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The Best of…. SCRUBS!

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We’re gonna use a scrub a day for the next week and report on our exfoliation progress… Let us know what your favorite scrubs are too, this way we can try to add them into our best of scrub contest!

Why is scrubbing so damn important?

Well, for starters, dead, flaky skin is just nasty. Removing that old skin not only improves the skin’s appearance, but it also eliminates toxins in your body AND helps combat aging.

Different types of exfoliation techniques:

Sea Salts
Fruit seeds

How to exfoliate:

Massage a dollop of product in circular motions onto wet skin. If you choose to use a sponge or exfoliating gloves, remember to use circular motions when washing your body.

So check back every day for the next week and discover some fab new scrubs!


Body and Soul – Happy Body Care…

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This is why we blog, people!!!

Okay, fine. I blog for many reasons: Trends before they are trendy, PR mailings, free samples of fabulous products, and, of course, spreading the word when we find a true gem of a product!

I’m a huge body care fan. I love it all: exfoliators, moisturizers, body butters, balms, washes, foot creams – you name it, I own it! And 9 out of 10 times, I actually use it! That’s not to say that I haven’t come across my share of “blah” body products – or gimmicky ones that cost a small fortune and nest under my sink because I can’t bare to throw said product (and the small fortune) away.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package – a very special package. How special, you ask? Well, let’s just say that I could actually feel the love that went in to preparing this package and it’s contents. Every product seemed so perfect, like it was formulated and packaged just for me! From the moment that I opened the box, my apartment instantly smelled like the fruit section at the grocery store – fresh, clean, even edible.

I instantly found myself dreaming of a warm bath and a smooth exfoliation. I became enraptured by the homemade look and feel of the products – tubs of pure, whipped shea butter, sugarcane scrubs, aloe vera surprises, homemade soaps!
I was in heaven, literally!

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite line of body products: Pure Necessities, all-natural, botanical body-care with that homemade quality that the big, corporate companies can only dream of!

A word (or several…) from the company:
“We love to feed our skin and spirit with luxurious crèmes, butters and lotions. Our recipes are simple and are designed to maximize nature’s ability to do wonders. Our products are made to deliver immediate results. Our scrubs are filled with all natural oils and butters that leave your body and face feeling renewed, moisturized and refreshed.”

I could go on for pages about the beauty of these products – but the best way to understand the magic is to try it out for yourself. All of the products are delicious and affordable. You can choose your own scent from a lengthy list that include, Coconut-Lemongrass, Kumquat-Freesia, Lychee-Apricot and Yuzu-Grapefruit, or you can opt for unscented.

I am seriously obsessed with this line and have already recommended it to many of my fellow beauty whores – and now, my friends, I recommend it to you as well!

Here’s what I sampled:

Yuzu-Grapefruit Sugarcane and Shea Body Frosting Scrub (8oz. for $16.00) – a relatively gentle scrub that both exfoliates and moisturizes, leaving skin clean and glowing! You can actually feel the oils at work on your body – it’s a divine experience!

Sweet-Orange-Vanilla Shea Butter Sorbet (5oz. for $8.00) – an all-purpose shea butter moisturizer that is soft and supple, leaving your skin silky smooth! Unlike your common shea butter balms, this sorbet actually soaks into your skin.

Kumquat-Freesia Aloe Vera Shea Butter Body Whipped Creme (8oz. for $18.00) – possibly one of the best moisturizers I have EVER put on my skin – a mixture of aloe vera and shea butter, both in pockets throughout the tub, leaving skin soft and moisturized. A great alternative to an after-sun moisturizer!

Happy shopping!

P.S. The candles are to die! I kid you not, these are some of the best soy candles that I have ever used… I have 2 burning as I type! These are a definite stock-up item – perfect for gifts or personal splurges! And at $16.00 for a 9oz. gorgeous tumbler (complete with dried flowers in the wax), I’m going to buy in bulk! They come in 6 blissful scents – fig, flower, home, love, spa and winter.


Lotions and Potions!

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Very few things make me as happy as a great bath. I try to soak at least once every other day… and I’ve made the bi-weekly exfoliation a daily must! I mean, what’s the point of having all of these wonderful products if I’m not using them?

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across a wonderful new line of bath goodies, Paradise Potions… Shea butter lotions, sugar body scrubs, hand made soaps and silky massage oil – all infused with tropical scents – coconut, cucumber and melon, Hawaiian white ginger… you get the point. My bathroom has literally become a mini tropical vacation in and of itself!

I’m pretty much obsessed with the sugar scrubs – they exfoliate without over doing it (you know, when you rub so hard you end up red and chapped?). And the massage oil is a definate must. I don’t actually use it to massage myself, instead I smooth the oil over my skin after a nice bath and… voilla… I’m moisturized, energized and smelling purrrty all day long!

Oh yeah! And the chap sticks – pure shea butter biss – are incredible! They smell good enough to eat and they actually moisturize!

To view the entire line (and there’s a ton to view), CLICK HERE!


A few of my favorite things…

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In memory of the late founder, Anita Roddick, we’re going to post on our favorite The Body Shop products…

Coconut Body Butter: A delicious treat for your body! All of the body butters are divine but the coconut is our favorite… it reminds us of a tropical Island vacation!

An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturizer. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin. Once you get over the indulgent tropical scent, slick this on and be transported all over again.”

White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel: I used to use this back in high school – the scent helped to wake me up when not even my alarm could get me out of bed! There’s something very nostalgic about this product… it’s pretty close to the perfect shower gel!
“A sumptuously sensual soap-free body cleanser with a silky smooth gel texture that creates a creamy, foamy lather in the shower and leaves skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and subtly scented with the soft and velvety signature White Musk scent.”

Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Salt Scrub: I think what we love most about this scrub is the fabulous jar that it comes in! Well, that and the fact that it leaves skin super soft!
“This luxurious Body Salt Scrub effectively cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Salts gently exfoliate to revitalize dull skin and refine, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Fragranced with a subtle warm floral, fruity scent.”

Strawberry Born Lippy Balm: We’ve blogged about this lippy before (CLICK HERE), and we’re still loving it! With the slightest hint of a red hue and the yummiest scent, this gloss is a daily wear!
“Give lips the strawberries and gleam treatment. With Community Trade beeswax from Zambia.”

The Body Shop is a prime example of sustainable beauty – giving back to the communities that need it most. Thus, we can be beautiful while helping others. This is a magnificent concept, one I hope other companies will follow…


The Greeks make me feel like a Goddess

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One of my favorite beauty products is a little thing called lotion… I just love it!
I slather my hands, elbows, feet and knees at least 10 times a day. And I love thick, souffle-type lotions that have a subtle yet fresh aroma. I’m into vanillas, coconuts, avocados (although I’m not quite sure how an avocado is really supposed to smell – it seems like a pretty odorless fruit!), anything that isn’t too perfumed.

My current fave is Korres’s Body Butters! They come in four delightful scents – Fig, Guava (my favorite), yogurt and quince – and a splendid pump (I just love products in pumps!) It’s not light like most lotions, this moisturizer is heavy duty – it’s like a butter but one that pumps easily…

Loving it!



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What a great way to start off the week, but with a WEEKLY MUST-HAVE!

I don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but LA weather has been acting crazzzy… (I’d be an idiot not to assume that it has somehting to do with global warming). It actually rained yesterday and the day before! There’s no RAIN in AUGUST… not in LOS ANGELES… come on, weather man!

With the fickle weather comes the fickle skin… one minute it’s hydrated and shining, the next it’s dry and flakey.

So, I decided to try my brand new Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Firming Body Souffle. It’s a whipped body cream so thick and luscious that even the driest of skin will feel quenched! This cream was designed with anti-aging benefits in mind… not only does it even out skin tone, it also softens the rough spots like feet and elbows, virtually “plumping” your skin with a moisturizing barrier.

The ceramide plumping cream also comes in a facial moisturizer with SPF 30… that’ll be next week :)


GapBody Introduces Bath & Skin Products

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It was only a matter of time before insanely popular mainstream clothing company, The Gap, launched a bath line. After all, look at how successful Victoria’s Secret bath line has become…

Welcome GapBody’s Bath & Skin Collection. With 8 scents and 9 products (that makes 72 total!), these skin nourishing wonders are going to leave you begging for more! And the packaging looks hand-crafted and subtle, perfect to display on your tub or shelf, not hide away in the medicine cabinet!

Here are the Products:
mini hand cream ($4.50)
shower gel ($9.50)
hand cream ($10.50)
body scrub ($11.50)
body lotion ($12.50)
bath salts ($14.50)
body cream ($16.50)
body mist ($16.50)
bath oil ($18.50)

raincheck (cactus flower, hyancinth petals, crushed green leaves)
sugarsnap (pear flower, lotus, white woods, musk)
loveshack (raspberry, passion fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine water)
peacetrain (lavender, chamomile, green tea, sandalwood)
nightfall (tiger lily, ambers, oriental incense, dark woods)
island hop (coconut water, pineapple puree, hibiscus, white amber)
moonwalk (creamy paperwhites, vanilla orchid, nubuck suede, clean musk)
sunnyside (white peach nectar, pink grapefruit tonic, honeysuckle, blonde woods)

I tried the raincheck bath salts and shower gel and the moonwalk body cream. The bath salts were by far my favorite… they provided a beautiful bath time with a great aroma. The body cream and shower gel were a little too potent for my liking so I mixed them with Vitamin E (a little trick to dillude the scent) and they suited my taste much better!
Next to try: the body oil!

Let us know if you’ve used any of the products and, if so, what you thought?



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There are some products that you use – for a couple of weeks or months at a time – and then you throw them into a drawer and never think of them again. Soon, said product is replaced by the newer, perkier, more colorful version.

Okay, okay. Yes, I too, am responsible for fleeting product love… Love today, not tomorrow.

But then there are those very few, special products that become cult staples in your beauty routine.

May I introduce Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, the creme de la creme of creams! I’ve been a fan of this product for years now… ever since traveling to Europe and discovering the balm in a duty free shop.

It is the end all to all things chapped – lips, knuckles, cuticles, feet, you name it! It’s been a beauty insider’s secret for years – models use it on their legs and tummies during swim suit shoots to add a very believable and gorgeous slimming sheen to their hot bods! Also great on cheekbones to add a little glimmer of shine – accentuating the bone, making cheeks look chiseled.

And the cream really does stay on for hours – make that, 8 hours. I use it when I fly prior to boarding the plane – and by the time I land in NYC, my lips are still soft and kissable!

AND, thanks to the genius minds over at Elizabeth Arden, we can now get the Eight Hour Cream in a hand treatment AND a body treatment… both equally as divine as the original!

This is one product you will ALWAYS want on you!


A few of my favorite things…

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I’ve decided that each month I’m going to do a post of a few of my favorite beauty “things” from that month…
As always my fellow beauty whores, if you have suggestions or recommendations, let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box below!

ReVive Lip & Perioral Renewal Cream: Why? Because it restores the moisture in my lips like no other lip cream out there. It’s also meant to be used around the mouth to nourish and fill in cracks, lines and wrinkles. It’s the perfect product to use prior to a red lippy ’cause it doesn’t let the lippy bleed! One huge drawback…. the PRICETAG: $115.00 (but if you are a serious victim of dry lips, this is a must-have product to add to your beauty regimine).

Malibu Secret Body Treatment: Why? Because it smells tropical – jasmine, old rose and gardenia – (and all the boys notice) and it feels like a cool souffle layered onto my skin! The company says that it is, “the first body lotion that contains ETF a patented biopeptide, biotech version of Epidermal Thymic Factor, a hormone naturally occuring in the skin that promotes cell renewal.” All I know is that this lotion really works and my skin just devours it up! PRICE TAG: $22.00

Benefit’s Eye Bright Stick: Why? It fakes the “slept all day and night” look. If applied to the inner and outer corners of your eyes, this wonder stick brightens dark circles and dull, tired eyes flawlessly! It’s great for an afternoon pick-me-up as well. Make sure to blend! PRICE TAG: $18.00

Oil of Olay Body Thermal Pedicure: Why? Because it heats upon contact. It’s the strangest feeling and I don’t know how they do it, but it actually gets hot when rubbed onto your feet (the heating sensation only lasts a couple of seconds but it’s pretty cool!). Bora Bora white sand, pumice, and micro-crystals exfoliate (very important after using self-tanning lotions as the tanner tends to create pockets of orange residue around the toes and ankles)! Shea Butter moisturizes. This product is genius! I use it every other day in the bath or shower!!!

MAC Viva Glam VI: Why? Because proceeds from the sale of this terracotta-plum lipstick go to the MAC AIDS fund to support H.I.V./ AIDS research. Since 1994, MAC has already donated 90 million to the cause. And we at beauty banter love sustainable beauty! Giving back! (found in the pages of Vanity Fair’s July issue). PRICE TAG: $14.00

Vanity Fair’s July 2007 issue dedicated to Africa with special guest editor Bono (of U2): Why? Because it’s s a magazine that you’ll want to read cover to cover. It left me feeling hopefull and empowered. We can change the world, each and every one of us! (And the 20 special covers shot by Annie Leibovitz boast some of the world’s most important faces helping to raise awareness in Africa: Oprah, George Clooney, Alicia Keyes, Bono, Bill and Melinda Gates, even President George Bush!) This issue is an absolute must (currently on newstands)!!!! PRICE TAG: $4.50


Bathing It Up… A-List Style

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There are few things that I like more then a relaxing bath – (a clear complexion, cuddling with my dog, sex, tv, movies and being in front of the camera… fine!) – so when I come across a product that makes bath time that much more fabulous, I can’t help but boast about it!

My in-the-know friends over at The Silver Spoon (luxury celebrity gifting event coordinators) gave me Ligne St. Barth’s Papaya Peeling Shower Cream and let me tell you, this product is fit for an A-lister. It smells of a Summer day on a far away island, it actually lathers WHILE exfoliating and it leaves the skin so smooth it feels like silk. I’ve used it EVERYDAY since alloting it personal residence in my shower shelf.

Other Ligne St. Barth products to try: Cocunut Oil Sunscreen with SPF 2… only use if you want a dark, island sort of tan… the natural oils moisturize.

Avocado OilCLICK HERE to read an old post where I proclaimed it a “Weekly Must-Have…”

And to view the entire range of delicious products, CLICK HERE!


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