Dry Skin Helpers

We already battled dry hair, now it’s time to attack dry skin… as in, your body (dry face will come soon). While the harsh winter climate tends to leave …

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Vaseline Winter Skincare Challenge + Giveaway

Baby, it’s cold outside! The news reported that there is a 42-state wide flu epidemic and I, unfortunately, am one of the unlucky victims of the sniffles. Sigh. My skin …

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The Seaweed Bath Co

Everyone knows how obsessed I am with my bath time. It’s 30 minutes out of my day where I can relax and unwind in silence – no emails, no texts, …

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Arcona Pumpkin Lotion 10%

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought a pumpkin post would be rather fitting. So, this week’s must have is Arcona’s Pumpkin Body Lotion 10%. 

Arcona is a fantastic natural …

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Dedicated Post:
5 Ways To Enhance Your Look

These days, people are using plastic surgery more and more frequently, and really, why wouldn’t they, as there are a number of procedures that can simply but effectively improve your …

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