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Happy 5th Beauty Banter…

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Beauty Banter turns 5 this month and we thought we’d celebrate with a MAKEOVER…

Here it is – the new and improved Beauty Banter. Easier to navigate, new features, new design, same great content.

Let us know if there is anything you’d like to see us add, or a specific topic you’d like covered … it may be our birthday, but we’d never be here if it weren’t for YOU – so, thanks to our beautiful and loyal readers.


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Beauty Banter

DIY: Foot Scrubs

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Feet are in full fashion come summer. If you’re not flaunting your feet in sandals, then chances are you’re walking around the beach barefoot.

So, you’ll want to have flawless feet. Not a hair (yuck) or a dry skin misplaced.

I searched my files for my favorite Do It Yourself foot scrubs (+ a great one to buy when in a rush and/ or not the ingredient-mixing type of girl). Here are my top 5:

1 – Strawberry Foot Scrub


8-10 strawberries
2 tablespoons Apricot oil (you may substitute with olive oil
1 teaspoon of coarse salt, such as Kosher salt, or Sea Salt

Mix all ingredients into a paste, massage into feet, rinse and pat dry


2 – Honey & Almond Foot Scrub


Honey Almond Foot Scrub Recipe
3 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon brown sugar
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
11 almonds (1/2 oz.)
Juice of ¼ lemon

Grind almonds into a fine meal in a blender or food processor. Mix almonds, olive oil, honey, brown sugar, and juice of lemon. Rub onto feet and massage, then rinse off. Makes enough for a single foot scrub application.


3 – Salt Foot Scrub


1 cup of sea salt or Epsom salt
1/2 cup of cold water
2 drops of lavender essential oil

Start off by gradually adding water to salt and lavender oil
As you are adding it, you want to make sure the mix starts looking like a paste. It has to be not too liquid and not too solid, it should be like soft though otherwise it will run between your fingers
Rub your feet and soles in circular motion
Rinse off with warm water.


4 –  Natural Lemony Mint Foot Scrub


Lemon softens and brightens your dull-looking feet while mint cools and refreshes tired feet.
1 lemon
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon sweet almond oil
15 fresh mint leaves, chopped
2-3 drops lemon essential oil

Slice the lemon into small pieces. Place them in a blender and form a pulp. Remove and then add sugar, almond oil, mint leaves and lemon essential oil.


5 – Store Bought!

Aromafloria For Feet’s Sake Foot Scrub Tube – A paraben-free, lemon-scented foot scrub that is both refreshing and exfoliating as it removes dry skin leaving legs and feet happy and soft! PRICE TAG: $11.99

Summer Hair Repair

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I find that my scalp becomes excessively more oily yet my hair more dry during the summer season. I chalk this up to humidity and product build-up (scalp oiliness) mixed with sun and salt water (dry ends) – a deathly combination for your strands. So, every Sunday night, I like to do a little Rx on my hair and scalp.

I start with a – one that removes excess oil and product build-up. Pureology makes my current favorite as it is sulfate-free and does a fantastic job of removing all unwanted guck and grease due to the unbearable humidity.

Then to take care of the dryness that is destroying my ends, I like to do a hair mask immediately following the . I think of it as a purging of all product build-up and then a replenishment of all lost moisture. I use Pureology’s Hydra Cure Intense Moisture Hair Masque on my ends only and let it settle in for about ten minutes. This is the perfect time to shave my legs (the most lothesome of all beauty traditions!) or, perhaps, use a face mask. Then I rinse and let my hair air dry while I sleep, waking up to beautifully clean, refreshed and rehydrated hair.

The combination of a strong wash and hydration offers the perfect antidote to summer’s offensive weather and the toll it takes on your lovely locks.

Keep them healthy with a little Sunday night hair repair. The rest of the week’s going to be a killer. And Sunday night you’ll have to do it all over again.

PRICE TAG: shampoo – $25.00 / mask – $34.95

Bathing Beauty: Sarah Howard

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Perhaps the question I am asked the most is “what are your favorite products?” That’s like asking someone who works at Willy Wonka what is his favorite candy – next to impossible to answer. As a beauty writer, I am constantly testing new products so I have a new favorite every few days. For example, my love for mascara is a constant, but the mascara I use is ever-changing. I go from high-end to drugstore back to high-end — and I’ve found many that are must-haves!

But, alas, here it is. Not necessarily my favorites, but my beauty staples. The products that will forever remain in my beauty arsenal, despite the other favorites that come and go… So, have a peak —

What are your top 5, can’t-live-without products?
1 – Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 in Sand– I write about this product often, and I use it even more frequently. It is, by far, the best tinted moisturizer I have found on the market. It evens out my skin tone and doesn’t make it look like I’m wearing a face full of makeup. Plus, oil-free is a major bonus.
2 – Tarte Hotel Heiress Mineral Bronzer – I like the look of a sun-kissed face, but learned in my 20’s that sun on my face is the enemy. That’s when I fell in love with bronzer. I use many bronzers but always return to Hotel Heiress. I think it gives the perfect golden hue; the closest color to actual sun.
3 – MAC Brow Set in Mynx – I received this in a PR mailing. At the time, I was using Anastasia’s tinted Brow Gel. That changed the moment I tried Brow Set. The brush gets into my hairs, covering the sparse areas with the tinted, brownish hue. The result: fuller arches that stay in place. I believe good eyebrows really frame the face. Brow Fix is the one product I use every day, without fail, even if I’m going totally bare-faced.
4 – Bioderma Crealine H20 – This is a relatively new product on my radar (about 3 years old), but I cannot live without it. It’s a French find, used in France as a waterless face wash because the Parisian women believe the water is too harsh for their delicate faces. I use it as a makeup remover. It takes off everything from waterproof mascara to HD Foundation. And it’s so gentle, you don’t feel it or smell it. It leaves no residue and I’ve never had a break-out from it, ever.  I JUST discovered that you can purchase it on amazon.com (click on the link above to redirect to the product), but, of course, it is more expensive than in Paris.
5 – Make Up For Ever Star Powder in Bronze Brown #930 – I’ve been using star powder since I was a teenager and, while I’ve tried other products that are similar, nothing compares to the pigment of star powder. Bronze Brown is my favorite and a staple in my beauty bag as I am a sucker for a gilded eye (always have been) and this color is the perfect gold to cover the entire lid. If I just want a hint of drama, I use my pinky finger, dab it into the powder and apply only into the inner corners of my eyes. You can never go wrong with gold.

What is your all-time favorite product?
I definitely don’t have an all-time favorite product. There are just too many fabulous products to choose from and too many more being made. But I’d say good brushes are crucial. And one tool that every beauty lover needs to own is the Beauty Blender. It will change the way you apply makeup. At the very least, the way you apply foundation and cover-up. It leaves your skin with an air-brushed effect while still giving you full coverage. It’s a genius product!

What product do you buy in bulk?
. I have been using it since it was Labello (Nivea acquired them a few years back) and you could only buy the balm in Europe. It’s my ultimate lip balm – moisturizing – never sticky -, with a hint of natural redish hue (my lips are quite pale, so I need a pop of color to make them stand out).

Favorite hair product?
Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist. I used to live for John Frieda’s Ocean Waves and when the product was discontinued, my hair – and I – had a mini-meltdown. Then we found Reactivating Mist. It does the trick – gives my wavy hair a kick so that I can have just-stepped-out-of-the-ocean-and-off-the-beach hair all day, everyday if I choose.

You moisturize your face with…
AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel Oil-Free in the summer. Has a very light, gel-like consistency and is so refreshing yet hydrates without leaving the slightest bit of shine or grease. In winter I use AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Vitalizing Creme which is a bit thicker but just as amazing. And for those brutally cold and dry days, I slather on a tiny amount of . It’s like medicine for the face – it’ll fix any cracking problem!

Favorite body product?

My obsession with body products is out of control. I love a good exfoliator, body wash, body lotion, bath soak – you name it. But a staple is Jurlique’s Rose Shower Gel and Body Care Lotion. Rose is one of my favorite body scents and Jurlique nails it! Not too perfumey, not too mild – it’s just the right amount of rose garden. The shower gel seriously lathers and the body lotion is light and fluid yet moisturizes and keeps my skin feeling incredibly soft.

Favorite beauty secret you’ve picked up along the way?

fixes any beauty problem you have – from zits (yep, put it on your pimple!), to cracked cuticles, to eye makeup remover, to unruly eyebrows. It’s also great as a quick fix to use as a highlighter on cheekbones, mix it in with your favorite shadow to create a cream consistency (fab for the “gilded” look), add some foundation – a shade darker than your natural skin tone – and apply to legs and arms as your very own, DIY tinted body oil (models use Aquaphor and the likes on their limbs on photo shoots because the sheen adds a thinning effect). But my favorite use for Aquaphor has to be as a faux mascara… that you can sleep in! It’ll add sheen and length (although not color) to your lashes. So, if you have a boy spending the night, apply some Aquaphor to your lashes, cheekbones, lips and brows and you’ll look fresh and naturally made-up – without makeup!

Beauty icon you admire?
I’m really into Jane Birkin these days. There was such an ease to her beauty and she was quite comfortable in the nude, which I always find beautiful – when it’s tasteful. She’s my summer beauty muse! For all of my beauty inspirations, click here!

Spring Staples

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Spring is all about color – from an aqua eyelid to an orange lip to a flushed, pink cheek. The object is to wear color sparingly and not all at once. Pick a focal point – the eyes, lips, or cheeks – and stick with that one feature. Lightly bronzed skin and a dewy complexion complete the signature spring face.

Products to Try:

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Creamy Glow in Liquifuchsia ($24) – As the name suggests, this color is the quintessential bright pink. The creamy consistency allows you to layer for brighter color.

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($35) – This multitasking CC Cream will give you medium coverage while hydrating skin and protecting it against from UV rays. Comes in 9 oil-free shades to create the coveted spring dewy complexion.

Cargo Color Eye Palette in Tahiti ($30) – Take a cue from the S/ S 2013 runway of Michael Kors and opt for eyes dressed up in shades of blue and green. This palette combines the best of both color spectrums.

MAC All About Orange Lipstick in Sushi Kiss ($15) – From MAC’s new All About Orange collection, this creamy coral hue will give your mouth the perfect punch of peach, another one of spring’s most sought after trends.

Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze ($36) – Part bronzer, part blush, this baked pressed powder gives you a perfect tan, sans the sun.

Nyx Slide On Eye Pencil in Sunrise Blue ($8) – Not feeling a colorful eyelid? Stay on-trend with a pop of aqua by lining your lower waterline with this bright blue hue.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu ($25) – Bold lips are practically a spring prerequisite, so make a statement with this moisture-rich and highly pigmented pink jumbo lip pencil.

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