone it all down and this would’ve worked.

Mindy Kaling – Another killer updo that I’m really into! And her classic dark, smokey eye and nude lip give Mindy major glam points. There’s nothing funny about this look – it’s fab (okay, that was the worst attempt at a joke… ever)!

Rose Byrne – OBSESSED with this hair! Although I love the actress with her natural chestnut locks, I am definitely not mad at the golden highlights. And the length is perfect for this season’s trendy lob (long bob). Harry Josh (hair stylist extraordinaire) created quite the glam ‘do: side part, loose curls and some added volume for good measure. Rose always wears a great smokey eye, but last night’s mauve-pink lips were the ideal pairing (as opposed to a completely bare pout which would have washed out the new hair hue).

Taylor Schilling – Doesn’t she clean up nicely! I hardly recognized Taylor without the orange jumpsuit. She followed red carpet protocol to a T. Side part, check. Glam waves, check. Red lips, check. Lashes, lashes, and more lashes… check.




How To: Punk Up Your Makeup

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With the Met Ball 2013’s theme being punk, rocker-chic is on the minds of fashionistas worldwide. You can punk up your wardrobe quite effortlessly. Do as my girl crush Sienna Miller did and accessorize with Eddie Borgo’s studded necklace  (the bracelet is pretty punk too) or  Genevieve Jone’s safety pin earrings (I own and LOVE these). But when it comes to makeup, punk can be gravely misinterpreted and tragically overdone. We asked makeup artist extraordinaire Rose-Marie Swift , owner of organic color line RMS Beauty, who painted the faces of beauties like Gisele, Lily Aldridge and Miranda Kerr (one of my personal favorite looks) for the Met’s Chaos to Couture themed gala to impart her rocker-girl wisdom on us common folk at home. Here are Rose-Marie’s tips for punking up your beauty routine (and still looking fierce, not frightening):

“Start by applying a moisturizing foundation that will not look dry or powdery. Glowing is great for a modern day punk look. RMS Beauty “un”cover-up is what I used on Gisele.

Contour and shape the face to sculpt strong angles. We are aiming for a strong look but don’t go too heavy. Blending is the secret to avoid a harsh look. Try a darker shade of RMS Un Cover-Up to contour. For Gisele, I used #33 as foundation and #44 to shade. If you’re fair, try #11 as your foundation and #33 as your contour.

A black raw smokey eye is created preferably with a cream shadow to get a slight creasing for that slept in look. That is both sensuous and alluring without looking cheap. Use RMS Beauty “Karma” Cream Eye Shadow, I used it on both Gisele and the model from the photo (above).

Create a slight blended cat eye for a more wearable look. So that it doesn’t look too 1980’s – and has more of a contemporary spin – concentrate on just a slight sideways oval shape. Don’t go too black because that can borderline in the rock and roll, runway-only direction.

Add glow to reflect light. RMS Living Luminizer or a bit of oil to the cheekbones works well. Stay away from a frosted highlighter direction or it gets too glam.

Powder only in the t-zone and keep it subtle. RMS Beauty “un”powder is fantastic for this purpose. A too heavy powdered look looses the punk effect and ends up looking heavy and flat.

To modernize the look, keep the lips more natural with RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Moment. If you choose to go extreme, use a dark rich reddish burgundy. RMS Beauty lip2cheek in Rapture mixed with Illusive is an ideal color. Stay away from bright red as that, again, changes the look towards a more glam direction

Comb the eyebrows up with a little brow gel or hair spray. For more drama, darken the brow slightly using a soft brown powder shadow.

Lastly, you can add a strong line of black kohl pencil along the inside waterline of the eye for a more dramatic effect.”

–Rose-Marie Swift

*shop all of Rose-Marie’s product picks by clicking on the actual product above.*

*photos courtesy of RMS Beauty; photo credit: Taea Thale


A Look Back: Met Ball 2012

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Tonight’s the night: The Oscar’s of fashion, where celebrities and supermodels will don gowns, jewels and an array of lipstick shades to pay homage to British punk culture. The Met Gala is finally here and you can watch the red carpet live at 7PM EST through Moda Operandi.

In preparation of tonight’s festivities, let’s take a look back at some of the most beautiful faces from the Met Ball 2012: Schiaparelli and Prada’s Impossible Conversations.

In the slideshow:
Amber Heard (A coral lip and come hither eyes)
Beyonce (bare faced and beautiful)
Carey Mulligan (strong, dramatic eyes)
Camilla Belle (love this dark lip)
Doutzen Kroes (orange lips are very on trend)
Diane Kruger (fresh-faced and spring-y)
Gisele (bare faced with fantastic bone structure!)
Jessica Alba (sexy in her exaggerated side part and red lips)
Jessica Biel (blunt bangs, pencil straight hair and dewy skin)
Jessica Chastain (with her signature Old Hollywood glam curls and red lip)
Joan Smalls (smoky eye/ nude lip combo)
Karlie Kloss (love all of these colors – lips and eyes are bright and bold)
Kate Bosworth (that dark lip is everything)
Rihanna (light makeup and esoteric buns)
Rooney Mara (berry stained lips)
Rosie Huntington- Whiteley (gilded lids and impossibly flawless complexion)
Scarlett Johansson (on trend with a creamy coral lip).

red landing page

Trend: The Redhead

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Is red the new blonde… or brunette? A recent trend that has been gracing the red carpets is the bottled red head. Not your classic ginger haired shade that graces ladies like Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Chastain and Deborah Messing, this new hyper-hue is taking over celebrities (un)natural blonde and brunette locks and turning them… well… red. Celebrities have been known to be chameleons when it comes to their hair hue – just have a glance at supermodel Linda Evangelista and her ever changing blonde, brunette, red, rust, and black mane.

If you are dark-haired by birth, then a red that is deep and almost auburn or cranberry will look best.

If you are fair-haired by birth, then a firey, strawberry  red will suite your look.

Here are the most recent bottled red heads:

The blonde and sometimes brunette Rachel McAdams was recently seen with a strawberry shade.

rachel mcadams red

Raven-haired beauty Megan Fox goes red for a movie part  (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

megan fox - red

Modern Family star Ariel Winter debuts her new role as a redhead on Instagram.

ariel winter - red

Blonde beauty Dianna Agron gives herself a vibrant ginger hair makeover.

dianna agron red

Michelle Trachtenberg took her brunette locks to the red side.

michelle trachtenberg red

Will you be going red this season?



oscars 2013

Face Value: The Oscars 2013

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Trends of the night: black and silver sequined gowns, tight, high updos, and pale pink lips. Yes, I’m talking about the 2013 Academy Awards, and while there weren’t any tragic beauty failures, I still have my picks for hits and misses.

Here are the best and worst faces of the Oscars 2013:

Adele – Did anyone else notice that she changed her hair and makeup a few times? Took the hair down (which I thought was a wise choice) and added a red lip (which was a bit overload). Eyes are killer feline and skin is flawless – staples for Adele.

Amanda Seyfried – The lilac shadow is a nice touch but somehow takes this look from glam to gimmicky. Amanda is a stunner. Old Hollywood curls and a red lip would have made more of a splash.

Anne Hathaway – Annie is a little bit like Groundhog’s Day for me – the look hasn’t changed much from red carpet to red carpet. She’s an attractive girl, but I wasn’t jumping for joy. Although she opted out of her signature red lip, I would have loved to see a dark, brooding eye and a nude mouth for something new.

Charlize Theron – So few people can pull off this boy cut, but Charlize does it with ease. And that skin – it literally glows from the halo perched above her pretty little head. She’s like an adult version of Tinkerbell — magical!

Helena Bonham Carter – Always my favorite red carpet hair disaster. What is up with HBC and her beehives? Fire that hair stylist, woman! This is not your jam.

Jennifer Hudson – Her body’s looking fit but that hair is weighing her down! Makeup is perfectly appropriate but she needs to chop off about 5 inches… asap.

Jennifer Lawrence – Everything about this look screamed regal – from the billowing strapless dress to the loose updo. And that décolletage – oh my! How sexy is beautiful skin? Love, love, love. And congrats on the win!

Jessica Chastain – Undoubtedly, my favorite look of the night. Old Hollywood glam with a current twist. The gorgeous ginger-hued hair color, deep side part, loose curls and fire engine red lips – all perfection. Bravo!

Melissa McCarthy – Woah, hair (and flushed cheeks!). It’s like a finger in an electrical socket. Too much, too high, and too sprayed. It’s like a bad version of a 1980s ‘do.

Salma Hayek – The hair is like a top knot gone a-wall. It’s so big! I’m digging the charcoal smoky eye and nude lip, but wish she paired it with a softer updo. Sorry, hot stuff.

Sandra Bullock – Love the pencil-straight hair with the side part and the adorned pin. I find the makeup to be a tad caked on, but I am definitely feeling the neutral hues. All-in-all, I like this look for Sandy.

Stacy Keibler – I weirdly like this hair. It’s got a bit of 1920’s flapper mixed with a 2013 show girl. And while her forehead doesn’t move a muscle, those eyebrows are thick and fabulous! Way to go, Mrs. Clooney.


Face Value: The Grammys 2013

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Wow. The Grammys red carpet really knows how to keep your interest piqued. From fly aways to ex Fly Girl’s and their bare legs, the best part of the show was most definitely before any of the awards were even presented. While I live for the glamour of Oscar and the Globes, you pretty much always know what you’re going to expect. The music set, however, is more apt to take chances with their looks. And chances they took!

Here were my favorite and not-so-favorite Grammy 2013 faces:

Alexa Chung – This may just be my favorite look of the evening– and she’s not even in the music industry! This candy apple, fire engine red lip was a big trend for the night, and Alexa wears a red lip right: she keeps the rest of her makeup minimal. I’m really into this loose updo with great face-framing fringe.

Beyonce – Chic yet understated. She keeps it klassy with a capital K. Hair is pulled back into a simple pony, makeup is minimal (for Queen B), and the red lips mean diva.

Carrie Underwood – Eh, it’s all a little too beauty pageant for me. That hair is SO MUCH, she could take out 50 percent of the extensions and still have volume to spare. And although the makeup is pretty, it’s bordering on Barbie. Glossy lips, pink blush, dark smoky eye. What happened to glam Carrie?

Florence Welch – Oy. What happened? I love, love, love this ginger haired songstress, but I’m not love, love, loving this look — at all. While I’m not mad at the loose updo, that brick red lipstick is too damn dark for Flo’s thin lips. And I know that I don’t usually comment on the dresses, but  feel like I can’t not. WTF is this green confection? Designer space suit?

Jennifer Lopez – Talk about lengthening a figure (and undressing a leg). Could that top knot be perched any higher on her head? JLo sports her signature dark eyes and nude lips, and does so with ease. Skin is glowing and has a gorgeous tone, as per usual. But the forehead ain’t moving even if you sucker punched her. That thing is so shiny, I can see P Diddy’s reflection.

Katy Perry – She is such a beautiful girl but tonight, the hair looks seems to be channeling Elvira — that color is about three shades too black. And the nude lipstick is a shade too light so it washes out Katy’s paler complexion. I like my girl best with bold lips. The eyes are straight DIVA, however, so kudos on mega lashes.

Kimbra – This entire look – dress included – is like the hipster winning prom queen. The hair has a cool 1950s vibe and the red lip is right on-trend. The gown, on the other hand, is such a culture shock from hair and makeup that it almost, almost works.

Rihanna – Gorgeous. From that trendy candy apple red lip to the perfect ombre hair (billowing down and down and down…. I’m going to make a bold statement and bet that it’s not real… eeks). Maybe it’s true what they say. Maybe being in love really does show through the skin… Then again, when it’s Chris Brown that “love” refers to, maybe not. That beautiful glow comes courtesy of her island roots!

Solange Knowles – When I mentioned fly away hairs in the opening, this is who I was referring to. What is up with that hair? I love a volumized look, but this just seems unkept, finger-in-socket, step out of bed and onto the red carpet. And can Solange at least pretend to be enjoying herself? This is the Grammys, woman, smile.

Taylor Swift – Pretty as a princess, with the milk maid hair to match. She looks great – contemporary, cute, age-appropriate with smoldering grey smoky eyes that give a pop of rock and roll.


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