Arcona Pumpkin Lotion 10%

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought a pumpkin post would be rather fitting. So, this week’s must have is Arcona’s Pumpkin Body Lotion 10%. 

Arcona is a fantastic natural …

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Dedicated Post:
5 Ways To Enhance Your Look

These days, people are using plastic surgery more and more frequently, and really, why wouldn’t they, as there are a number of procedures that can simply but effectively improve your …

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Best of Organics… BATH!

Green living is quite the current trend. With organic dining, organic juicing – even organic alcohol – if you haven’t jumped on the organic bandwagon, now would be a good …

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The Skinny on Cellulite

It’s still beach season for another month and while there’s not much you can do at this point to change your body, knowledge is power, ladies.

What’s always baffled me …

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Smooth Legs For Spring:
Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment

All anyone can seem to talk about is “royal this” and “royal that.” So, in light of the Royal Wedding taking place on Friday, I thought I’d share a royal …

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