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Kate + Hair = Super Hair!!!

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Kate Moss is creating a hair care line?!?!?!?

Pardon Moi?

That’s what the UK’s The Sun is reporting… (CLICK HERE for article.)

Kate Moss and long time friend/ hairstylist, James Brown have announced that they will launch a hair care line with a yet-to-be named retailer. Kate will offer her image (that pricey mug!), but not her name…. sadness!

Just when you think someone is rich enough, they announce yet another money-making venture! The life of a super model in 2007…. must be nice! (now Kate will have even more money for her dirty little addiction!!!)

(I just love this cartoon drawing… can you GUESS who the other celeb is in this caricature??? – Leave your answer in the COMMENTS box!)


Beautiful without Make-Up

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People Magazine’s annual beautiful people 2007 has landed… at a local newstand near you!

And what’s awesome is that this year they have a section of Beautiful Stars… without make-up!

Who? You ask…

Drew Barrymore (pictured – how cute is she?!)
Katharine McPhee
Rosario Dawson
Rashida Jones
Eva Longoria
Jessica Biel
Jessica Alba
Jessica Simpson
Rachel Bilson

CLICK HERE to check out the girls!!!


For Inquiring Minds…

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Posh’s new blond do is courtesy of colorist to the stars, Johnny Ramirez.

Johnny changed Posh from an uptight brunette Brit to a free-spirit Los Angeles blonde!

Johnny is a resident colorist at the famed Beverly Hills Salon, Chris McMillan. Other celeb clients include Penelope Cruz and Jen Aniston.

To schedule an appointment, call 310-285-0088. Prices range between $200 – $350.
You may need to drop a famous name to secure an appointment… or just say that you’re the “daughter of…”

Do you like the new do? Tell us at or leave a comment down below!



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… and we’re not talking about that little gold trophy. We’ll leave that to the Academy (as in those pompous film people). Nor are we talking about wardrobe. We’ll leave the fashion chat to Joan and Melissa (as in Rivers).
We’re talking about the hair and make-up. Because, after all, we are the Queen beauty whore!

Beauty winners (and losers…):
(in alphabetical order)
Anne Hathaway
(She looks fine… not fab. I would’ve liked to see a smokier eye, redder lips and more natural hair. The updo seems a tad too old for her.)
Beyonce Knowles
(girl bores me to tears!!!! Is it just me or does she ALWAYS look the same? I’ll give her credit though, her make-up is always flawless…. hmmm… who is her make-up artist?)
Cameron Diaz
(where to start… The hair is too mousy…not bold brown and not gold brown, just brown. She’s wayyyy too spray-tanned (a common beauty theme of the evening)… and someone’s gotta tell her to chill with the blush. Lets just say, Cameron is such a better blonde…)
Eva Green
(Scary. Get rid of that terrible coiffed do and take a pair of tweezers to those brows. Like, now.)
Gwyneth Paltrow
(another beauty trend was stick straight hair, parted and worn to the side – Nicole Kidman claimed the do too. It’s alright on Gwynnie but not my fave. I prefer a middle part. And the red lips (yet another trend… although I think red is tres trendy for all black tie affairs) not a good look on thin lips. Just makes the pout appear even smaller.)
Isla Fisher
(I think she’s gorge… love the hair color, tres original. Could live without the bouffant, however).
Jennifer Hudson
(Hot make-up, hot hair. I’m feeling this look…)
Jennifer Lopez
(This hair is tragic. But the eyes and lips are hot. Love the nude lippy.)
Jessica Biel
(That hair do looks like something my 90 year-old grandmother would don. And although I don’t want to comment on style, I have to say that this dress is HORRENDOUS.)
Kate Winslet
(I’m a Kate fan, but girl looks like a dude here… she’s way better with her hair down… like, WAY better. And it IS the Oscars, a little more dramatic make-up is in order…)
Kirsten Dunst
(The dark lips make her look harsh. And that hair… well, lets just say that she kinda looks like a farm girl. P.S. Cameron and Reese should share their spray tanner with poor Kirsten. She’s too damn pale! This is California, people!)
Maggie Gyllenhaal
(The red lippy on small mouths just isn’t a good look. And she’s sorta channeling her inner man here.)
Penelope Cruz
(Again, I like Penelope much better with her hair down and au natural. The make-up is fine, but nothing spectacular.)
Rachel Weisz
(Beautiful. Although I would’ve like to have seen her with a more firey red lippy.)
Reese Witherspoon
(Post marriage Reese is wayyyyyy hot! Love the sleek hair. She looks young and hip. My only concern is that the spray tanner went a little wild on the face. Thos cheeks are a tad orange. Pitty. Still team Reese, though!)
Rhea Durham
(She’s Marky Mark’s babies Moma… but girl’s got great face! She looks stunning. My favorite of the night. She’s sexy, modern, of-the-now. Straight hair works. Dark Eyes are rocking and the pearlized pink lips are hot! I’d say, Rhea wins the Oscar for best face!!!!)

Whose look did you love? Email at or leave a comment in the comment box below!

And remember, whoever said that beauty is within never had to attend an award show!


Golden Globe Winners…

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Sure, Hollywood cares about best performances, movie, screenplay, director, etc. The fashion world cares about what they’re wearing. Here at beauty banter, all we care about is what’s on their face and in their hair…
The 64th Annual Golden Globes crowned many winners… and quite a few losers, as well…
Here’s a few words on the beauty… and the not so beauty…

And the nominees are (in alphabetical order):

America Ferrara (our ugly Betty ain’t so ugly!)

Angelina Jolie (not gonna lie, the eyes scare me just a tad)

Beyonce Knowles (is it just me, or does she ALWAYS look the same?!)

Cameron Diaz (in all her black-haired glory!!! P.S. the red lipstick is sooo wrong on Cameron – she’s managed to look like she’s channeling her inner clown.)

Cate Blanchett (girl’s got a great colorist… she definately wins best blonde of the night!)

Hilary Swank (apparently Ms. Swank thought the invite read, “15th birthday party.” No excuse for that retchid hair flower!)

Jennifer Hudson (a whole lotta eye for whole lotta girl!)

Kate Winslet (as Nate so adequetly puts it, “the girl knows her body type! I’m liking it…)

Naomi Watts (she always looks so sweet and friendly… botox, yay or nay?!)

Rachel Weisz (hubby + baby = great look!!!)

Reese Witherspoon (the best revenge for a cheating, womanizer of a husband is a youthful glow, straight, sleek hair, and a kick-ass, skinny bod! We are SO team Reese!)

You tell us… who gets your vote for hottest face!!!
Leave a comment!!!



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Okay, that was too easy! Yes, Yes, Yes, the famous eyes were Mona Lisa. Now, I propose a challenge: guess these 7 famous eyes in order… whomever gets them ALL correct WINS! (the prize is to be determined – but it will have to do with a personal pic and profile exclusively on Beauty Banter!!!)
Good luck and have a BEAUTYfull day!









And the Beauty Emmy Goes To…

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Heidi Klum

An unprecedented amount of emails came through voting Heidi Klum the Emmy’s number one HOTTIE!!!

Runner up would have to be… Evangeline Lilly!

As for my comments, lets see… Ellen Pompeo looks a little too botoxed, Tyra Banks looks like she’s got spiders crawling on her eyes, Jamie Presley’s fake and bake is brutally noticeable, Sandra Oh looks bored and tired, Tina Fey’s rocking a crazy buffant, Eva Longoria is too hyped (not into her very typical and of-the-moment facade) and Geena Davis looks pale as a ghost (she could use some of Jamie’s mystic tan…)
As for Katherine Heigl, Maria Menounos and Debra Messing… they’re looking pretty damn fine!

My personal choice for winner would have to be…

Love HIM!!!


2006 Emmy Beauty Awards!!!!

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While everyone in Hollywood is talking about the most stellar performances, and everyone in New York is talking about the fashion, we here at Beauty Banter are talking about the beauty!
“And the Nominee’s for most beautiful hair and make-up are:”
(in alphabetical order)

Debra Messing

Ellen Pompeo

Eva Longoria

Evangeline Lilly

Geena Davis

Heidi Klum

Jaime Pressly

Katherine Heigl

Maria Menounos

Sandra Oh

Tina Fey

Tyra Banks

“And the Beauty Emmy goes to…”
YOU DECIDE! Either leave a comment HERE or
EMAIL US with your choice…
I’ll be back tomorrow at some point with the results… and, of course, some of my own comments!


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